Great big $1400 giveaway

UPDATE: WINNERS ANNOUNCED. BIG CONGRATS TO THESE WONDERFUL WINNERS and to everyone who shared their stories: Thank you. So, so inspiring from peeps who have just started out up to people who’ve been on the journey a while now! xx

The BIO MINERAL POT 500 worth $699 goes to Lauren Borenstein
The Ceramic 12L Benchtop Water filter worth $329 goes to Galit Dresden
A $200 skin and make up pack from Nourished Life goes to Cheri Baumann
A $200 skin and make up pack from Nourished Life goes to  Stephanie Bentley


If you fancied grabbing something from Nourished Life, you can head HERE.  Loads of Christmas packs!


So last month I was a part of an amazing e book bundle deal that you may well have bought and be enjoying right now. I won’t tell you about it again, because you’ll be sad you missed out. So…

I pledged with my sales, in addition to the $1 per bundle going to a UN relief project as a group of authors, to put 10% of my sales to the incredible OzHarvest food rescue powerhouse as well as 10% towards giveaways for the blog. The rest, whatever it was, was going to help me and my son go to my godson’s wedding in Mauritius next year and the rest re-invested into the business with a free e book coming soon, a new site domain, better payment gateways and e course performance and a whole bunch of items that just need doing.

Well, in the interest of transparency, I thought it would be cool to lay out all the figures. I’m amazed and excited to say with big thanks to you who did buy the bundle through me, that my revenue from the bundle sales was $13,000.

So, here’s the breakdown.

$13,000 commission from sales ex g.s.t ( I still can’t quite believe it! That’s 457 people buying the e book bundle through my link)


$1,000 facebook ads (getting your message out is expensive on facebook these days if you want anyone to see it! Liking the facebook posts of pages and businesses you like is the best way to help small business minimise these costs.)

$12,000 before tax. (I’m calculating my pledges on this figure for the 2 x 10%’s.)

$1200 towards OzHarvest, my pledged charity of choice

$1200 towards giveaways for you guys (the whole community, you don’t have to have bought the e book bundle)

That leaves $9,600 less 30% company tax is net earning $6,720 (I hope they do something good with the money, Aussie government!) , which has paid for 2 x tickets to Mauritius for the family wedding, leaving $3,500 for me to spend on building a better website and some nice design work on a free Christmas e book coming up for you guys. Yay all round!

So, that’s a whopping $1,200 going to OzHarvest from me thanks to everyone who bought it – it equates to 2,400 rescued meals going to homeless people! So essentially, we’ve fed 114 people, 3 meals a day for a week.

Here’s the payment receipt. Go team!

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 11.51.06 am














So amazing. If you wanted to donate for the Christmas period you can pop to their website HERE. Ronni Kahn the founder is an inspiration and a friend. The change she drives is epic, both environmentally and socially.

Then, there’s my pledge of $1200 to the giveaways. The lovely Irene from Nourished Life (the best online low tox beauty shop EVER! So strict. Never a need to worry!) has given me a discount to make my giveaway stretch further- yipee! So, here’s what you could win just in time for Christmas <3

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 2.49.00 pm




PRIZE 1 – Worth $699.00 – BIO Mineral Pot 500. Purest Water filter on the market.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 2.31.43 pm

This latest version of Water’s Co successful line of filters removes up to 99.9% fluoride, something that no other filter has ever managed to do. The smart design features sleek black housing and a blue glass reservoir with tap outlet. The powerful, long-lasting filter holds 5.25 litres.

The 5.25 Litre blue glass reservoir makes it ideal for domestic & light commercial use and it comes complete with a filter kit that will last an average of four years. As well as fluoride it also removes chlorine, chemicals, heavy metals and bacteria. Coral and silica sands in the filter re-mineralise the water, helping to keep your body in tip-top condition. It re-mineralises and ionises ordinary tap water!

Some of the key features include:

– 13 stages of sterilising, filtration & activation, multi stage cartridges contain:
– Sub micron prefilters
– Silver ionised activated coconut shell carbon,
– Ion exchange cation resin for 99.99% Fluoride removal
– Bio organic coral mineral sands
– Silica sands
– Far infrared ceramics
– Bio ceramic Somelite™
– Magnets and other patented filter medium.

Check it out here on the Nourished Life Website


PRIZE 2 – Worth $329.00 – Southern Cross Pottery 12 Litre benchtop water filter

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 1.09.08 pm

Enjoy safe, fluoride free water with this Large Water Purifier. Suitable for households that use a lot of water, this filter stores up to 12 litres at any one time, meaning there will always be pure, great-tasting water at any time of the day or night.

While filtering out all known contaminants, it leaves beneficial minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium in the drinking water, so you can enjoy maximum health benefits. The attractive, cost-effective design comes in a variety of styles so you can choose your favourite to brighten up your sink. It comes with a separate ceramic stand and is 260mm wide and 500mm high. Comes complete with the Fluoride Plus Filter which needs replacing every 12 months.

Filter removes 99.9999% of Pathogenic Bacteria, Cysts, Sediment, Chloromines, Chlorine, Lead, 97% + Fluoride, Volatile Organic Components, Metals, Arsenic, Glyphosate and 99% of Nitrates.

Check out further details on the Nourished Life website here.

Prizes 3 and 4  – 2 x $200 Make up and Skincare “best of” boxes from Nourished Life, hand selected by Alexx & Irene.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 2.36.09 pm

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 2.35.57 pm

I have made sure a couple of my favourites such as Skin Food by Weleda & W3ll People mascara are in there along with a few of Irene’s favourite eye, face and lip products!

To enter, all you have to do is 3 things

  1. Be a subscriber to my blog – if your’e not already you can do that HERE. I will never, unless extremely urgent, send you stuff more than once a week, that is a promise, so you don’t need to worry about inundation unless it’s truly helpful to you!
  2. Simply leave a comment here on the blog with what it is about the low tox life that has helped you feel more awesome along your way.
  3. Say what city & country you’re in in the comments, as the best of boxes are up for grabs for anyone in the world, while the filters are just Australia.


I will choose the winners and announce them here on the blog next week on Wednesday the 25th November, and send news to subscribers FRIDAY NIGHT of the 27th. So do it today so you don’t forget. You have to be in it to win it, right?

Good luck and thanks for being a part of this awesome community!

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  1. Low Tox Life… your inspiration at MINDD – rethinking what is a treat. I have reframed what is a treat for my daughter. I no longer ‘treat’ her with poison because I feel guilty that she is ‘missing out’. Thank you! You are an inspiration, and I am awed by your transparency on the donations. Well bloody done! Liked you before… but I LOVE this. Hope many follow your lead! We all need to make money, but it’s brilliant to see that you can still do it ethically and inspirationally!!! xx

    1. Your Low Tox Life online course has been a game changer for me. It’s most definitely a constant work in progress which is gift and changed how shop and live. Implementing changes as able, even if ‘slowly’ has already had marked improvement with a household that is trying to manage a variety of physical and mental health issues. Thank you Alexx
      🙂 xo

    2. The information I have learnt from low tox living just makes sense. It’s a way of being kinder to ourselves and the planet. Even though I knew that cleaning products, skin care , cookware, plastics, toys etc I was using were not great the other options just seemed a bit overwhelming as I really didn’t know where to start. It was great to have a course like yours where all the information was so accessible. I was really impressed with the quality of the information provided and with so many links it gave me the opportunity to go a little further if I wished. In the end the course has made my life far less complicated. I feel strangely a little more in tune with myself and the environment. The tips on earthing and mindfulness helped and along with the videos made the transition to low tox living easy. Thanks again. Cheers Nicola (Sydney)

    3. By having a low tox life, I’ve come to realise that my wee fam and I are, bit by bit, slowly, slowly – starting to change the planet by inspiring others to join us. Your Realfood Rockstars course was AMAZEBALLS! And I just can’t wait to do the Low Tox one in the new year 🙂 Thank you so much for all that you do… changing the planet – bit by bit 🙂

  2. what it is about the low tox life –

    Not just for myself but for my son – I love that we are consciously aware of the part we play in the entire ecological system. The wins are bountiful, we are healthy and we are helping in our small way to help make the world healthier. Our low tox life extends to what we put on and in our body; What we bring in to our house and a by product of that what comes out of our house.
    I teach my son about the butterfly effect of everythying we do – from our rubbish to our steps in the wild. If we are going to leave prints I want them to be kind and environmentally friendly ones that can blow away in the wind not leave a scar on the earths surface.

  3. You are a star Alex Stuart!! I have so much respect for this post including transparency and huge heart felt charity work – I’m so inspired by this.
    Have you seen a film called ‘Humans’? I know you will love.

    Anyway…the low tox life – I love knowing that our choices not only impact our own bodies in a positive way but the planet too. I also feel excited to support smaller authentic businesses with incredible products rather than the big commercial brands with profit as their focus.

  4. Thank you for all you do, Alexx. I must have made your coconut yoghurt a hundred times by now. The recipe is embedded in my brain. I love using my glass jars over and over. Low Tox and no rubbish.

  5. Having a low tox life has helped my family heal – myself with postnatal depression, my husband with mental health, my eldest daughter with behaviour issues. We are continuing our journey by relocating our family to the country to live on a bigger space of land and live a more self sustainable life.

    Thankyou for your blog and your newsletters

  6. Just to be ‘aware’ of all this information. I am able to pass it on to my students at the University of 3rd Age in Mornington. I teach a course in Wholeness for Happiness and these students are grandparents, I feel this is the information that they need to pass on to their children and grandchildren. They all know about your course and so they can pass it on too. A lot of these people of 60 and over have just gone with the flow of life and have no idea what ‘toxicity’ is, what causes it and what it does for your health. This information is so important. The other point about your information is that we can go back to basics and it doesn’t need to be expensive. I thank you for all the hard work you have put into your course.

  7. Living a low tox life helps me feel more awesome in all ways. Living with chronic fatigue means that many things are hard work but living low tox helps to give me energy through not only what I eat but what I put on my skin, breathe in the air, clean with. Thanks Alexx for your constant inspiration and encouragement x

  8. Thanks so much Alexx, my family are so much healthier because of the education and advice you give us. There is much less illness in the house and we all feel so much better. I loved the Ebook deal too! Tx

  9. the lowtox life has helped me get my sanity & joy back. Took me years to learn gluten, sugar and dairy were not only causing depression but hypothyroidism and low energy.
    It is a huge gift to find the answers along with my energy, Joy and light again.
    Please keep up your good work!

  10. The best thing about the LOW TOX Life and doing your e-course is knowledge! It truly is power. I can make informed decisions, and even if I slip up now and then, I know the impact of my decisions. I am completely in charge of my life and that of my family and can not and will not be bamboozled by pretty coloured plastic containers in a well organised pantry (I just got rid of the last of my Tupperware, can you tell?!!)
    Low Tox makes you feel good physically, mentally and emotionally. What could be better than that?

  11. What I love about the low-tox life, is the touch of real it brings (back) into my life. It has drawn me back to nature and greenery, and realness – real food, real self connection, real products that love me and my body and this planet too. Plus, it has connected me to sooo many amazing people who are drawn to this in their lives. Yea to low-tox and high-health life, inside and out! Thanks.

  12. Alexx you are an absolute inspiration! Your recipes are awesome and your lox tox course is amazing. The changes we have implemented already, and the more mindful way we are thinking about not just ourselves, but the planet as well is such an eye opener. Thanks for all your research and the wonderful message you are sharing. xx

  13. For me it gives me the confidence that whatever I do, like cleaning the house, covering my kids in sunscreen, washing their hair, cooking with real foods, crating meals from scratch and teaching them about real food and how it nourishes you en gives you energy to play and learn, means that I’ve made the best and healthiest choices for my family and our earth.
    If everyone would make a small step in the direction of low tox living, what a difference would it make! We can change the world but first there has to be a change in how people think and I think you’re doing an awesome job in educating people about it! Well done, you’re an inspiration!

  14. Loving the low tox course and one of the great tips I’ve gotten from it is grounding myself regularly. I really got that I wasn’t ever grounded as always wearing shoes! Now finding grass, sand and a swim at the beach really feels even better. Thanks 🙂

  15. I LOVE your recipes and KNOW that whenever I try them they will be awesome. I don’t have to think about wasting good ingredients on something that may not be that great. Your recipes have lifted my level of low tox life to another level. As you age and for me menopause, has had a massive impact on my health and hence life. By reducing harmful chemicals and processed foods I have increased my energy levels, strengthened my digestion, the over all impact of menopause has lessened and I have influenced by adult children with their and their childrens outlook and diet as well – the flow reaches out from there as well. Thank you so much for your contributions and I always await your blog with eager anticipation.

  16. What I love about living low tox is that it really simplifies your life. You don’t five different versions of a kitchen tool that all do the same thing. You don’t need a makeup case bulging with lipsticks and eyeshadows you never wear. Living the low tox life means you start to really value what you do have, and what you do use, and when you do actually need something new, you make a thoughtful, conscious choice, instead of making knee-jerk purchases that you use once then stash in your second drawer.
    I feel healthier, I look healthier, and my home is more beautiful, thanks to living a low tox life. Thank you, Alexx!

    (Perth, Australia)

  17. Motivation and inspiration for my family to continue on this amazing and important journey, with the knowledge that we are not doing it alone. (although it feels like it at times!)

  18. What a ridiculously amazing giveaway! First of all THANK YOU for the extremely important work you are doing… living low tox is such a critical part of mitigating all of the nasty effects of our modern Western lifestyles and you are doing a brilliant job of spreading this truth.

    This is very random but the crispy potatoes from your Valentine’s Day meal plan have made my life A LOT better ;o) PS I am in Sydney and would love to win any of the prizes!

  19. Was initially going to say eating REAL FOOD, however deep down I think it has become much more than that……connection with others and the planet is now the thing that has truly been my greatest gift from the low tox life xoxoxo

  20. Having jumped on board the low tox way of life has made my life calmer, less OCD, no more headaches and I’m saving money! This has filtered through my family as well, we love to catch up and tell each other our latest accomplishments.

  21. I have just always wondered why people are happy to fill the air with fly spray and poison all around the house and bleach everything. But now, thanks to people like you, there is so much more information out there that people like me are no long the weird people with strange ideas. I got told that many times – they wouldn’t sell it if it was bad for you! Now more and more people are realising that companies don’t necessarily have the consumers best interest at heart.

  22. Feeling awesome to know there are so many people out there helping the world to change and heal. Makes me feel confident and happy about the future. I love the community that has been created and the awesome journeys and successes people are having and are willing to share. What a beautiful crowd. Thank you everyone, especially Alexx, for helping to make the world and our lives so much better. Small steps but huge changes…keep the dialogue spreading.

  23. Hi Alex, what a great result for you & for OzHarvest!
    I have PCOS & was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity by my GP from daily toxic exposure working in the Beauty Industry. (My liver just couldn’t cope!) Going low tox has made a HUGE difference to my health & alleviated all of my toxic symptoms – migraine, hypertension, blurred vision, nausea, gut issues & weird stabbing pains I was getting in my hands and arms.
    I’ve replaced plastics with Pyrex and stainless steel, replaced all the household cleaning products with low tox natural alternative, swapped my beauty and personal care products with organic toxin-free products from Nourished Life, replaced my pthalate-ridden, hormone disrupting scented candles with Queen B beeswax candles and refreshed my diet with more veges & fruit. Low tox is not about missing out – it’s about making better, more informed choices.
    A huge ‘Thank You’ to both yourself and Irene for doing what you do. For some of us it makes the world of difference; but low tox is really the only way to go for anyone concerned with their families health & the health of our planet.

  24. Living a low to life has released me from the burdens of consumerism and the rush of daily life. It has transformed my mind so that I am content with less and use the money I save to support ethical and local businesses. It has also restored by body as I feel equipped to prepare simple meals using nutritious ingredients and I am not longer seduced by the lies of the processed/packaged food industry.

  25. What I love about the low tox journey is that I feel more informed about the choices I make for myself and my family, more confident about what I put on and in mine and my kids bodies and that I dont feel like i need to buy into every ‘new and improved’ thing that the big companies market to us. I feel smarter now and just laugh about all the ads I see knowing what I know and that I dont need that stuff. 🙂

  26. Low Tox life …

    It is regaining life in the most powerful way. Claiming back the goodness, the virtues of what nature has intended.
    It’s also thinking, learning and educating and loving. It’s taking responsibility without the guilt but with generosity and care, and fun! I feel that low tox life is just simply life you know. Looking after others, yourself, enjoying without destroying and doing our best when we can where can like we can all make a tiny change for better days.

  27. You are amazing Alexx, a true inspiration! Thank you for everything you do.
    Living Low Tox – it started out being just about me, my family and our home but it is so much more than that now. It has made me re-think our place in this world and what we can do to make it better. I think more consciously about what I buy – do I really need it? What is the best low tox/environmentally friendly option? Do I already have something I could use instead? Can I make it? I love that this message and way of life is becoming natural for my children and I love hearing them talk about it, knowing that they will pass the information onto their friends and in turn their families and the little ripples will become big ripples.

  28. Im not sure where to start I have made lots of changes that I am proud of…still a work in progress though. Ditched all toxic make up, skin care, body products ect….in saying that I was pretty good in the body stuff but was hard to switch makeup brands!! No more plastic bags, which I use to use to freeze meals in for hubby to take to work…all glass now and he uses the 4myearth reusable bags to take all his snacks now. I also use the 4myearth bags to store bread in the freezer, muffins ect and reuse if you care baking paper to stop them sticking together! Tupperware almost all gone and lots of glass jars replaced instead. Looking at a new bed next month…can’t wait. still lots to go but really happy about the progress and the knowledge i have learnt from you alexx it has been an eye opener for sure!! keep up the good work x

  29. Hi Alexx, there are a few things that I really appreciate about your blog. Primarily it is your really positive attitude that permeates your blog and website, it’s wonderfully encouraging and helps so much in making changes to diet and lifestyle. Also, I really appreciate all the work and research you put into what you do, I certainly feel that the information and views you present are well backed up and reliable. Thanks for taking me (and many others) along with you on your journey! Jo (Sydney, Australia)

  30. I have made so many low tox changes for my family and myself because of what I have learnt from your courses, blog, website and Facebook pages!!! So so grateful!!! xx

  31. A low tox life has taken some time to adjust, it seems logically easy. Then you start to look at all the products you use for your food, drinks, household products and it’s surprisingly scary how many toxins we have introduced into our lives.
    I normally just jump in, however I found this quite overwhelming to begin with. So I started slow, adjusted and then added another item change. Eventually over this last year, I have moved all my products to natural, non processed and I have eliminated migraines, which is huge considering I have had to live with them for 24 years. A big step forward, more to go!

  32. I found your knowledge and passion inspirational. Loved how you made the changes guilt free. Telling us to look forward, not back, that small steps count and offering low cost alternatives.

  33. Wow Alexx, so thrilled for you that you set your goals and achieved them with the wellness bundle. Your commitment to donating to Oz Harvest is inspiring.
    What I love about the Low Tox Life and the tips and hints that you give is feeling that I can make a difference with just the little things, like reusable lunchboxes for my kids, and changing some ingredients that aren’t serving our bodies for more healthful ones. It’s so easy to be overwhelmed by all the ‘should do’s’, when really all it takes is just one little step in the right direction. A heartfelt thanks from me to you.
    Leoni xx

  34. Low Tox living has given my whole family health and happiness. What I especially love about your course that I am learning about and living everyday is that life is a journey, there are so many aspects of living and living low tox that we can’t do it all at once. All the little things we do add up and help crowd out the bad things until one day you realise you are so far removed from what you used to be!
    My mind set has changed and I love it! 😀 😀

  35. Oh my goodness, awesome prizes!! And well done with your donation.

    We have made many changes towards a low tox life the past few years, and all small changes make you feel a little awesome about making a step in the right direction. I love knowing that my kids are healthier for it and that they are learning along the way as well. And I really love so many of the natural skincare and makeup products I have discovered through your course which give me a lift and make me a little happier when wearing them.

    Thanks for reminding me about the e-book bundle…I need to start reading!!

  36. The low tox journey…
    is being mindful of all decisions, being well equipped to make better, more informed choices for our families and ourselves. It’s intoxicatingly empowering! (SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA)

  37. What a great giveaway, thanks for the opportunity!
    Low tox living makes me feel awesome about my place in the world. It’s hard (and I’m far from perfect) and I’m only 1 person but every little bit really does help. I feel great that my kids are learning along with me that we should keep it real and not take more than we need.
    Nicole, Sydney.

  38. I am 3 weeks away from delivering my low tox bub after 2 years of fertility issues. Your courses, together with western medicine, helped get me here physically and mentally. My learning curve has been massive and is still ongoing. I haven’t felt more ‘me’ in a long time. Thank you.
    Melbourne, Aus

  39. After doing both the lox tox living and real food rockstar e-courses my whole family are now on board. My youngest daughter is in Year 2 and just won a speech competition in her class talking about the effects of plastics on our environment and what we can do about it. She is so proud….as am I. It’s great to see the positive changes we can make with awareness and education. Thank you Alexx for doing all the hard work you do with your research and education. I love it!

  40. Firstly, I would like to say congratulations on achieving your goals and thank you for letting us be apart of them :).

    Secondly, what I have gotten the most from you posts, program etc is confirmation that I am already 80% of the way there and with some fine tuning that I will achieve a better, healthier life style. Sometimes all we need is a little pat on the back and some guidance forward. So, again thank you for this!

    Enjoy your trip away with your family.

  41. Low tox living had never been so important since having babies and it’s been so wonderful to have such an extensive and informative resource. I always know where to go when I need a low tox answer so thank you Alexx.

  42. I first started on my low Tox journey about 17 years ago with my best friend who was diagnosed with bowel cancer.
    We seemed to be part of a very small group of people becoming aware of the harmful effects of so many products / foods etc in our lives…fast forward 17 years later and the joy it gives me to see so many people following this lifestyle and helping others discover new ways of detoxing.
    Unfortunately my dear friend passed away, but she gave me a precious journey as a gift which stays with me to this day……and your site reminds me of that journey and how to continue , thanks Alexx

  43. What an awesome feeling seeing your family embrace the low tox lifestyle and know your are making a change for the better, not only for your family but for the environment and the future. I feel privileged to have been a part of the first low tox course and push this message out to those being misled/misguided.
    Mildura, Australia

  44. My low tox journey has inspired others to eat clean and live clean. Not only do I have no menopause symptoms, I am happy, energetic and sleep well. What I say and my opinion is irrelevant though, it’s all about being an example. Monkey see, monkey do 🙂
    Sydney, Australia

  45. Wow! What an amazing inspiration you are Alexx! Living a low tox life has been inspired along the way by so many amazing wellness warriors. But for me it is the simplicity and ease with which I’ve made lots and lots of small changes that are beneficial to me and my family. I’m loving good food, less chemicals in everything from household products to personal care to clothing and the savings I am making are immense too. Thanks for all the inspiration. I’m in Sydney! Lx

  46. I loved the ebook bundle. So much information, with the ebook bundle i’ve had plenty of time to read and put it into practice. Low tox living is a choice and for me has been so worthwhile. My health is turning and heading in the right direction. Thankyou Alexx

    Adelaide, South Australia.

  47. Low Tox living has changed my life forever!!! I had very problematic skin, always braking out in rashes from almost any beauty product.. I was hesitant to try anything because I knew how much pain I would be in if I had a reaction. All the skin used to peel of my hands aswell since going Low Tox I can now use products again, something I never thought I’d be able to do and it feel amazing!!!!

  48. Wow Alexx you are so generous!!! And to me I think that is the best take of our low tox life, it’s not only about us and our loved ones but also about creating a better world in a constructive non judgmental way. Love it! It feels good and it’s good (SYDNEY)

  49. Studying Nutrition – it just makes sense not to eat from packets and to not eat numbers, right? I make (almost) all of our meals from scratch, with loads of fresh vegies. I’m doing my best to grow my own. I insist the teenage daughter use an organic deodorant; I make my own – and we make little changes to our lifestyle along the way… It feels like we’re giving it our best shot to be our best, healthiest selves – whilst LOVING food. Looking forward to making your Christmas Semifreddo – YUM! (SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA)

  50. Low tox life = empowerment. Knowing that I can usually make something better than I can buy, be it food or remedies or health and beauty. Freedom from nasty and varied symptoms experienced by my family which are slowly disappearing the more we untox our lives and bodies, freedom from shopping with giant multinationals and returning to lovely local producers with smiling faces, freedom from feeling the need to follow the crowd. Our family is now so ‘weird’ that my kids don’t even worry about the opinions of others…but what I love the most is that thanx to blogs like this we are becoming less weird each day! The word is out and the world is changing and for that I am so excited.
    Oh, and I smashed my lovely water filter the other day and the taste of tap or shop bought water is so revolting I’m desperate to replace 😉 we are all feeling a bit dehydrated because nothing else compares!
    Thankyou for all you are achieving Alexx

    Mt Coolum, QLD Australia

  51. Living a low tox life has not only increased my awesomeness by improving my health. It’s the little rituals, like making bone broth and fermenting veggies that have helped to put me more in touch with my authentic, nourished self; that I’m living the happy, simple life I deserve and can give the same nourishment and happiness to my children both through healthy, delicious food and by example. So satisfying on so many levels!

  52. I think the best thing I’ve learnt from you has been taking back my power as the main cook and ‘nurturer’ of our little, growing family. Not in a 1950’s step ford wives way – I don’t have the nice nails and I don’t do heel well, but in a working mum, juggling a million things every day and figuring it all out as I go. My kids asthma and eczema has gone. My cynical husband is coming to terms with me buying some more Exxy items cos he’s seen they last and I don’t throw out as much waste. I’m empowered now to keep learning and love that you’ve set me on this path. And not just me but my sis whose trying for a baby, my friends and family all over the world. So a big thank you

  53. Subscribing to your blog has made me think of things that I wouldn’t have thought of in a million years to think about and has given me the confidence (backed with your knowledge) to share what I have learnt with people that I know therefore creating a real ripple effect that can change peoples lives and help Mother Earth in the process! I am from the Sunshine Coast Australia! 🙂

  54. Sleep, sleep and more glorious sleep. Pre low tox life there was broken sleep, not enough sleep and sometimes
    NO sleep. But now … zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Tweed Heads, NSW

  55. I have a long way to go to be low to but I far with cutting some toxins out I feel more energetic and my kids seem to be too! Fernvale, QLD, Australia.

  56. My low tox life, started more conciousless with your Low Tox Workshop; is now a day to day journey. I’ve been changing lots of things, thinking all the time about my impact, my family and the planet.
    Is has been a mayor theme to me. I even got into a garage sale mid this year, and working in getting house and furniture the best we can.
    I feel very happy about all this learning, and know there is heaps to do, and share.
    Thanks Alexx for all your knowledge and caring.

    I’m in Melbourne, Australia.

    Congratulations!!! Hope to see heaps of photos of your trip

  57. Low Tox Life

    I didn’t even know there WAS such a thing as a low tox life until I stumbled across your website via Jo at Quirky Cooking. My life hasn’t been the same since! Completing your course was a paradigm shift for me – each decision to buy, use, reuse items is carefully considered on its impact on myself, my family and the environment. I feel so good within myself that my decisions are impacting the environment in a positive way, that I’m supporting the RIGHT companies and educating others (when they are willing to listen!) It’s all thanks to you, so thank you for the amazing work you are doing 🙂

  58. Hi Alexx,
    Your recipes have been invaluable for me and my family. My youngest was born with incredible reflux and intolerances, I had no idea how to cater for him in a nourishing and simple everyday kind of way and also applying it to the whole family. Thank you for your passion and for the competition and congratulations on you bundle success too.
    P.s I am in Wollongong NSW

  59. I’m currently feeling better than I have in years and it’s all thanks to you. 🙂 I have just had uni exams and it felt far less stressful than previous semesters all thanks to a few oils and a lack of chemicals. And can you believe, I’m actually looking forward to cleaning the house this weekend, knowing that I won’t feels sick afterwards.
    Thanks again Alexx.
    Canberra, Australia

  60. I’m slowly trying to convert my family over to living a healthy, low tox life. With the few changes that I have made I’ve noticed big differences and I want to make more changes.

  61. What it is about a low tox life that has made me feel more awesome along the way?…….. The Low Tox Foxes! The people who are likeminded and encouraging and supportive, that make the journey easier and enjoyable with no pressures to have it all right, right now! We talk about low tox products and food all the time, but they are low tox people, with no hidden agendas or judgements. Which has been very important to me as I am VERY SLOWLY making changes and the community of people I have been introduced to thanks to you Alexx make the goal feel achievable no matter what stage I’m at, or how slow I go. So thanks SOoooooo Much.

    (Portland, Australia)

  62. I have loved reinventing myself and my family with the low tox life.
    I was brought up pretty consciously by my parents, had coke maybe twice a year and Maccas once a year just to remind ourselves how disgusting it was, so I never thought I had anything to learn.
    When my second child wasn’t thriving so well I started to dig deeper, and with the awesome online community such as you Alexx and Jo and Sonja so many more doors have opened.
    Back to the real food- the realisation that you can use the same ingredients for homemade toothpaste and deodorant, moisturiser and health foods…
    And fermentation, that’s been a whole new revelation and considering I grew up in the home of Sauerkraut but never really knew anything about it has been frustrating, revealing and encouraging all at the same time.
    Here’s to the real food revolution!
    Wilsons Creek, NSW 2482

  63. Thanks for the opportunity Alexx, to share my experience with a low tox life, and for your transparency. You continue to inspire and motivate me to be and do the best I can.
    We (me, and my two young boys) live low tox lives and now have the opportunity to spread our experience with their school community. Both boys are in primary school, and we’ve cooked real food together, held parent workshops around processed foods, healthy choices, toxicity in our homes. All which have encouraged conversation. Positive, juicy conversations that allow individuals to own their own journey.
    I live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world; Tasmania, Australia. It’s luscious, wonderful community is supporting me raise two beautiful you men. Come visit us sometime Alexx! We’d love to have you xx

  64. Low Tox Life : means I have so much more knowledge and awareness about the things in my home and surrounding environment. Anything from makeup and cleaning products to food and waste. Knowing that you can simply make a batch of homemade chocolate and actually be aware of what you are eating and in turn eating more consciously.

    Yandina, QLD Australia

  65. Inspired to live a richer life
    Want to do it well
    Loving, living, sharing, giving
    Nourished – and nourishing with no hard sell.

    Love, love, love your blog and the inspiration to live a richer, deeper, more natural life for me, my family, friends and community. We have been given so much in this beautiful country – life in abundance. Your lovely inspiration to live a nourished life to the full helps us enjoy every moment. Thank you Alexx. I live in Secret Harbour, Western Australia, have just walked on the glorious beach and am about to enjoy a green smoothie packed with natural goodness. You inspire me to live life well.

  66. Originally from Sydney , currently in NZ . Realising how NOT LOW TOX NZ is over here 🙁
    My Low Tox journey started with me searching for ways to control my sons behaviour before starting school . Everyone thought he was just a naughty little boy . Along the way I lost sight of what I was supposed to be doing for him and focused on DE TOXING myself as a priority and have never felt better. I can now see when chemicals effect my family and manage my responses much better to different situations. My low tox push is slowly rubbing off on my husband who came home the other day from the shops with an natural Aluminium free deodorant!! He has also been heard several times using the word CHEMICALS in sentences lately . As long as we as parents lead by example , our kids can only have a better future . I feel I am winning the race at a slow but steady pace . Howick NZ

  67. Alexx Stewart – your course is a complete game changer. Low tox life for me….100% yes! I grabbed your advice with both hands and ran for the goals. My family is better, healthier, smarter and safer thanks to your advice and support. Melbourne, Australia never looked so good! Thank you xx

  68. Living the low tox life. Living more simply. In how I buy, how we eat, how we play and how we rest.
    Thank you Alexx you are a continuous inspiration x

  69. Thanks Alexx – what I love is the mantra – “when you know more, do more” – helps when you look backwards and cringe but helps you look force to both knowing and doing more!!

  70. I don’t know where to start Alexx. You are such an inspiration. My boys know now all about the numbers on the package food and will happily ask me if there is any number before even asking me if they can eat. It has really been a wake up call when I was struggling with an asthmatic kid! Taking a low tox approach has connected us all to nature and mindful way of living. Thank you so much!
    Karina, Sydney, Australia

  71. It was close to a year ago that I first came across the Break Though Progamme, with you Alexx as the special guest on Low Tox Living. Before this, I had never really really thought about the environmental foot print / impact that I was having, of the toxins that I was submersing myself and my family in, not just via the food that it was eating, but in all the products I was using. I had always paid the carbon tax when booking flights, toyed with organic food but not really believing in it, had a reasonably efficient car and thought I was doing okay.
    One of my favourite sayings is “What you don’t know, you really don’t know”, and at this point doing a questionnaire about how many products I use in my daily / weekly personal regimes, the dots started to connect about it wasn’t just about what I put in my / my families bodies, but also what I put on it, and around it, and I realised how much I really did not know. Reading your blog has really opened my eyes to a part of the world I had never thought of. I am not fully low tox yet, it is a long journey, but the vitality and simplicity that is being bought to my life is unfathomable, and it is a path that I know I will continue following for the rest of my life, for the sake of myself, my kids and the whole wide world around me.

    Perth, Australia

  72. LowTox life helps me and my family be wholesomely well and know that we are reducing our impact on the planet.
    Canberra Australia

  73. I live in Townsville Qld. I think it’s just knowing that myself and loved ones deserve better. Not to get sucked into buying crap and having the knowledge and awareness that there is healthier low tox alternatives. I’ve made so many changes in the last couple of weeks during your course and it has been so easy. Now I am just waiting for my 19 year old son to get a girlfriend so I can low tox her and in turn it will reach him ;-)!!

  74. I didn’t think I had a reason I needed a low tox life. I was healthy enough. But after luckily coming across your website from a friends facebook feed I realise how wrong I was. Started off slowly but each email and update I’m learning how simple it can be and how much better we can all feel. Loving it, looking forward to the all the new posts and to keep living healthier and happier each day.

    Perth, Western Australia

  75. Amazing prizes!!

    The low tox life has allowed me to give my children the best and healthiest food and healthcare products I can find. I’m so grateful that my parents allowed me to be a free thinker and to always question things in life that don’t resonate with me. Life is better when it’s Low Tox!! ✌️

  76. Alex, thanks to your blog i am really aware of what i put in and onto my body. The old saying, ” you are what you eat” has never been so true. After battling Lyme, quality of life is slowly improving. Feeling like i have control again!
    Thank you, you are such an inspiration. Love your recipes too!

  77. Alex, thanks to your blog i am really aware of what i put in and onto my body. The old saying, ” you are what you eat” has never been so true. After battling Lyme, quality of life is slowly improving. Feeling like i have control again!
    Thank you, you are such an inspiration. Love your recipes too!
    Kaz from Tanja, 2550. Australia.

  78. Hi im Cherie in Brissy.

    The low tox life has helped me by making me feel so much better about my contribution to society. I use my scraps, have reduced my plastic usage, make my own food and beauty products. Granted with varied suscess but its fun and I enjoy it. What is even better is my enthusiasm has inspired others!! Every day is a win!


  79. Low Tox Living for me is the only way to live. I enjoy every moment of my 58 years and feel like a teenager. Eating organic where possible and not putting any chemicals on my skin or in my house.
    I live in the beautiful Northern Rivers, Pottsville, NSW.

  80. Wow, thanks Alexx for such a great giveaway 🙂 Low tox living has helped me learn that most things in the supermarket can’t be trusted to keep my family safe and healthy. It has helped improve my oldest daughters behaviour, no longer does she have huge meltdowns over the tiniest thing, which has helped improve the general mood in my household. The biggest thing I would say that it has helped my family with is knowing that taking the time to look after ourselves properly has a multitude of benefits that convenience can’t beat 🙂

  81. Keep it simple. Keep it fresh and make it yourself. Low tox creates lasting simplicity and pleasure in our world. Sydney. Australia.

  82. Oh wow! You are an incredibly generous being, Alex!

    I feel awesome about the low tox life as I feel it is setting up my children for a life of abundbant health and sheer awesomeness. It’s a crazy world out there and I want my kids to not only surivive the craziness but also thrive! Thank so much for all your hard work. You are shapng a pretty special community.

    Kind regards,
    Brisbane, QLD.

  83. Being diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease, an incurable and debilitating illness when it’s in action, was shattering to say the least. We thought we wouldn’t be able to have any more children it was so bad. But low tox living has given me back a sense of control . . . and a beautiful baby boy! It’s been an eye opening journey and one I’m very grateful to have stumbled across. From Sydney, Australia.

  84. My low tox living journey has helped me feel awesome in so many ways. It has helped me manage my autoimmune disease and IBS, it has made me more aware of how I can contribute to caring for our environment and the future of the planet, and most importantly it means my children are being raised with knowledge about real food, the impact of what they put on and in their bodies and the impact of decisions and practices on the environment. It also means I’m continually learning and improving by being able to follow and learn from wonderful people like yourself who dedicate time and energy to improving the lives of others through low tox and real food living.

  85. Knowing that I am helping my family towards the best health they can have and realising the power I have to spend my money with transparent, healthy brands that care about the me and the environment, has got me feeling very positive and awesome in my low tox journey. Taking your Low Tox E-Course has been an eye opener and game changer. I am so pleased I have signed up.

    I’d also love to have fluoride free water 😉

    Rochelle – Ipswich, Queensland.

  86. Alexx, I think you are truly amazing! How awesome of you sharing this journey with us. Low tox for me… You’ve empowered me to make my life and my family’s life better.. Thank u thank u thank u
    Newcastle NSW

  87. Hello, making the journey into a low tox life has brought me unconditional, life changing love and joy.
    After changing my food/beauty/cleaning/lifestyle routines I was able to conceive a beautiful baby girl (after 6-7 years trying unsuccessfully).
    Also my Crohn’s disease has not resurfaced after almost 3 years in deep remission.
    I thank you and Irene from Nourished life for helping me with this journey.

    Anna from Hobart, Australia

  88. By the time you get to this post on the list, your eyes will be glazing over from reading all the comments, and possibly tearing up from the incredible, inspirational stories. Go make yourself a cuppa and take a break – you deserve it! You are an amazing, passionate and generous soul and that’s low tox, in the most important way. I can’t even begin to imagine how many lives you have touched, and improved, along your journey. We truly are blessed to know you.

    So, to me, you are the low tox difference in our lives – you and the community you have built help me to feel awsome everytime I read a post. We can’t begin to make a physical difference to our lives or the world we will leave behind unless we are in a positive mindset. It starts with the brain – and that takes love, encouragement and support. Anything else is a bonus. 🙂

    Thank you Alex, not only for what you do, but for who you are.

    Mallory – from sunny Eagleton, NSW.

  89. Low Tox living has forced me to take action for our family and be around for my miracle IVF boy for as long as I can. Also to make sure his precious little body that I saw as an embryo on the screen grows up to be a healthy man xxx

  90. For me, I get the most out of life by making people smile and being there for others. What has made me feel awesome these last few weeks – empowering others on my low tox journey of transformation. By sharing my learnings with others, if it can make them rethink their purchasing decisions and ways of living – to make their lives, their children’s, their pets lower tox – then that is one small step for man, but one giant leap for our future generations and ourselves.

    Low tox can be a choice, and it is one that can be challenging at times but the perseverance pays off and the rewards are beyond anything I have ever imagined. From one fellow Mauritian to another, thank you for helping me on this journey Alexx, the wealth of information you provide has been interesting, inspiring, shocking (can manufacturers actually do this to people?!?!) and you provide ideas and solutions in the most practical of ways.

    1. Ps- Townsville, North Qld
      Pps- And seeing these amazing prizes made my jaw drop! That would be the best early Christmas present ever!

  91. A low tox life gives me empowerment in a world that is so uncertain. After being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 32, my life felt terribly vulnerable. Living a low tox life has empowered me to make choices in day to day living which lowers inflammation within my body and strengthens my immune system. As an added bonus, a low tox life protects the environment, leaving it as pure as possible for our childrens future.

  92. One of the biggest things I’ve done for myself in our low-tox journey, is to switch to organic and/or re-usable sanitary products. It has helped my cycle immensely! I’ve also not used a ‘normal’ deodorant for 2 years now and I find I actually smell less than I did before I switched 🙂 Crazy to think what I’d been doing to my body.
    Living near Ipswich, QLD, Australia

  93. I love knowing that my house is a low Tox haven in this high Tox world we live in thanks to your low Tox course. I love knowing that I’m doing my best to set my kids on the path of good health and mindful choices and less wasteful consumption.

  94. Yay!! Alexx that is fantastic!!! How amazing – im constantly referring to my bundle of goodies.

    It has been a journey and it will always be a journey in this crazy beautiful world but what is awesome to me is the change in my kids, my husband, myself and family. Physically, emotionally but what i find mostly awesome, even though my kids are small is the change in our consciousness. from my 4 year old taking socks to day care for their relaxation time, which she loves (and needs 🙂 to her saying no to plastic bags at the shops and picking up rubbish when we are out and about. My 2 year old eating real whole food and loving it! no refusal here (touch wood) My husband going along with all the kombucha, yoghurt and dinner hits and misses as well finally coming to like his low tox deoderant. A family member is now pregnant after going low tox. Yay! and me well i feel like i have the knowledge and confidence to do good and provide the best for my kids and life:) I am still learning things everyday and planting low tox seeds along the way 🙂

    have a fantastic holiday Alexx x

    2452, Australia

  95. Low Tox Life has given me not only the opportunity to change but the knowledge and the information to make it happen. To know where to look, how to investigate, what to consider, what to look for means I can make better choices for me, my family and the planet. The best gift however has been the web of knowledge that has been created by like minded people sharing the hiccups, the defeats, the challenges and the successes – it give you that high for which no chemicals are required 🙂 Deb Arnold – Adelaide, South Australia

  96. A low tox life has made me feel worthy. Worthy of life, happiness, health and success! Spending a little bit more time, money and energy to make sure I’m eating, looking and feeling naturally healthy makes me feel like Alexx Stuart (an inspiring, successful, healthy, beautiful woman)!
    Tasmania, Australia

  97. Low Tox Living has changed the way I do life. I live simpler, feel lighter and finally feel empowered and confident that I am making informed choices. I truly feel happy and healthy! I have so much gratitude and appreciation for all that you have given. Thank you – Gemma (living between Australia and New Zealand)

  98. I love the e-bundle and loved reading your explanation of it all.

    Trying to be low tox here and if I don’t succeed so well with my teenage son at the moment, I know he is being educated and will make good decisions for the next generation. Slow improvements will lead to greater things.

  99. The Lessons I learned from doing both of Alexx’s online programs completely changed my life for the better. The journey has continued since then and I am eternally grateful for the time and information Alexx shared with us. Thank you from Brisbane Australia.

  100. Thanks for the opportunity Alexx, to share my experience with a low tox life, and for your transparency. You continue to inspire and motivate me to be and do the best I can.
    We (me, and my two young boys) live low tox lives and now have the opportunity to spread our experience with their school community. Both boys are in primary school, and we’ve cooked real food together, held parent workshops around processed foods, healthy choices, toxicity in our homes. All which have encouraged conversation. Positive, juicy conversations that allow individuals to own their own journey.
    I live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world; Tasmania, Australia. It’s luscious, wonderful community is supporting me raise two beautiful young men. Come visit us sometime Alexx! We’d love to have you xx

  101. Hi Alex and all the amazing people on this Low tox journey. My kids and I have loved this adventure, learning so much about how our food choices impact not only on our health but on the planet as a whole. I love that we can now go barefoot proudly knowing we are earthing, can remember our own shopping bags, have glass storage containers, and that I can silently chuckle inside when my daughters biggest complaint about her lunch is” mum I get why you wont use plastic anymore but you really need to come up with some way of stopping my hommus and watermelon juices running together. I know you like our new lunch boxes but come on…..”
    I love that when I rent my house out on air bnb that most comments will mention how ‘clean’ my house feels. That is free of chemical smells and products, a small contributuion to the planet but every ‘drop’ counts… Thanks so much Alexx have a wonderful christmas and new year. Megan Millie Ruby and Angus

  102. Wow!! Well done – so many rescued meals for OzHarvest!! So happy you and your son can go to Mauritius – family weddings are so much fun.
    You and Low Tox have inspired me Alexx to ‘get back on track’ and really think about what I put and use in my body, on my body, in my mind, in my house, in my garden – actually my whole mindset has been changed!! (for the better).
    Loving life and feeling great.
    Thanks for your hard work and dedication.
    From Melbourne, Australia

  103. Living a low tox lifestyle is awesome to me because not only am I making a difference to my health and my children’s health, I hope that the values we as a family consider the norm (as they should be) are instilled in my children’s children and so on. It’s funny how we need to label this way of living now as it was how I was brought up anyway, no label needed!
    Albany WA

  104. Trying to live (and love!) a low tox life has been awesome because I feel like I’m finally doing something to help make the world a better place for my son, future grandchildren and all the generations of children to follow. It’s so horrifying to know that this coming generation of children are expected to have a shorter lifespan than their parents. However, we the information I have gained from you Alexx, and other bloggers, writers, etc, I have learned that we don’t have to let these things happen to us. We can and should go against the tide, we can and should speak up and we can and should make changes, however big or small, to improve the health of our families and our earth. Knowledge is power and once you know better, you do better. It doesn’t get any more AWESOME than that! ☺️

  105. I love that you and your community so so open and non-judgements like that j can feel good about the positive changes I have been able to make for me and my family, without feeling bad about things which are currently in the “too hard” basket. One step at a time…
    I’m from Sydney. Fingers crossed!!!

  106. Sometimes I start to think that a low tox life has actually complicated my life. I have so much information now that at times I feel that its difficult to live in this world and get overwhelmed. But then I remember that the tummy ache that my son had for years that we couldn’t get rid of has gone, the reoccurring rash on my daughters chin hasn’t been seen in months, that depleted energy levels and resistant weight are not normal and can be improved and that living a low tox life is not complicated but a lot simpler. less products, less stuff, more time focusing on what’s important.


  107. I’m constantly getting grief from others about choosing a ‘low tox lifestyle’ and it can get you down at times and question why I’m being so pedantic about but then I receive an email from you or see a Facebook post and remember why and realise that I’m not the only one! My family mean the world to me and if I can give them the healthiest and purest life possible, I will do my best to do so! I’ve also suffered the last 18 months from 2 nasty parasites so I will not touch unfiltered water! These water filters are the ultimate prize for my family! Thanks for the opportunity to win one!!

  108. Low Tox Life for me equals simple everyday easy to use recipes, shortcuts & awesome ideas. Don’t need a PhD to understand it, don’t need fandangled gadgets to make it, and guilt free chocolate treats !! Winner winner slow cooked chicken in a pot dinner

  109. What I love about the low tox journey is that it is just that… A journey. By making small changes regularly it doesn’t seem hard and you don’t realise how far you have come until you look back. My motto on it is to ” do what you can, with what you have, where you are”. And I’m lucky to live in Albany WA where the local produce is spectacular. Thanks Alexx

  110. I’ve really enjoyed doing your courses and in all honesty the best thing about switching things over to low tox is just feeling liberated and guilt free. I know the make up on my face, the soap I use for my kids, my cleaning products…. I no longer feel a niggling doubt about things. I feel like my small steps are better for our physical and mental wellbeing as well as for the environment. It has really added to the happiness in my love and I look forward to making new changes when I can. X
    Thank you xx I’m in Perth, Australia 🙂

  111. Hi Alexx
    I have been gradually implementing the principles of your low tox living into the lives of my children, husband and myself. As a result I have been so happy in the knowledge I am making a difference to their lives, future and health because of the knowledge you impart. Your recipes are incredible and my kids actually eat a lot of them , I am now so aware of additives and preservatives, making the majority of our foods from scratch (thermomix is a god send here!) and eating whole foods.
    Thankyou for your wealth of knowledge and sharing it with us all. Very grateful.
    Western Australia

  112. Alexx , your Low Tox Course has further challenged my thinking. After completing your life changing Thrive For Kids and your Rockstars courses I was keen to follow up with this course and you haven’t dissappinted. I thought I was low tox until I did this course. You have opened my eyes and I thank you for motivating me daily, for reminding me to leave the past behind me and for allowing me to reset the goal posts. Since starting your first course about 3 months ago, the house has undergone many changes including: the constant bubbling of stock in my slow cooker (strategically placed outside), jars of tonics and vegetables fermenting in my pantry, daily kefir making, no more Vegemite, glass storage everywhere, reducing my household cleaning products to about 5 from 15, walking into shops with my own bags, no more rash after showering, purple sprinkles in our food, no more fake candles or scents, washing that doesn’t sit there if I’ve run out of fabric softener, a daily barefoot walk on the grass to list a few. I have more surety around the decisions I make regarding my family’s health. Thank you for doing what you do and for inspiring me to make the changes I’ve been deferring for way too long. Through your courses you have introduced me to a broader community with a similar mindset, a wonderful bunch of experts who I can reach out to (Talisha is my favorite) and lots of ideas to build on and continue to grow in this area. Most of all, this course has given me peace of mind knowing I’m on a fantastic path.
    Jo, Sydney

  113. It has helped me concieve and continue a pregnancy. My family and I have become contientious of the low tox way of living since finding out both sides of my family have mutations of the mthfr gene and discovering that it’s the link to my families history of bowel cancer and my lupus anticoagulant. I believe this way of life is the only way I could have had another child and probably will prevent our next generation of the horrible bowel cancer monster. Very glad we have researched our way into a better way of living and that there are people like you out there that help with awareness.

  114. Low tox living – it has made me have more peace of mind with my kids. You want them to have the best start at life, so having low tox products for cleaning and personal care makes me smile from the inside out knowing that no matter how much shampoo they use on their hair, or how much they want to lick the cupboard door (my son is a bit strange ;), there isn’t anything harmful going into their bodies.
    Perth, Western Australia

  115. Low tox life- this has really helped me take control and feel in control of mine and my families life. I had a complicated pregnancy for my 2 nd child and felt very apprehensive and scared to have a 3rd baby. But by taking control of what I put in my body and on my body and in my home, I felt like I was doing the best possible for a healthy baby to grow. I now have a very healthy 10 week old baby boy and this new low tox life style is here to stay. Everything happens for a reason and I think that maybe if the complications hadn’t have happened for my 2nd pregnancy then I wouldn’t have sought out this alternative path( which is not alternative at all… It’s smart and healthy and normal and the way we should all be living our lives, and how our great grandparents lived their lives).
    Thank you so much for all of your wonderful information and insight, from myself and my family xx

  116. LOW TOX – has been the knightress is shining armour. Arming me with inspiration to feed my family, arming me with the strength to fight the high tox battle my kids are faced at the likes of birthday parties, arming me with happiness of healthy eating, and arming with me the reminder that I am not alone in my journey of wholefoods for my family and the children that surround me.

    Thank you Alexx
    From St Ives, NSW, 2075

  117. I feel more empowered to make better decisions for my myself and my family, and advocate for changes in my community. More and more so I can see this growing ‘club’ of us having a really positive impact on the world around us and this not only excites me but it also gives me hope for the generations to come! Maybe we can reverse these trends and make living a low tox life more the norm rather than the exception.
    Melbourne, Australia

  118. Oh the answers are endless to this question aren’t they?!!!!

    First and foremost the thing that has changed the way my body feels is cutting out refined sugar and altering my perception of what “treat” food is. It ain’t a treat if it poisons your body right?! So thank you for that Alexx.

    I also have so much more awareness now of how to minimise my waste in the kitchen, what to store my food in and now that I have a baby, what to dress him in and let him play with. What I love is that now i’m learning about low tox living I keep finding out more and more… the learning never ends and it’s so empowering to be able to be learning this stuff and implementing it in your life. My son will grow up thinking that low tox living is the only way to be living and he too will pass this on to his family. SO that’s a pretty awesome thought.

    Thank you Alexx 🙂

  119. After doing your low tox course there have been multiple benefits but the first thing that comes to mind is that I can BREATHE, not just pysically but emotionally too. Releasing toxic chemicals, thoughts, feelings and material possessions has given our whole family a lightness of heart, a joy, a connection with each other and the earth. Thank you Alexx for your time and support over the last year it has been amazing x
    Perth, Western Australia

  120. Low Tox life has saved our life. 2 years ago i started this journey of healing my family from within with the diagnosis of my gorgeous little boy being ASD. After attending the Mindd conference earlier this year and listening to the wonderful Alex everything fell into place with what i needed to do. My son’s Autistic traghts are lessening, my daughters anxiety has all but de-minished and myself and hubby have never been healthier. A low tox life should be compulsory to save our future generation. Alex you are an inspiration.
    Melbourne, Australia

  121. *Knowledge is power, you have provided me with that knowledge & I now have the power to make the changes I need to for my family & myself ~ THANKYOU
    *Launceston, Tasmania

  122. Have done Alexx’s Low Tox Living and Thrive courses – loved them! A wealth of information and support. Have loved learning about everything we can do to make my family’s life more low tox and know it will now and forever be something we will be working towards. Definitely skincare and cookware are my top two areas that we have changed to low tox, as well as trying to focus on all the nourishing food ideas from the Thrive course. I live in Langwarrin, Victoria, Australia.

  123. Have done Alexx’s Low Tox Living and Thrive courses – loved them! A wealth of information and support. Have loved learning about everything we can do to make my family’s life more low tox and know it will now and forever be something we will be working towards. Definitely skincare and cookware are my top two areas that we have changed to low tox, as well as trying to focus on all the nourishing food ideas from the Thrive course. I live in Langwarrin, Victoria, Australia.

  124. Alexx, your lox tox life is always inspiring me to make smarter choices and I feel that I can really trust all the info on your site. I love how you make an overwhelming task feel achievable. You never judge anyone’s past or current decisions either, which makes it so much easier for us to forget our past steps and move forward. Keep up the amazing work! xx

  125. Having a child with autism who now is an adult, I wish I knew then what I know now! Thanks Alexx for all you do and I hope you can keep on posting what you love and inspiring others to live a low tox life!
    Gold Coast Australia

  126. I have been gradually implementing changes learned from you into my family’s lives. I am making a difference to their health because of this knowledge, and educating my child on what’s important for her health. Your recipes are so good and I am now making most of our foods from scratch using my thermomix.
    Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

  127. For the past 16 years, I’ve watched my mother has survive three bouts of breast cancer, and many close calls with terrible infections. My low tox journey evolved out of the unanswered questions I had for her – she’s a registered nurse and deeply wedded to conventional medicine. I realised early on that I couldn’t force my views on her and that I needed to be the change as my knowledge grew. My belief is that her cancer was mainly caused by financial stress and too much sugar in her diet, so I went about addressing those issues in my life.

    Today, I received a call that she has been admitted into hospital again with a nasty infection and has been put in quarantine and intravenous antibiotics for a week. When I called her (she lives in Tassie and I’m in Brisbane), I told her about the low tox course I’m doing, and FINALLY she asked me about bone broths and sauerkraut and gut health!! I nearly cried with JOY! I didn’t want to overwhelm her so I just emailed her a couple of little nuggets of Alexx wisdom and she’s very excited. I will do anything to get a few more years of my mum, and for my kids to enjoy their beloved grandmother for longer – so thank you Alexx, and the whole Low Tox community. We may be able to help her recover and live a healthier, simpler and more joyful life! (Emma-Kate – Brisbane, Qld)

  128. With a family history of cancer on both sides, I feel I have no choice but to keep my little family as toxin free as possible. I don’t want cancer or disease being part of our lives.

    Coffs Harbour, Australia

  129. Hi Alex, going low tox has been a gradual process for our family, but I can now proudly know that I am making a positive difference in my families life. I am making sure that their exposure to chemicals and toxins is greatly reduced – and that makes me happy love your work!

  130. Understanding the “why” is the main take away I’ve had from you Alexx and your Low Tox Life course. I’ve always felt all the nasties weren’t so good for us but now I know why. I’d begun to slowly reduce my toxic load but was completely unaware about how deep these toxic baddies run. They’re everywhere!!!
    Now I have reduced even more and continue to change a bit more each day/month. The “why” has also helped me to explain what I’m doing to friends, family and anyone else who happens to be interested. Your strategies for having these conversations have been very helpful – thanks!!

  131. Hi Alexx,
    I live in an outer western suburb of Sydney, Australia. Thank you that we can enter this contest. Often it’s not the case with an American blog/contest. I live in a lower socio economic area of Sydney and often feel like a square peg in a round hole when I share with friends about being careful about the food they eat, the chemicals in their skin products and cleaning products.( patronizing smiles and eye rolling) Anyhow I find it interesting how often sooo many of the people around me are constantly getting sick – one bug after another and I stay “bug” free. Not a cold or a sniffle or tummy complaint all winter. I believe it’s my low toxic lifestyle. Slowly I think I am convincing/converting some people 🙂
    Thank you Alexx for sharing your journey and encouraging people like me along the way. Your story is motivational and very helpful.

  132. A low tox lifestyle. Good for me, good for the environment. Easy to do (with a little bit of planning). Food that tastes great and helps me and my family stay happy and healthy. What’s not to love ?
    Buderim, QLD. Australia

  133. Low tox living has helped me to do one small thing every day that makes a difference for myself, my community and planet earth. This is something I am grateful for every day. Biggest impact has been on my skin, low tox make up or happiness in not wearing any! Cleaning, smells and only have 1/4 of the rubbish each week. Margaret River, WA

  134. thanks Alexx, your low tox website just make it easier for me to make better choices and avoid gross stuff. Also love so many great recipes and your general outlook on life is inspiring… Keep on keeping on! XXX

  135. Something that makes me feel more awesome each morning is your coffee body scrub – ridiculously easy to make, minimal ingredients and it recycles all the coffee grounds my partner produces. Plus, makes a wonderful Chrissy present. Love your work, Alexx!

  136. Thanks for being such an amazing role model.
    To me a low tax life is about eating fresh, in season food, mostly from my own yard. This has empowered me to take back the control of what I put into my body, making it stronger and healthier everyday. We also grow herbs and Veges on our nature strip and in our front yard, which we encourage neighbours and passerbys to help themselves to what they need in return for some scraps for the worms. I think it’s about education, in our own back yards that impacts the most
    Sunny Victoria point, Brisbane.

  137. Embracing a low tox life is about making informed decisions as to what we want to put into our bodies, air & earth. It is a huge learning curve for me, and I am comfortable that I won’t make the right choice 100% of the time, but armed with the right information I can ensure my home & family’s toxic load is reduced significantly. Can’t thank Alexx enough for sharing her wisdom with us, and I can’t wait to see the results of using alternative products.
    I’m not a scientist. I’m not a naturopath. I’m just an ordinary mum. But I CAN do my bit and together it will be AWESOME!

    Perth, AUSTRALIA

  138. I love that as I’m learning about the Low Tox life and making substitutions along the way, that I’m also helping to pass that message on to my four (teenage) children. They always ask why I’m doing something, and I get to explain it as best I can. Hopefully opening their eyes to make better choices in their future also. I love being a “conscious consumer”, rather than being swept along by great marketing. Thank you, Alexx. It’s been a life changer.
    Kind regards,
    Sue S
    Western Australia

  139. Hi Alexx. So generous of you to give away your money as well as use it towards giveaways. Through you and your course, I have learnt to be more mindful of my choices in products to ensure they are more natural and low tox. I am continually making changes where I can and as a result I am hoping to ensure my children have a healthier future.
    Perth, Australia

  140. Dear Alexx,

    Living a Low Tox Life means living with vitality, energy, love for self and it brings a thirst for knowledge about oneself and how to make the world we live in a better place.

    Having suffered from anxiety, living this way has been both about healing and about learning my purpose.

    Thank you for your knowledge and for taking the time to inspire others.

    Lisa (Melbourne, Australia)

  141. Having been struck down with rheumatoid arthritis 3 years ago (within 5 months I was unable to walk, that’s how quick and severe it was) my whole philosophy on life, diet, lifestyle etc has been turned on its head. Numerous amounts of tests determined a body fighting chemical overload as well as itself so something had to be done to minimise this stress. Stopped consuming all pro-inflammatory foods, dropped 3 dress sizes and slowly started to detox first myself and then the house. The standard joke from my family now is that Epsom salts, acv and baking soda will sort anything out. Well it does. Almost! We are all benefitting from my disease in a positive way – both husband and daughter are losing weight, there is less sickness in the house (I haven’t been sick in over 3 years now as I am so strict with what I eat), and everyone is generally happier. Even the dog looks forward to bone broth making days as she knows she’s going to get the carcass meat 🙂 Still a daily battle and have just found out have more food intolerances which has removed a couple of health promoting ingredients – ginger being the big shock, but already abstaining has shown improvements in my body. But my disease does not define me and I will continue to lead as healthy a life as I can possibly make it.
    I am in Ormiston, Queensland

  142. Learning something new each time there’s a post. It’s amazing how much our lives have been ‘modernised’ and generations have now forgotten how to live naturally. Either with food, cleaners, storage or other day to day living.
    Thank you for sharing your learnings. People don’t know what they don’t know..
    Forever green and growing..

  143. Low tox living just makes sense, it feels right, you know it is right for you and our planet.
    Thank you Alexx, for shining the way so brightly & boldly.
    Point Samson, Western Australia

  144. Hi, I am from Melbourne, Australia and while everything else in my life may not be smooth sailing, at least I know that I am trying to do the best for myself, my kids, my husband and the environment though my ever expanding Low Tox Living journey and it is EASY!!! And YOU have made it that way through your courses, your blog, your inspiration, your passion, your wealth of knowledge, the facebook group support, the links to websites, the recipes, the amazing online stores and the list goes on!
    I have the support, accessibility and knowledge to grow and continue this wonderful nurturing journey to live a cleaner and healthier life as nature intended! And hopefully along the way share this message with others.

  145. Low tox had become a major part of my life. I’ve been able to spread the message to my local school community in our goodie bags, with information, 1000 wheat bags sewn from recycled donated fabric, a Resparkle sample and discount with a possible fundraiser and a Weleda Hamper. Whilst educating about chemicals. I’ve managed to help start people thinking about what’s in their food and cosmetics. It’s very exciting.

  146. Living a low tox life removes fear of disease and replaces it with hope and knowledge… and gives me hope that by example and education the sustainable revolution will have great positive impact on the future
    Brisbane, Queensland

  147. Firstly, love this post and thank you for the opportunity to enter such a great competition.

    For my family and I, living a low tox life is essential in keeping our physical and mental health challenges at bay. We are also conscious of doing our part wherever we can to take care of the environment, and it makes me so happy that my 16 month old daughter (and bub on the way) will grow up living this lifestyle and (hopefully!) continue to make good choices in their own lives as they grow older.

    Perth, Western Australia

  148. I learnt so much on the low tox e-course and even more being a part of the alumni. It has me asking questions that I would never have dreamed of before. To know that as long as everyday I make small changes, I am making good choices for myself and the ones I love.

    Thanks Alexx

    Melanie (Mae Bay), Hervey Bay, Queensland

  149. Low tox living is a faily new concept for me, but your website and talks have veen so informative to start marking those small changes to towards a low tox lifestyle. I love the concept that if it smell fake then avoid it. I’ve started reading labels and have notice things i thought we be ok still contain fragrance which makes the decision to avoid easy. Looking forward to continuing my jouney and have recycled so many glass jars from friends and family. Thanks so much for all your help, my next step is to enroll in one of your courses.Back to basic living!. Alison- Perth Western Australia

  150. Sydney, Au. Growing up on an organic farm I thought I knew enough to make the low tox life happen for my family. What I didn’t take into account was how pervasive toxins are in more and more products today. Low Tox Life has helped me to understand the post modern toxic home environment, and how to spot the impostors (as well as the blatant offenders!). I love the variety of topics covered, from simple cleaning through to baking and treats. Who can forget the chocolate mousse cake with strawberries. Most of all I love the community that exists around you Alexx, and your blog. The comments and questions can be as educational as the content. It is a robust community, full of positive people doing life together, yet apart. We support each other despite perhaps never meeting, but knowing we are not the only parent sending wholesome food in a stainless bento box to school our children is comforting. Thank you Alexx for spearheading such a wonderful movement, and making it accessible through your blog.

  151. The low tox life course has helped me bring into action cleaning up my home and diet. It has got to a point now where just a little bit of phalates or artificial fragrance is just not acceptable in my eyes anymore which has really changed how i shop and what products i am happy to use. I believe my family are happier and healthier because of the changes we have made. St Helena, Victoria

  152. Alexx, low tox life has given a great wealth of information for a better, brighter future gor me and my family. Not only has it help me create beautiful food with all the right ingredients pack with nutrients to serve my family! All your recipes never compromise on taste! Which is very important to hubby and kids. We love you and all you do! Cannot thank you enough! ~ Melbourne, Australia ~

  153. Low tox is one step/change at a time and leading by example. Our family hasn’t needed any medication/Drs appointments for years. Healthy food and clean water with some sunshine & exercise thrown in for happy minds and bodies is all you need. When you start eliminating things you realise how much excess there is in the world and the reality that you don’t need any of those things for true happiness. Low tox is not just getting rid of chemicals in your food and around your household but also what you can do to be sustainable by making things eg my own multi purpose spray, recycling or reusing eg glass jars at bulk food stores, supporting your community through charities eg Its in the Bag, buying from conscientious suppliers eg Who Gives a Crap, shopping at farmers markets. Clear skin and balanced hormones is all the incentive I need. Love your work. Michele (Sydney, NSW)

  154. Thank you Alexx for an amazing giveaway and for teaching/informing us about a low tox life, it can at times be challenging.

    One of the small things that has helped me is to grow my own organic vegetables Knowing what has gone into the soil and no nasty pesticides have been used, also it is a way of relaxing and enjoying this great place we live in.

    The choices we make in the food we eat, what we use on our skin, how we clean our house, our transport, the list goes on…….all impact our life and the planet.

    Albany Western Australia

  155. Doing Alexx’s Low Tox online course has helped make low tox living easier to appreciate, understand and slowly implement. I feel like I am living more lightly and supporting companies which care about human beings and our planet.

    Sydney, Australia

  156. I believe this giveaway summarizes what low tox living means more me, it is about information and understanding what we consume on our everyday life and it affects our community and our family life’s, it it’s about knowing better to do better! spending our money wisely and supporting the right businesses.

  157. Converting to a lowtox life has had an impact on every part of my life, I have always tried my best and thought I was well informed but I was really missing so many vital areas to clean up my life and my families life. it has been relatively easy for me and my personality is that I have to do it all at once, if I find out it’s toxic, its out and I make much better decisions about every purchase now.
    Good luck to everyone and thank you so much Alexx for being such a positive influence and guiding light
    – Niki – Woolgoolga, NSW, Australia

  158. Reducing the toxicity in our lives and on the planet was the obvious benefit of learning to live a low tox life. What amazed me more was the hidden benefits. I feel lighter physically, mentally and emotionally and I feel so much freer. Because once one reduces the toxic stuff, one also reduces the time taken in cleaning, beauty regimes and shopping. There’s more time to simply pause and appreciate how much one has and realise that we don’t need all that stuff. Thank you Alexx, you’ve been an important part of my journey.
    Pipers Creek, Vic, Australia

  159. A low tox life is so important for me & my first growing baby inside me. It’s scary that over 200 chemicals can be found in a new born baby!!

    Love what you do, keep it up
    Amanda xx

  160. Low tox living is not only saving me money but also helping to save this beautiful earth we live on. Good health happy meal times and the exploration of beautiful tasty foods is also a bonus. From Upper Caboolture Qld

  161. I am still on my L plates when it comes to low tox and there is so much information out there, I really want to wade through it more easily so your course is on my 2016 ‘to do’ list. My diet has been fairly low tox for a couple of years now but it wasn’t until a breast cancer/BRCA2 diagnosis this year and looking at my children that I started to consider the big picture. These children have a 50% chance of having gene mutation and our family history has off the chart estrogen hungry cancer and I was allowing more harm to occur through their exposure to so many endocrine disrupting chemicals. Cancer is expensive so we’ve had to do things in stages, so far we’ve tackled personal hygiene and skin care and had another look at our diet, already you can see the difference in our skin and hair. Your recipes have helped to persuade the resistant teenager and slowly she is seeing the benefits rather than feeling deprived. Looking forward to be able to take the next step in our detoxing.
    Tweed Heads, Australia

  162. What I love the most about the low tox life is now having the knowledge and power to make the healthiest choices for my young family and me. I love talking to others and spreading the word. I get so much joy discussing hot topics with friends who have also joined the low tox life.
    Thank you Alexx!
    Erin (Perth)

  163. Hi Alexx
    Reading your posts on Facebook is not only very informative but a comforting and encouraging reminder that there are other people out there living a low tox life.
    My little girl has a lot of food intolerances and it can feel quite overwhelming when spending time with people to always be saying ‘No thank you, we don’t eat that’, and to always be super organised taking food with us when we’re out and about.
    So thank you, you brighten my days 🙂
    Susan – Brisbane

  164. Hi Alexx 🙂 My most significant part of the low-tox journey so far has been changing my view of ‘treats’ and discovering that there are amazing nourishing whole food ways to eat all categories of food, even sweet treats, while still fuelling our bodies with nutrients! I love that my little kids are growing up with these truths. Your real food manifesto and concepts of real treats have been hugely helpful, and I’m looking forward to your new e-book of festive ideas!
    I am in Albany, Western Australia, and would SO love to win a water filtering system! Our tap water here makes me gag, so in between raising friends’ rainwater tanks we struggle not to get dehydrated, but haven’t figured out a good affordable filtering system for drinking more tap water at home :S

  165. Low tox life for me is another step into a healthier lifestyle for me and my family. Moving from regular healthy nutrition to Paleo was a big game changer, however, your course has completed and complemented my knowledge that toxins are everywhere, not just in our food but surrounding us. I am taking all your suggestions on board and already changed cleaning products, got rid of plastics and more aware when I shop of what ingredients there are that are dangerous for our health. Living low tox also means buying better quality so no need to keep buying things that break quickly or don’t last. This course is awesome as it helps makes me a conscious knowledgable consumer that cares not just about my family and my health but also about the environment and our planet. Thank you Alexx for creating this course and sharing your knowledge with us!

  166. Alexx, how lucky for us all you ‘chose’ to make your career change. I realise it chose you but you chose to share it with us all. Stumbling on your first low tox course was a revelation. I thought I was being low tox and your course was such a shock for me. A welcome one but boy green wash has a lot to answer for. And even though I have a way to go I love that I have a group of non-judgemental people to refer back to when necessary. So I thank you and your community for turning your ripple effect into a tidal wave.
    Terrigal, Central Coast, NSW

  167. What I have most benefitted from being part of your low tox living is….All my skin care and make up is now from nourished life. The make up is for my children mainly as they perform on stage regulars and wear ‘stage’ makeup which just used to cheap and cheerful but j have changed that to stuff that is good for their skin. The other major change for me was getting rid of Teflon. I only have cast iron pans now. I love the recipes on this site and as the THERMOMIX consultant I regularly share these with my customers. In fact I m making the salad dressing from the epic salad at a recipe club in 2 weeks. Water has been one plan to sort out for a whole as we are renovating. Love these filters! Adelaide, Australia.

  168. Just wanted to thank you one thousand times over for your recipes, used so much now that I don’t have to read! Just on auto.. Kids love the sweet treats and the chicken drumsticks.. Your passion and energy given to helping people clear out the rubbish is invaluable. Real information that has helped me sift through this world or increasing weirdness!!!! Forever grateful xx

  169. My oldest daughter, now 10yo, recovered from an autoimmune disease (thought to be an incurable inborn metabolic disorder – but I knew better ;-)) through our subsequent low tox lifestyle. It doesn’t get better than that! It was a tough lesson but one that has made our lives immeasurably better.
    Brisbane, Australia.

  170. Knowing that my family are growing up fully aware of the toxins in our life/world and making better choices. The ripple effect amongst extended family, friends and community is the cream on the cake!
    Thanks Alexx! Love your work! Your ripple must feel beyond awesome!!! 🙂
    Geraldton, Western Australia

  171. Thanks to Alexx my kitchen life has changed in such a positive way. I used to fry food for my family in a non-stick pan,
    the coating of which used to peel away after a few uses. I have taken her advice using Neoflam pans and these are fantastic. The saying is that “one should not have someone live in your pots and pans”, but in this instance, I’m glad Alexx is in my pan – with time, pots too….
    It is also great to have been introduced to the Nourished Life website…so many great healthy products.

  172. Alexx,
    Your low tox living recipes and inspiring blog have helped me enormously after I got stuck in a downwards spiral in my health earlier this year. Diagnosed with multiple chronic illnesses, I did my research and decided to completely change my approach to food. Your website has helped me so much, and many of your recipes have become family favourites.
    I’m in Brisbane, QLD.

  173. Thank you for all your wonderful low tox, conscious decision making advice. Many baby steps take you a long way. The more you learn the more you discover there still is to learn. This way of life feels simpler and more in tune with the earth. My children are very much healthier now than three years ago. Would love to win a prize. Anna (Tauranga, NZ)

  174. Adelaide, South Australia

    Lox Tox Living has helped significantly in my journey to a greater awareness and work towards reducing /eliminating exposure to everyday toxins and chemicals in my environment. You are truely inspiring. LTL has allowed me to learn so much about myself while providing me with knowledge and tools to help others in their wellness journey. I have managed to improve my health through adopting this lifestyle and now that little seed had been planted there is no turning back! Thank you for the encouragement, wisdom, great lifestyle ideas and ways in which you empower others to make the changes within themselves. Keep up the incredible work.

  175. Low tox living has just created a better way of living for our bodies — like ripples in a pond its going to go from generation to generation… I wasnt raised in a low tox lifestyle so im changing that and starting the ripples 😀

  176. Learning about low tox life from you Alexx gave me so much knowledge, provided me with reason why things my mum and grandma have been doing are the way to go. And it has helped me orientate in today’s world so much better and make better choices for my family. Thanks a lot. Petra from Sydney

  177. What I like about low tox living is the simplicity no more cupboards full of useless stuff. No more horrible chemicals. No more processed, sugar filled foods. Natural everything has made me happy on the inside and outside. Has also allowed me to influence others to change their lives.
    Isabella Brisbane

  178. The low tox mind course has been a joy for me. At times it has been confronting – the first week was the hardest for me when I learnt about the toxins that we inadvertently expose our unborn babies to. I felt quite upset and then angry and I think that is all to be expected on a journey of change. Probably the most positive for me is the refocusing to be as low tox as possible and also the mindfullness talks on the sunday. I use to practice meditation and it has reminded me of whey I loved it so much. I am back to dipping my toe back into meditation and it was this course that instigated that. So thank you. I also have to say that it has been nice to know that I am not the only one who experiences not so very positive responses from some people around them about this low tox journey. I actually don’t tell many people that this is important to me – I use to, but my view is more now that I do what I do and people will notice and those that want to know more will ask. Through the course I feel like I have reached an acceptance around this. So thank you again! I am in Canberra, ACT. x

  179. Wow what an incredible course delivered in a non confronting, positive, factual and empowering way! The level of knowledge and research that has obviously gone into the content is amazing. The information is easy to assimilate into your life whether you are wanting to go low tox straight away, phase out or even make receipes to make your own products. The low tox course has got me thinking about the bigger picture and our role in wholistic sustainability for better health, well being and for the planet. It’s a win win win all round with people becoming more knowledgable and empowered to take back their health. I hoghly recommend the course and the work of Alexx Stuart! Changing the world in her own way! Thank you
    Renee Melbourne Australia

  180. I enrolled in your Low Tox Life course because although I am doing all the basics to live low tox, I knew there was so much more to learn. Your course has pushed me to the next level, and it’s rubbing off on the rest of the family. My 11 yr old son shakes his head when he opens the fridge and sees his Dad forgot to NOT use glad wrap lol. Aside from the intensive part of the course, I really love the meditations and low tox mind component. And it’s like you know that it’s an easy one to try and skip when you say, “do not skip this part of the course!”. It’s amazing how the universe provides what you need when you need it most. I’m even going to bed earlier!! Alexx, thank you for being you and doing what you do. I’m from Brisbane.

  181. Knowing that my family are growing up fully aware of the toxins in our life/world and making better choices. The ripple effect amongst extended family, friends and community is the cream on the cake!
    Thanks Alexx! Your ripple must feel beyond awesome!!! 🙂
    Geraldton, Western Australia

  182. Low Tox living has cleared my body, cleared my mind and given me a self confidence and kindness I’ve never known before.. good for me, everyone around me and the planet we live 🙂 Anne, Sydney, Australia

  183. Maitland NSW

    Embracing low tox, low footprint lifestyle. Minimising packaging in and rubbish out.

    Biggest current pet hate though is filling my water filter just 6 times a day! Would LOVE a filtration system!

  184. You are an amazing woman Alexx! Doing your low tox course has really opened my eyes, I knew some things but goodness, there is so so much that needs changing. I love that I can now make informed choices for my family, and don’t just “go with the flow”. From Toowoomba, Qld

  185. Having a low tox life has helped my children heal and live life to the fullest.
    Thank you for all your inspiration to continue this amazing journey 🙂
    ( Sydney, Australia)

  186. Sorry if you already have an entry from me but it told me I had timed out so I will keep it short this time!
    1. You are awesome Alexx. Thanks for all the information you selflessly share with the masses to make our lives better.
    2. Low tox living has made me & my family happy & healthier in making all of the changes little by little.
    3. This time last year I hardly knew what Kombucha was let alone drink it each day. This year I am gifting scoby’s to help improve the life of other family & friends .
    4. Sydney, Australia

  187. What a fabulous prize. My favourite part of living a low tox life is knowing that I am minimising the chemical impact on myself & my children. There are so many toxic assaults on us, that we can’t control so I try my best to change the ones I can control.
    I’m from Victoria, Australia.

  188. I thoroughly enjoyed low tox living. I will be missing waking up to read the content! Low tox helped me to dive a little deeper in my understanding of the toxins around us. I found the format was really easy to understand with the abundance of additional links etc great. I appreciated the emphasis of not only the impact it makes on our selfs but the environment as well. Seriously, this course is a BARGIN. Thank you. I will be recommending it to other people who are on a similar path.
    Nat, Sydney.

  189. A low tox life has helped me with my heavy metal toxicity – I have a gene mutation mthfr which means that I struggle to clear my body of toxicity so embracing a low tox life is really helping with the process of clearing and healing my body. Embracing this lifestyle means that my gorgeous 2 year old may not have to endure the same struggles with her health as I have.

    I am in Sydney.

  190. WOW! so much to love about a low tox life! Feeling lighter and freeer, if that makes sense. Blown away by how much plastic we all use without realising. Your course has been such an eye opener. Also love that there are so many others out there wanting to live this life 🙂 Alexx you are a true gem x Lennox Head. Australia

  191. I’m just starting out on this low tox journey and I’m feeling inspired to learn and change more lifestyle habits and choices. I’m feel like I’m giving a step up in life to my young children for starting out life with this sort of lifestyle. I’m really hoping I win one of the water filters as I’ve been searching for an affordable water ‘solution’ for a long time and haven’t been able to part with the money for it just yet!!
    Thanks for what you do in helping others become educated! X
    Western Australia.

  192. Wow that was a loooong scroll down through the entries to leave my own! 🙂 Am looking forward to reading through the entries and being overwhelmingly inspired!!

    I’ve always felt I’ve tried to lead a ‘reasonably’ low tox lifestyle over the years, however since being pregnant and the birth of my son, the desire to do more has played on my mind. What I’ve learned over the last few years, especially the last 6 months or so has blown my head off. So much information and guidance is now available, and there is so much we can do to help ourselves! It’s just marvellous! Knowing that you are benefiting your and your families health, or anyone who enters your home is the greatest feeling. Knowing that your action or knowledge sharing may influence another person to do the same for themselves, is paying it forward. Knowing that my family is actively trying to reduce the amount of waste produced and thus needing to be dealt with by our council and ultimately the environment, well that’s a pretty great feeling too. The knowledge of all the ‘thing’s’ and habits that can be modified to promote a low tox life is pretty overwhelming, but I’ve learned that you do things as you can, when you can and when you can afford to.

    I can’t control what other people do, say or think, it’s not my job, but I know that I’m doing my best for my family and that makes me pretty proud (even if they come along for the journey kicking and screaming! LOL). Hopefully the knowledge and habits formed during my child’s early life will be the positive influence it takes for him carry the low tox torch for my family’s future generations.

    Hope that makes sense, ramblings of a mad woman me thinks! LOL
    Perth, Western Australia

  193. Alexx, your approach to low tox living is so inspirational and yet also practical and achievable! I feel such a sense of pride and accomplishment when I open my pantry to find real whole foods stored in re-used glass jars and beautiful fresh produce. A massive change from the packets of weirdo fake foods we used to have! Hubby and my 2 little ones are now eating well and making all the low tox changes as we run out of each product. We all feel fabulous, can’t thank you enough Alexx!!!

  194. I am loving your low tox life course, it’s helping me to dive deeper into low tox living, it’s nourishing and educating, no fluff just well researched info that’s really helpful and practical. Great work!

    (Melbourne Australia)

  195. I have been on a 30 year low tox life journey since my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer in her early 40s. I was only 17 at the time and didn’t want to inherit the cancer curse so have been looking for ways to get chemicals out of my life ever since. I love your facebook page and now subscribed to your blog too as it an ongoing learning journey to find practical ways to detox our lives. I have realised over past few years that my goal is no longer just longevity by avoiding the cancer curse but my low tox lifestyle gives me so much vitality for the now! Enjoying every moment with my adorable hubby and our four kids in our 20 acre paradise in the Manning Valley.
    Wingham NSW Australia

  196. Embarking on this low-tox lifestyle I have gained such invaluable knowledge to not only enable me to have a positive impact on my family’s health and well-being but to also now have the ability to have a positive impact on the lives of those around me (extended family and friends) via the ripple effect that seems to occur whenever I discuss this informative course!

    Learning about the wide variety of environmentally conscious suppliers available to us has been so beneficial. Not only can I in turn support the efforts of such fabulous people but I now have the knowledge to create a low tox lifestyle by making informed decisions, ensuring that my dollar spend is directed towards healthy, ethically produced and sourced products. It is extremely satisfying and heart warming to know that I am now making, an albeit small, but positive contribution towards the sustainability and well being of our lovely planet.

    (Hobart, Tasmania)

  197. Your guidance towards living more low tox has helped me immensely in all areas of my life. I have been overwhelmed by all the “stuff” i thought i needed in my house but have been inspired by your blogs to clear out the items that are not low tox compliant and in so removing a heap of clutter. I am now owning less and living more and trying to encourage those closest to me to do the same!

    I have sold all my expensive Bessemer products and invested in a good stainless steel fry pan and a le creuset pot for not much extra than what i got back for my old pots and pans!

    Hoping to move to a big block of land and have our own chickens and veggie garden one day soon 🙂

  198. So, what is it about Low Tox Living?

    It everything!

    You’ve possibly being the most powerful driving force in changing my life- cleaning it up and causing such a change in the lives of those who are around me. It’s called the ripple effect and you, Alex, have started it!
    At the moment I live in a country where processed products are smothering the shopping isles and kids lunch boxes, where rubbish separation and recycling are virtually nonexistent and where deadly poisons are stocked in the supermarkets next to the washing detergent. I’m not going to just blend in anymore – I’m retaliating!

    Through your work Alex, your e-courses, your recipes, your thoughts, your support of freedom of speech, you’ve dropped a massive rock into the ill ocean. I’m just one of the many thousands that have felt your ripples hit me, and my ripples have hit the school mums, relatives and acquaintances around me and all of the sudden, a little piece of the world is slowly but surely feeling the jolt to wake up.

    Low Tox Living has turned my house and environment around, my family’s health, my inner balance. You’ve given me inspiration and a guiding hand when I’ve felt overwhelmed and weak. Thank you. Your mission has been accomplished in this house.

    (Soon to be returning to QLD- to cause more ripples around me)

  199. The best thing is all the great information Alexx and her team have opened my eyes to. This has enabled me to make lots of simple changes for my and my kids health. It’s one small step at a time but I’m raising a new generation whose “normal” will be a low tox life.
    Moss Vale, NSW, Australia.

  200. Getting involved with this community and being part of your online courses has given me the support I needed/need to make positive changes in my life. Your straight forward approach demystifies a lot of the concepts and I absolutely love the sharing and learning amongst the online community. I shop ‘low tox’ online with confidence and love seeing changes in the people around me – mostly my family so far….who seem to have got the low tox bug! My mum seems to have been converted, and today my teenage age swam back to the beach to give me a plastic bag he had found whilst snorkelling! It’s been a life changing experience, and I am enjoying the ongoing learning involved. Thanks so much!

  201. I’ve had a keen interest in low tox living for many years but the arrival of my two precious little ones heightened my desire to give them and our whole family the best chance at a healthy and happy life. I hope that our personal efforts, no matter how small, toward a low tox life contribute to a more positive collective awareness. Thanks for all the wisdom you and your tribe share Alexx.

  202. Im loving life as a low tox fox,
    Thanks to you I now think outside the box.
    Chemicals and toxic products to the bin. Make up is natural and the veggie garden thriving. A good water filter is next on my list. So I would be thrilled if I won this!
    Congratulations and thank you for spreading the word, the name Alexx is one all my friends have heard

    Kerry (Sydney)

  203. I have just recently found my way to you from Listening to your guest spot on the podcast with Brooke from Slow Your Home. I’m really keen to finding out how to detoxify our home for our family and to trying one of your courses next year. I would especially love to win one of the water filters as we’ve just changed to one at home but I’m constantly filling the jug so a big one would awesome :))

    Newcastle NSW

  204. Ladies & Gentleman
    to a whole new you
    Ditch the tox
    Make the most of fresh
    And let the good life begin
    Thank you Alexx love your blog
    XX Bel from Perth

  205. I love creating awareness of the low tox lifestyle within my family and circle of friends. As a stay at home mum the best way I can do this is by example. I get so much enjoyment out of cooking food for someone and then have them ask ‘so what’s in it?’ This allows them to see that low tox food isn’t difficult to make, is delicious and better for you and the planet. No negatives there!

    I use the recipes on your website to create our meal plan for the week – it never disappoints. I can tell there’s been a lot of time and effort put into each recipe and your work is so appreciated because they’re great!

    Port Macquarie NSW

  206. My low toxin journey started when I was diagnosed with a chronic leukaemia in 2014. I realised that if I was to allow my body the time and space to heal I needed to give it all the tools necessary to do that, and the first step was to stop overloading it with toxic food and products. The low toxin journey has allowed me to gain back some control over my wellness, pave a path for my family’s health and empower others to feel just as awesome!
    (Gold Coast Australia)

  207. Taking the path of least resistance to health means I love love the low tox take on the traditional. Enjoying an its not milo with oat milk is my favourite thing. Also getting rid of anything with sls has been liberating. All the way in beautiful Batemans Bay NSW.

  208. Apart from the awesome feeling that I’m making less of an impact on the environment and helping my body by not adding hormone disrupting chemicals and other nasties, I, loving the fact that low top eye makeup means that my eyes no longer sting everyday (and kicking myself because I wish I’d discovered this sooner!)

  209. I thought I was living a reasonably healthy lifestyle with the information I had been fed over the years, but I was wrong. When I started reading and learning from low tox life it all became clear, I so look forward to your next recipe or tip, thank you, you are helping along a massive change that is so necessary

  210. Low tox life. Gave me a big wake up to the hidden dangers all around us.. hidden in the most seemingly innocent looking items. Baby products springing to mind, i was blown away at this very revalation. Thanks for opening my eyes! And helping me make sensible ethical choices for a healthy family, home and world. Anne Marie from Sydney

  211. I’m only half way there in regard to my low tox life, finding your information such a help.
    Jen, Central Coast NSW Australia

  212. Am getting lots of tips and great ideas from your blogs…. And reassurance with the changes I have already made prior to following you. Next will be to do one of your courses next year to add to my no chemical life challenge, sometimes hard with 3 kids but we all do the best we can 🙂 little steps can lead to big changes! Brisbane, Qld.

  213. I can’t get over the difference to how I feel from removing toxic cleaning chemicals, toxic beauty products and toxic foods from my life. My body is returning to how it should function and operate without all of the so called stuff you have to have in your life. Thank you for sharing all of your information and what is available out there to swap out the nasties. Sapphire, Queensland, AU

  214. Thanks to you Alexx, Low tox living has, above all, given me a sense of empowerment. After removing many toxins in my life my Psoratic arthritis has now become a little easier to manage. I feel excited and so happy to making these changes for my little family, my friends and my students. Your knowledge and enthusiasm for us all encourages my daily journey! Keep on living and providing us with the low tox life news! Xx

  215. What I love most about my low tox life is that our house is happy. Being a single mum to 2 beautiful girls is hard enough without us all being slammed with stuff that our body is constantly try to get out. We’re all happier and believe it or not I think I love them more. I want to be with them, I want to listen to their tales, I just want to be around them. I don’t feel like I’m always drowning under life anymore. Can anything be any better than that.

    I live in a lovely little town called Yass in NSW.

  216. Love, love, love all of your great recipe’s & fresh food idea’s. Healthy clean eating is definitely helping myself & my family feel better & stronger both inside & out. Kerrie – Brisbane, Australia

  217. Cutting out refined sugar and reducing my total sugar intake, gluten free and toxin free diet full of fresh vegetables and fruit, taking appropriate supplements to combat adrenal fatigue and correct thyroid medication among others is what helped me conquer 9 years of chronic insomnia. It is still a work in progress but I am feeling so much better! Great giveaway and I am amazed by your transparency regarding fund distribution! Have fun in Mauritius! I’m from Dunbogan, Australia

  218. My low tox life has been step by step changes, helped hugely by wonderful bloggers like you Alexx who share such great information freely! Most importantly for me recently has been being pregnant for the last time, and knowing that THIS time, I have passed on as little of the ‘bad’ and as much of the ‘good’ that I can to my newborn, and that he will be so much better for it. Of course the rest of the family is along for the ride now, even hubby is looking at low-tox shaving cream! I’m excited that we’re putting our money where our convictions are, even though it makes things tricky financially at times. Thank YOU for your massive influence on my world.
    Adelaide, Australia

  219. I can’t believe how my life has changed since October 2014 when I completed your low tox course. Knowledge is power and this has spilled over into other areas of my life and I just want to read and learn more and more. My passion is learning about the micro biome which to me links back to tow tox.

  220. I’m feeling so excited and motivated to make some really significant low tox changes to our way of life. I want my family to be as healthy and happy as possible and I want my children to teach their children about low tox living. I love our low tox tribe. We are the change!

  221. I haven’t read your blog but I was recently put onto your blog by a client and since suggested your blog /Facebook page to clients. Thanks to this contest for pushing me to sign up to the blog for more information.
    I am slowly transitioning into this low too lifestyle. Last week I made my own deodorant, which has been life changing. I look forward to reading your newsletters and doing next program.
    X Lauren, acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist

  222. I love the simplicity of a low tox life. I buy less, I clean less, I throw out less and I move more freely through life knowing my small changes add up big ones that help me, my loved ones and those I introduce to this fab way of being. In the end I really feel I have more without all the yucky stuff that just clutters your life and mind 🙂

    I live in Brisbane, Australia

  223. I’d never really given much thought to what went into my body through foods and household chemicals let alone what some of these choices were doing to the environment… but that changed when I became a mum. With two little girls now, I am determined to be a great role model for them and give them the knowledge to make sustainable choices as they grow. Sustainable for their bodies and for the environment around them. Low tox living has opened my eyes to many things I never even considered. The one thing that springs to mind is a post I saw on plastic drinking straws. I haven’t quite eliminated them from my home yet but every time I grab one, I think of Alexx (and imagine a pointed finger in my direction!)! When the pack I have at home runs out, I’ll be investing in the quality stainless steel ones 😉 Snd if I were to win one of these awesome water purifiers, I’d know for sure that the water I was drinking through those reusable straws was the best quality it could possibly be! (Sydney, Australia) xx

  224. Hi Alexx,
    I really enjoyed the Low Tox Living course. I learned so much and have made multiple changes within my little world. What I find gives me great pleasure now is to spread those ripples of change. I’m gifting your course to my sister for Christmas, I’ve changed the products my three teenagers are using, I’ve even gained some interest from their friends, I’ve convinced several of my friends to make small changes, my cleaning lady is recommending my homemade recipes (from the course) to her other customers, and the pre school children I teach are also getting the seeds of this knowledge. This ripple effect makes me feel proud and I see it as a sign of love to the important people around me that I can help them to live in a lower Tox world.
    Helen Leve
    England x

  225. I suffer from severe endometriosis which I truly believe is caused by exposure to toxins and chemicals, since reading your blog I’ve been inspired to switch to organic cotton tampons and pads, I also only wear natural fiber clothes. Thank you so much Alexx!
    Langwarrin, Victoria

  226. Tallimba Australia
    Low tox life is definitely getting back to our roots and simplifying. Which can be quite calming for the mind and kinda makes you feel good about yourself and the planet. So enjoy everything you inspire us to reach for 🙂

  227. I made the switch to real food a few years ago, after a life-long undiagnosed battle with coeliac disease and multiple food allergies. While I fully embraced the healing power of real food, I felt I was holding myself back by still using chemicals on my body and in the house. I’m happy to say I have switched to completely natural cosmetics, just a single natural wash for my face, hair and body, and a chemical free natural product to keep my home clean and healthy.
    Thank you!

  228. As a sufferer of a few autoimmune conditions, not limited to just me, but quite a few members of my extended family also, low-tox living is how I know I am doing my best to preserve the health of my family. My kids are lucky enough to never have been truly ill from a lifetime of accumulation of “modern life” and hopefully this way, they never will. My heart leaps when I see the wonderful work being done by people like Alexx, getting the message out that natural is an easy thing to do, and the more people doing it, the easier and more normal it becomes. Xx

  229. For me it has been seeing the positive changes it my daughter, who has definitely been and continues to be our canary in the mind shaft. She is so much calmer and happier in her own body, we can now identify triggers when there are changes in her behaviour. She is my inspiration and knowing what I now know about low tox life, we could never go back.

    I’m in Perth, Australia.

  230. For me it has been seeing the positive changes it my daughter, who has definitely been and continues to be our canary in the mine shaft. She is so much calmer and happier in her own body, we can now identify triggers when there are changes in her behaviour. She is my inspiration and knowing what I now know about low tox life, we could never go back.

    I’m in Perth, Australia.

  231. That we have learnt so much & what a huge difference the changes have made to us & the kids. We still have so much more to learn & many changes but are so much better off. Thank you for your passion. We are in Melbourne VIC.

  232. I participated in the first low group. I was so impressed with Alexx’s wealth of knowledge and support. I still implement most of the strategies and ideas (in fact they have become a way of life) and love checking in on Alexx’s inspirational updates and information. Our face book group is amazing and is also a great source of information and support.
    Brisbane QLD

  233. By following your recipes I have successfully been able to reduce my migraine preventatives to only half a table let a day, and next week I move into no tablets! This is in preparation for hopefully falling pregnant next year. Now I need to do your low tox course to prepare my house for pregnancy and young children. Thank you Alexx! From Kate in Perth, WA xx

  234. I had been reading up on a low-tox lifestyle for some time.. But there was something holding me back from taking the first step. I realised, as a smoker that it made absolutely no sense to start detoxing from all the toxins around me, if I was willingly breathing them into my body through cigarettes… So the notion of changing my lifestyle was quite daunting. However, Almost a month ago, I came across your blog and almost a month ago I quit smoking for good. I know it’s for good this time, because I am constantly inspired by your blog and the community of people out there doing the same thing.. Focussing my energy and thoughts on how to live a low tox life, has absolutely been the catalyst in a successful quit for me.. I have no doubt!

  235. A lowtox lifestyle has helped me become healthier in body and wiser and clearer in mind. As well as feeling great and knowing my family also benefit from how we live and eat now, I love knowing that I am helping the environment by living a lowtox life. We need to keep our planet clean and green for ourselves and future generations. I am from Hadspen, Tasmania.

  236. Living a low tox lifestyle has helped me reduce my clinical depression and anxiety to a level where I can manage it with lifestyle and diet in time for my 3rd pregnancy. Thank you Alexx, from Ipswich, Australia.

  237. I await your weekly emails – I feel eager to see what I can learn and the great recipes I can try out! You’re inspiring and lovely spirit is uplifting and keeps me motivated to keep making small changes. And all those changes have contributed to feeling more awesome, fulfilled, energetic and filled with purpose. Thanks for everything you share – I’m so grateful!

    Melbourne, Australia

  238. Lo-tox living has completely changed out lives. I am no longer riddled with anxiety, depression, indigestion, reflux, psoriasis and hives. My son no longer has chronic mood swings and behavioural issues. Besides the physical and mental upsides, we also save so much money! Its CHEAPER to buy real food, cheaper to clean your home without toxic chemicals and cheaper to nourish our bodies with toxin free cosmetics. This lifestyle change is the most important thing anyone can do for their families.

  239. Being in the know has lead me to feeling more awesome. Yes, it can be a scary learning curve, lots to process and it takes time and effort, but I like the knowing. I like being informed. I like making better decisions for my body, my family and the world we live in. I’m nowhere near a perfect low-tox lifer and constantly evolving, but I’ve made progress this year and had doors opened thanks to your course and for that I’m glad. So thank you for being you – honest and inspiring and generally awesome.

    Love from WA, Perth 🙂

  240. I have thought about how far I have come from the processed and chemical laden world where things that I never used to blink an eyelid at, now make me cringe. Cosmetics, palm oil products, teflon and plastic food storage, processed foods, washing powders with fillers and bleach all gone from this house! Reducing our exposure to chemicals around the home is still a work in progress although I have not been able to convince my husband that a high grade water filter would be the way to go for the health of the whole family. However, with the small changes we have made, we feel “awesome” because we are doing our bit for the planet and our bodies. The low tox way of life is achievable, especially with the huge amount of info out there such as what you have to share with your readers. So, thank you for that and thank you for the opportunity. I am from Brisbane, Australia.

  241. That is wonderful Alexx that e book bundle was such a wonderful reaource & bargain and it is so nice to hear that it is helping so many people and you definitely deserve a trip to Mauritius with all of the time and effort you put into your fantastic courses!

    I have always thought that our house was quite low tox but knew that there was more that I could do. Your low tox course has given me such a wealth of information to make better choices for my family and environment. Absolutely loving the course and all of the information I really look forward to the topics everyday and have already implemented so many changes. Thank you so much for your passion you are definitely an inspiration! Perth, Western Australia

  242. You’ve inspired so many aspects of my everyday life. The food I feed my family, the containers in my pantry, the mattress my daughter sleeps on, remembering to ground myself frequently, the conversations I have with friends, the information you impart. Thank you for being a low tox champion and inspiring so many of us to follow suit for the good of the world. Living in sunny Perth.

  243. Thank you Alexx for the best course I have ever done – to say it was worth every cent would be a massive understatement I love that I am now equipped with the knowledge and trust of which brands are low tox for real instead of being green washed. I also love that your course has helped me become more inspired to think more deeply about our environment and the minimalist way of life. It has introduced me to many other inpitational people to follow who have made big changes. The only way is up. Thank you.

  244. I’m new to low tox living, but already being given tools to do better by ourselves is unbelievably inspiring & motivating when faced with what can feel like a huge impossible task. Brisbane Australia

  245. Thank you Alexx your an inspiration. I started following you at the beginning of our real food journey and have grown along with you. Your recipes are always reliable and delicious and the banana bread has a cult status amongst my family and friends. Knowing I’m giving my kids knowledge that will help them on their own path later on inspires me to keep learning and seeing the health and happiness that living an authentic low tox life with awesome real food creates is great. Loving the journey. Amanda Sunshine Coast Qld

  246. Alexx I love that through your information I can live simply and ethically and teach my 2 children to do the same. Thank you.
    Tammy P
    Armidale NSW

  247. That is amazing news for OzHarvest! I love their work and I even met Ronnie a few years ago. She is an inspiration to just do better with ourselves and our planet.

    I love that I found your site (and many others of course!) so early on in my life. Not only do you support me in my love of whole, real foods, but you’ve taught me how to clean my house without hurting the fishies or myself, care for my skin without absorbing nasties, reduce my waste impact on the planet and most importantly you’ve taught me the science so I can confidently share these better, low tox ways with my friends and family.

    Thanks to *you* Alexx for all that *you* do for our lives 🙂 xx

  248. You have made the low tox journey so easy and stress free. The delivery of material is great and for such heavy topics very easy to understand and relate to. blNever would I have thought I would enjoy listening to interviews with people like Peter Dingle, but what do know! You have helped me enormously on this journey and I couldn’t have done it without you and the awesome community you have built. Thanks for making me a better earthling. Rachel Tasmania.

  249. Hi Alexx. Your website has helped me since I became gluten and cow’s milk intolerant. I also love your Low Tox Life. We are trying hard to follow these principles at home and in our lives. Who knew that my shampoo would have gluten??? Thanks for the opportunity to win. Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

  250. Melbourne, Australia. Living a low tox life has helped my 3 year old daughters eczema. She used to get terrible eczema all over her legs & arms. I was using all the commercial creams/lotions/oils thinking they would help but they only made things worse. I realised that since our skin is our biggest organ I needed to feed it with low tox foods to help it heal. I found an all natural coconut oil based cream that made my daughter’s eczema disappear overnight! She now gets a nice massage every night to help keep her eczema away. Living a low tox life has been the best thing for my little family.

  251. Hi Alex,

    The low tox life has made my life better every day. Really! I have made small changes in my life, just by the information your blog and low tox course provides. It has helped inform me on the a variety of changes I can make in my life, from changing household and personal products to using less packaging, food tips and recipe suggestions. All these small changes really add up! I even suggested to my boyfriend that we look into getting a smaller rubbish bin and he thought it was a great idea! Before, I never really gave it much consideration, but you got the thought going. I trust your recommendations and believe you have spend a great amount of time researching productions and options, to better the life of your readers, thanks! I feel confident that these changes are helping my health and those around me and I’m curious to see what topic you will write about in future.
    Thank you for what you do!

    Sinead, The Netherlands.

  252. I found out about you via the lovely Jo Whitton – Quirky Cooking. I’ve been gradually trying my best to have a low tox life for nearly 20years now. Its helped me with my endometriosis. Now with two little girls I’d like to fine tune low tox living!

    I missed out out on the ebook bundle… Hoping they’ll be another one soon?

    Jan, Sydney, Australia 🙂

  253. Hi Alexx!
    My gosh.. Where to start on how your low tox e-course and subsequent blogs, emails, recipes and general inspiration has changed my life?! I think that’s just it, it hasn’t just changed my life! There’s been an absolutely amazing ripple effect that’s touched those around me. Everyone is on their own journey but I’ve found through just leading this lifestyle (which is a continuous learning process and journey), friends who I never would have thought have come along for the ride!! At work my little group use glass to heat lunches, are reading the ingredients and asking me questions about their make up and skin care… And food! I’ve learnt that leading with example and love is the best way, people can’t be bashed into doing anything, even when that bashing comes from a good place!
    Most of all, I’m now happily 18 weeks pregnant and am just so thankful that I did this course in the lead up to getting pregnant! And I’m so grateful I know what I know and that my little low tox fox bubba will have the best start to life I can give it which is all anyone wants! 🙂 it’s also been the easiest pregnancy so far, I think a part of that is due to my lifestyle, and my mental and physical wellbeing… And I have a lot to thank you for for that! So a big fat thanks!!
    Alice (Sydney, Australia)

    1. Ps I am subscribed, which is how I heard about this, but I think under a different email address to what I entered this with. 🙂

  254. I feel safer knowing my family are not ingesting so many of the nasty everyday chemicals out there. I’m doing the best for my children and their growing bodies.
    I’m in newcastle, Australia.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge Alexx

  255. The most unexpected yet most amazing part of the low tox journey for me has been the feeling of empowerment as i realise that I CAN make a difference. I CAN choose to say no to plastic and reduce the amount of environmentally toxic things going into landfill and waterways. I CAN say no to exposing my family to what we know to be unsafe, despite what our regulating authorities tell us. I CAN say no to stress by prioritising 20 minutes a day to meditate. I may not be able to change what I have done in the past but I CAN hope for a brighter future; for myself, my family and my planet. Thank you Alexx.

    Newcastle, Australia

  256. I really appreciate your honesty and transparency. Your integrity continues to shine in everything you do. My low tox journey has helped me feel better connected to myself and my health. I have felt empowered to make positive changes for the better with my health with manageable real solutions that not only benefit myself and my family but also the environment. Here I see a beautiful tribe of beautiful people learning how to actively be a part of the change for the better. It makes my heart glad.

  257. Living a low toxin life is definitely a journey. I’m continually learning along the way, which I love!
    Personally, for me, it’s fantastic to feel positive & confident about what I’m feeding and exposing my family to.
    Here’s to learning more!!
    From: Darwin, Australia

  258. The thing about living a low tox life that has made me feel more awesome is the simplifying of everything. Taking things out that no longer serve or that do harm. It’s like decluttering and not only is it better for my body and the environment but I feel more free.
    Sydney, Australia

  259. Low tox life is back to basics. It’s simple, easy and effective and that makes me feel awesome. My community are joining in and there is a health sense of competition. Together we support each other to declutter, meditate and visualise to improve the life our ourselves, our families and our planet! And that is a really empowering experience. Thank you.
    Kingscliff, 2487, NSW, Australia

  260. Honestly, living a low tox life means I can sleep better at night knowing that my toddler is thriving in a natural & clean environment. Life is calmer, easier and more peaceful. Thank you for your work in helping others live a low tox life. Sarah, Melbourne, Australia.

  261. Once you start to know and understand how toxic our modern lifestyle and its conveniences are you can’t unknow it. Alexx, people like you who are committed to sharing quality, honest information without judgement on others are shining way-beacons on the journey.
    For our family, low tox living has transformed our formerly angry, out of control daughter, who was demonstrating textbook ‘oppositional defiance’ behaviours. We were falling apart under the strain – and now we’re not. Simple as that. xx
    Brisbane, Australia

  262. living low tox has given me confidence and peace of mind, it has opened my eyes to many of the nasty things in items we use and consume on a daily basis. I feel so much better having been made aware of these things and on knowing that there are so many great products out there that are safe so that we don’t have to go without. A brush with adrenal fatigue for me meant that I needed to make some changes and Nourished Life for example was a game changer knowing that I can still use high quality luxurious beauty products without all the nasties, it’s not about going without, it’s all about making better choices and I feel so much better for it! 🙂

  263. By the time I had got to the end of the comments – there were sooooi many, I had forgotten what I was going to write. To say that going low tox has been hard is an understatement. I started by wanting to change the world, but thanks to the support of the low tox brigade little steps are the way to go. Looking back I am amazed at the changes we as a family have made. My biggest joy is the awareness my children have. They are going to go into there adult lives already educated and there children will not think it a strange way of living at all. So slowly the work I am doing now will exponentially increase the number of low tox foxes in the future generations!!!

  264. Great job Alexx, if only everyone was so open, giving, responsible & honest.
    It is one year this week since I was advised to eat something green at every meal & maybe cut out wheat & dairy. That seemingly simple advice has led me on quite a journey. How thankful was I to find you & others like you already ahead on the road. With lots of anecdotes along the way I am not dissimilar to others who have commented. Needless to say my energy & my body & my are better than I ever thought they could be. My environment is a work in progress & I am excited. I continue on, following you & now with friends & family stepping in behind me & that is the BEST THING EVER.
    Thank-you for all that you are and all that you do.
    Adelaide, SA

  265. At first I just wanted to delete all my low tox foxes emails, it was so overwhelming!
    Instead I read one over a weekly period and started listing things I could change immediately and things that where important to me that we could change over a period of time so the depression didn’t set in! Surprisingly to me I had many of your topics already working/implemented in our household..
    The biggest change so far for our family is our food intake! Since completing the course I really looked into what we weren’t putting into our mouths and completely changed! The whole household is benefiting and we are now energetic superstars… We were pretty clean eaters previously but with the amazing suggestions of power food it has been a life changer for our family..
    Thank you Alexx you are a true inspiration..
    Darwin NT

  266. Where to start…!! For me personally it’s been a long journey starting with education, being diagnosised with lupus at 21 I was a mess and now almost 14 years later I have come so far and learnt so much and trying to share that with as many people as possible and that is made possible with amazing inspirational woman like you! I have made many changes over the past 2 years especially with removing toxins from our household on top of the food changes. Step by step I have been able to address everything from kitchen utensils to cleaning chemicals, washing chemicals, food containers, body and hair products along with so much more! Living a lox fox life means so much for my family and I, it means I have the energy and motivation to do the best best for my kids, to be active and involved and present but most importantly it means I can teach them, I can educate them from the very beginning to help avoid health issues and support them to become their best in every way, physically, emotionally and spiritually. And the flow on from that is they will teach their peers and their children… Reaching and crating and even bigger movement that we, at this time can, to create a movement for our future generations.
    All from our little Ballarat in Regional Vic!

    I’ve learnt so much from you and your social media and courses etc. thank you for all you do x

  267. I started looking into nutrition as a way to assist my eldest son aged 13 when he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at age 3. Little did I know the journey this would take me on since then!! This interest in wellbeing has since branched into all areas of health with a keen love of low tox living.

    My family is thriving and I have the peace of mind knowing I am providing for them the safest, most nurturing environment that I can.

    The lucky bonus for me is that I find this way of life so luxurious and beautiful! I love pulling out a Ball & Mason from the pantry, or using a safe laundry powder! It’s totally NOT a deprivationery way of living, it adds so much to our lives on many different levels.

    I’m from the beautiful town of Margaret River in Western Australia. Many thanks for the opportunity x

  268. I’m currently doing your low tox course and everyday I feel more empowered to make better choice for my family. Even the simple not getting plastic bags and shops it feels good to know that your not contributing to the mass amount of plastic going to landfil. as a ex hairdresser I have a huge amount of hair products yesterday was the first day I didn’t put any of my hairdressing products in my hair and you know what it actually feels good. Every week I’m slowly getting things out of my house and it feels amazing. I am such a horder and for the first time I have actually been able to let things go and also I haven’t brought any useless crap while doing this course ( I think my husband loves you haha)
    Thank you for opening my eyes a course well worth every cent X
    Perth WA

  269. Thank you for your uplifting “can do” approach to health & wellness, your research & enjoyable writing – I love that small sustained changes lead to making more small sustained changes & pretty soon we’re feeling a whole lot more alive & empowered.

    Love the feeling of community here too.

    Kyra, Highfields, Qld

  270. Well I must confess – I’ve been totally ignorant to the low tox living lifestyle until last week. I have been introduced to low tox living, Alexx and Nourished Life through the Breakthrough Program with Naomi Judge and Brenda Janschek. And talk about an aaha moment! What started out as a 4 week program of cleansing simply to lose weight and feel energised has turned into a complete lifestyle change accompanied by a wealth of information.
    So since last week, I have subscribed to Alexx’s newsletter, trudged through all the free recipes and downloaded all the ones that look absolutely delicious to me and I have started looking over the Nourished Life website
    I know my low tox journey won’t happen overnight and I’m planning on taking small steps, one at a time, to swap the nasties out of my life and that of my family so we can all live a low tox life. I’ve started with my deodorant (as I ran out of that this week) and will next look at my make-up products together with a really good water filter. Then its onward and upwards.
    Thank you for enlightening me.
    Nicole (Melbourne Mum of 2)

  271. Love living a low tox life and modelling that for my children who are all entering teenage years. Buying flouride free water has made a huge difference to our mental clarity which helps fuel passion. Eating fresh, whole and organic as much as possible, even second hand shopping in a commitment to shop more ethically (money goes to charity not funding slave labour). Seriously interested in the low tox makeup for our fifteen year old who loves making her own natural skincare from the garden and pantry, our son refuses to use store bought toothpaste even herbal) because it doesn’t compare to our homemade baking soda, coconut oil one, our youngest daughter makes raw food treats for our family and even our dog. It is a lifestyle that FEELS so good, a commitment to our health and the planet. Thanks for sharing what you do, more of this is needed for all in daily life. Thanks, Kirsty, Gold Coast

  272. I feel like you’re speaking from my own heart.
    Thanks for a big bunch of inspiration bundled with a fat nudge to get going on a long held dream.

    Kudos to you on a lovely example of how to make money while still looking after others.

    Peta (Kalbarri, WA)

  273. Three Alexx Stuart courses in a row and I feel like the whole circle is complete – no stone left unturned. I feel ‘light and free’ being able to travel this wonderous journey, changing the lives of myself and my partner and on a bigger scale- impacting the supply chain with the choices I am making. However this feeling pales in comparison to the sense of power and hopefulness I feel for the future. I am so privileged to raise three little men who are all currently under 5 years old. Our new low tox living (across all facets), is the only way of life my children will know. Not only do I get to know they are getting the best chance in life, I get to educate them from the get go. This becomes ingrained in them and therefore they replicate this for all their lives. As do we, they too will educate others around them and bring up their families in this way and so it goes on. We however are such a small part of the equation. When I consider the Amazing leaders in all fields driving this change, and the passionate people who are part of this group, implementing the changes on a day by day basis – this is where the magic happens, this is where change begins and this is why the Power and Hope and Excitement is alive.

  274. The thing I love most about tox free living is knowing I’m making informed & safe choices for my children. And in the process I’m also providing them with an invaluable education which will in term shape there actions in adulthood & with their own families. It’s integral that we take a stand as consumers & say no, it’s not ok to put toxins in our food, beauty products, water & so on.

  275. Buderim, QLD

    Changing my diet and lifestyle with the help of sites such as yours educating me about a low tox, whole foods life has resulted in me managing my PCOS. I was told at the age of 17 years that I would never have children. Devastating to say the least. By changing my lifestyle and embracing a can do attitude, my last ultra sound showed no PCOS and the best bit is I have three beautiful children.

    Your message is brilliant and one that changes lives. Thank you Alexx.

  276. I am still working on getting less bad stuff in our diet. I can see it is important for the health of my children hut sometimes i feel overwhelmed. Your blog def helps me feel like it is do – able! Baby steps.
    Ingrid Adelaide – Australia

  277. The best part about living a low tox life for me is knowing i am reducing the toxic load for my kids bodies. Whether it be through low tox household cleaners, personal care products, food, toys, clothing, bedding and mindset. What they have learnt through the changes I’ve made in the last 12 months will last them a lifetime…..a healthier lifetime

  278. I love that we are doing the best for our children and in turn they will pass it onto their children imagine what the world would be like in day 20 years time what great knowledge they have in low tox living. Sydney NSW

  279. After Low Toxing my food the next natural step was to look at all the other products we use on & around our bodies. Wow what an eye opener Alexx!! Did your 2nd course & haven’t looked back. My skin and hair are glowing & shiney and healthier than they have been in years…..and using truly natural & ethical products around the home means they work better, I feel better and I’m helping grow this amazing area whilst supporting small business & people in need.

  280. Thanks to you Alexx I am so much more confident about making better choices for my family. Gone are the days of trusting clever marketing ploys and being brainwashed into thinking I need so much stuff!! I now get a kick out of being resourceful. Love your work! Bec Hobart

  281. Sometimes I feel like I am drowning in information and stuff, I like that you make things simple, less complicated, and less toxic. I don’t need to be a consumer anymore and I do t want to be. It’s been a pleasure reading your posts and thank you for the great information.
    Warragul, Victoria.

  282. KISS. If you keep everything simple that to me is a low tox life. The more ingredients in food, cleaning products, make up, skin care ect, the worst it is for us AND the environment. The more low tox and simpler my life, the less stress and more goodness I have.
    My goodness Alexx you are going to have a tough time deciding on a winner- so many inspirational and thoughtful comments.
    Just quitely…I would LOVE the water filter….I’ve had my benchtop one for 8 years and it has finally given out…the water filters look beautiful :>>
    Gold Coast Hinterland

  283. Thankyou ever so kindly Alexx for your thoughtful and informative posts. I have been seeking intentionally to transform our family living over the last couple of years due to my husband, sixteen year old daughter and myself being diagnosed each with a different auto immune disease. I have been on the path to pursue natural healing body, mind and spirit for all of us. This blog has provided a super duper supportive tool for me.
    Gratitude & warmth Skie {Ocean Grove, Victoria}

  284. Three months ago I was introduced to the concept of a tox free life. I had no awareness of the nasties in our world and it was through listening to Alexx on a podcast and following up with regular reading through the blog that I am becoming aware of the how to respond to get rid of the toxins. I have started with my own and my family’s diet. We were a wheat and sugar loving family and I have gradually reduced our dependence on both. We have been wheat and sugar free for 29 days now! We are slowly turning to organic produce as funds allow and I would love to have filtered water as part of our diet clean up! We all suffer from allergies and I have noticed a gradual clearing up with retractions due to our change in diet. I am looking forward to making more changes in the future!

  285. A low tox life is one day at a time, one baby step at a time, one conscious decision at a time………. And then you look back at where you were and see where you are now – Life transforming is how I would describe it! Thank you Alexx for your love and generousity in sharing this knowledge!
    Perth WA

  286. Hi Alexx….your blog is inspiring and helps make the conversion to Low Tox living so much easier to manage. I joined the recent Thrive group and loved being part of such an amazing community of like minded people and was also lucky enough to nab the bundle recently. For me Low Tox has become so much a part of the way I do things now, it’s amazing how sensitive I am to high tox products….I can smell them a mile away! I love shopping at Nourished Life and would love to win one of the amazing prizes you have up for grabs. Well done on such a great outcome ….paying it forward rocks! Amanda, Port Augusta, South Australia

  287. I was part of your 1st Low Tox eCourse Alexx, and it completely opened my eyes to where toxins may be hiding! I question so many things and am so mindful of the things I purchase now. Changing to low tox has had a huge affect on my family’s health As a teacher I have been able to bring these issues into the minds of the children in my classes to discuss, question and change the way we do things!
    Mount Gambier, South Australia

  288. Hello Alexx

    1. Already subscribed! I don’t think I purchased the bundle through your site (sorry!) but that is fantastic news for your business and those wonderful charities. I received the offer through quite a number of blogs I subscribe to so it was nice to realise how connected and ‘on the same page’ you all are.
    2. I think for me the best thing about living a low toxin life to how it has simplified everything. I feel like I need less and want less. One natural product has so many uses – not something the big companies want you to do! Less products- less money. Everything in my life has achieved a ‘flow’ because of this
    3. I live in sunny Mackay, QLD

  289. Alexx, I initially signed up for your low tox life course because I had decided that enough was enough and if I was going to complain about climate change, destruction of rainforests and endangered species just to name a few issues, then I had to make some drastic changes. The problem was, I had no idea where to start. Enter Alexx Stuart. Now I know where the other options are and I am so relieved I now have the knowledge to make my family and I healthier, happier, and we are doing our bit to make the planet happier too.

    Thank you, wonderful woman! Xx

  290. it all started with your bone broths…and that got me hooked…thanks for saving me soooooooo much time…effort and for educating me and my family as to how we can start making the small changes to give the next generation a good chance at a well rounded…healthy and low tox life!! thank you!!! Ruth ..Sydney , Australia.

  291. I was already on a whole food journey but then I found YOUR blog.. for me, the low tox journey is you and your passion, and the information you so freely and generously share.. I have made your recipes so many times, and try to implement your tips and tricks.. winning a water purifier would just be the ultimate for me – I have changed my family’s diets, addressed the chemicals etc in our home, but our water is one thing that is beyond my control at the moment. Thank you Alexx for all you do. Gosford Australia

  292. Love what you are doing! I’m at the beginning of sorting out some major health issues and was really pleased to find someone from Australia doing what you do as I know all the information is relevant and uses local products and ingredients.
    Tuggerah NSW Australia

  293. my family is very much a work in progress in regards to low tox loving, however we are now enjoying clean eating and conscious of how as a consumer we affect the environment. I love that my 4yo can tell me why plastic is bad for the environment and talks to me about sometimes foods. Your blog and Facebook page, along with some others has helped greatly to educate, so thank you!
    Kate, Coffs Harbour, Australia

  294. I didn’t choose the low tox life, the low tox life chose me.
    I’ve found the low tox life is the best for my body and knowing it’s the best for the environment makes it even sweet.

  295. I didn’t choose the low tox life, the low tox life chose me.
    I’ve found the low tox life is the best for my body and knowing it’s the best for the environment makes it even sweeter.

  296. I didn’t choose the low tox life, the low tox life chose me.
    I’ve found the low tox life is the best for my body and knowing it’s the best for the environment makes it even sweeter.

    ps- Adelaide, South Australia
    pps- not sure why this posted 3 different versions

  297. Hello from Albany, Western Australia! Living a low-tox life, small steps at a time, has been a real eye-opener for me. The main benefit is that I know that I can make choices and changes for my own good instead of blindly following previous patterns. I’ve noticed an improvement in my skin and hair, my brain is less foggy, I’ve found new favourite foods and beauty products, I’ve reduced my household waste, and I get to exercise my creative side in finding new alternatives.

    Thanks for your advice and recipes 🙂

  298. Low tox living is better for me, my family, our communities, our planet. It’s back to basics, but better. I love the ripple effect it has. I’ve made small changes (stopped using plastic wrap) and big ones (replaced all my toxic makeup with low tox) along the way to a low tox life but any step is one in the right direction. I now waste less, do more with what I have and when I do purchase something it’s quality and low tox.

    Low tox to me is positivity.

    Melbourne, Victoria

  299. Thanks Alexx for your dedication and willingness to share your knowledge about low tox. At times I feel you are right next to me when I am pondering about choices and your inner strength inspires me to make correct low tox decisions. I feel truly blessed to know and learn from you. You are such an inspiration!
    I am in Adelaide South Australia. XX

  300. The low tox life has been the best change I’ve ever made. I’m 21 and feel so empowered and grateful to have this knowledge at a young age to begin changing my life now. The knowledge and confidence I gained from the course also means I able to gently tell and inform others in my life- slow changes are happening!! A slow change is better than no change though.
    I’m from Brunswick Heads, NSW, Australia X

  301. I still have so much to learn but I love having the knowledge to back up my choices. I can confidently and clearly explain to my family why I am doing the things I do and they understand, I’m even starting to see them make small changes in their life. I still have a long way to go but knowledge = power ☺

  302. The best part of low tox life so far is a greater awareness of what we are eating, how it is produced, who made it and where it came from. So much more to learn! SYDNEY, NSW Australia

  303. The low tox life
    sure is awesome
    Let me tell you how
    It’s helped our foursome

    There is eczema and allergies
    for Miss One and Miss Three
    While depression and anxiety
    are challenges for me

    My husband has hay fever
    and can’t put on weight
    But a much bigger challenge
    was laying in wait

    He was next diagnosed
    with testicular cancer
    With all these health issues
    What was the answer?

    It was then I knew
    what had to be done
    A low tox life
    Would help us a tonne

    My husband’s in remission
    My girls are thriving
    and we all now living
    not just surviving

    This journey has sparked
    a huge realisation
    it helps not just us
    but the whole population

    We are now part
    of the low tox revolution
    Not part of the problem
    but instead the solution

    And that is how
    Our little foursome
    has low toxed ourselves
    to be totally awesome!

    So thank you Alexx
    for all your inspiration
    a beacon of light
    through my desperation

    Our next step is GAPS
    and there is something we need
    a good water filter
    would help us indeed!

    Susan, Melbourne

  304. Hi Alexx,
    Wow there are so many amazing stories. Congratulations on your own achievements and inspirational charitable outcomes. You are truly making a difference to many peoples lives.
    Low tox living to me has meant implementing small changes over time to not only improve my health but that of my family, friends and colleagues as well as our footprints on this planet. Your knowledge, research and informative posts have helped me to implement these changes into our lives and to understand the difference we can make to living a more sustainable healthy lifestyle. My adult children are even starting to understand why I’m a healthy lifestyle nut, haha.
    Thank you for all your work and support you give to everyone.
    Yours in health,
    Jane (Canberra, Australia)

  305. I’m just at the beginning of my low tox journey but I can’t believe how doable it now seems thanks to you Alexx! I feel empowered and so happy to know that I can make such a big difference to my family’s health with such simple methods.
    Bec. Innisfail. Qld. Aus.

  306. We are currently camping in national parks and having to carry all our rubbish. My husband can’t believe how little we have these days! Lots of real food (no packets!) and reusable s/steel containers have made a massive difference to our waste! Yay for the environment!
    Cairns, Australia.

  307. Happy birthday gorgeous! I hope you are having the best day xo

    For me all of the changes I have made over the years (and I still have more to make as society doesn’t always make it easy!!), give me a sense of purpose, passion and love for not only myself but those around me as well as the environment in all its delicious gorgeousness.
    Having my metal lunch boxes and telling people at work why – educating and sharing when I can; always carrying a spare material bag with me in case I need a bag or anyone asks for a (plastic bag) – I get so many from events and things that I couldn’t use them all if I tried and they last forever, so why not share the love!; having my metal and glass water bottles – urghhhh plastic bottles make my skin crawl – what a waste, as are take-away coffee cups – I don’t drink coffee so I didn’t use these very often at all; making my own bone broth and soups to put some of the veggies and bits into that I wouldn’t use as they may be a bit past their best from time to time – they taste delicious and are super good for me too! Getting my dry produce from Scoop Wholefoods in Mosman and using their reusable bags (or paper if necessary) and refilling my oils there too, which are delicious – I do sometimes go a bit crazy on the moon maccas though – if you haven’t tried them you must as a sweet treat – I know you don’t have sugar these are amazing though!!!; One thing I want to do is with my beauty products and get more refills rather than using plastic containers for shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and moisturiser. I love trying new products and mixing things up, yet I hate the waste from these bottles – recycling is only part of it. I am looking for glass more and more and then I can use the bottles for flower arrangements and then to gift to friends as a little treat to brighten their day!!!
    Pippa from Sydney, Australia xoxoxo
    Loads of love and hugs.

  308. I love that living a LOW TOX life does not mean you go without, in fact it means that life is lived the way it should be lived both for our own and others health and happiness and for mother earth. We are but visitors on this planet for such a short period of time and we need to preserve rather than destroy – there is no other way if we want to keep mother earth and our own bodies healthy and happy – by living a low tox life (both externally to ourselves and internally to our bodies) ensure we on the the “right path” and that makes me feel TOTALLY AWESOME 🙂 From Sharyn, Sunshine Coast, Qld.

  309. I used to slap at least half a dozen lotions and potions on my face and body each day totally oblivious to exactly what they were made of! Not to mention what I was doing to the environment in the process. Don’t get me started on the chemical cocktail of cleaning products that USED TO reside in my home…
    The low tox living course itself is what has made me feel so awesome in my new low tox journey….My eyes are now completely open and everything I do now is from the heart. I put cream on my skin to nurture and love my body. I clean the house with products to preserve our planet and our health. I cook food to nourish my family’s bodies.
    And the easiest part has been just how right it feels! Out with the toxic, fatal rubbish…and in with the beautiful natural sources that nature herself has provided us with ALL along…
    Alexx, you are a god send…. Thankyou for starting this revolution, and making such a difference to so many people’s lives. Mother nature can breathe a sigh of relief ; and so can we- with a healthy mind and body! 🙂

  310. What is making me feel most awesome about the low tox life is that the more I get into it, the more love there is in my life. I don’t buy cheap stuff anymore and don’t need many things, but what I own is quality and I love using it. I put less on my skin and my skin is loving me for it. My family eats beautiful, simple meals and I love seeing everyone thrive. And finally, as I simplify, I make more time for the people I love and that’s what life is all about! (Sapphire Beach, Australia)

  311. The low tox life and your blog have changed the way I look at everything! I think before doing buying or eating anything, how it is going to effect the environment, myself and my family. If the answer is, no good, then we look for the low tox solution as best we can. I appreciate how realistic you are and dont push to change evrything immediately. You make it feel acheivable which makes it so much more rewarding even if my low tox option didnt happen immediately. I am comfortable that it will take time to be 100% low tox but am enjoying every step of getting there and feel myself and my family are benefiting from our increased low tox life, giving back to the environment. Thank you for all you do! Xx

  312. Thank you Alexx for your delicious recipes, solid and well researched information about leading a low tox life, and your big vision for a better life for us all on our beautiful planet. In the three years I’ve followed you I have removed all toxic chemicals from my home, made many of your glorious recipes (including countless batches of chocolate!), become a devotee of bone broth (slow cooking as I write). My endometriosis is much better than it ever has been and my family are happy and healthy.

    I can’t thank you enough for being such an inspiration, and so generous.

    ❤️ Rikki (Perth WA) xxx

  313. The thing I love most about low tox living is the way I feel. Yes I want to look great but FEELING amazing helps in all aspects of my life. When I’m eating the best foods I feel light (see you later bloating), my energy levels are A+ and I can get up early in the morning with a spring in my step!

    Thank you for all your wonderful advice and recipes on this blog. It’s something i’ve been able to implement myself and then carry on to my husband and kids!

    Sydney, Australia.

  314. The lox tox life is awesome because not only am I minimising the toxins in my family’s life, but I am also now doing my bit to keep them out of the planet. Here’s to the future, one mindful shop, wash, bite at a time.
    (Sydney, Australia)

  315. Knowing how to do the best that I can and being happy with that, and then representing to all the other folk out there that haven’t yet learnt about it. It’s the small things that change lives like giving people vessels for their coffees instead of take away cups

  316. Feeling more motivated to eat healthier without concerns of whether I will still be excited about food. So glad my babies are gonna at least grow up consuming less toxins than I did. Thank you for the constant inspiration!

    (Sydney, Australia)

  317. Your recipes and way of life have helped my 7 year old son return to school full time with food he can easily eat and enjoy, and the rest of our family have made a lifetime change that will only help all of us live a healthier, longer and happier life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  318. You’re such an inspiration Alexx!! What an awesome job OzHarvest has done, I plan on doing some volunteer work with them sometime soon..

    Low tox life – has opened my eyes up to real dangers that are hidden in every day products. I have made a huge change in my home – ditching all the plastics, making my own beauty products and household cleaners which have given me peace of mind as to the reduced impact my footprint is having on the earth.
    There is still a lot to learn and implement within my own home (including replacing flame retardant beds etc). I believe in 2 years time, when I start my Naturopathy practical hours, I will have gained enough information to educate my clients on the simple yet important changes that can be made which will have a dramatic impact on their health and wellbeing. Seeing the positive change in others is what makes me feel awesome 🙂
    Gold Coast

  319. Just simply getting everything out of the house with ‘fragrances’ made such a difference! I hadn’t realised how much of my itchy and swollen eyes and nose I had just become accustomed to.

  320. low tox – leaving this planet in a better shape for my children! Educating them on the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’. They know the ‘what’ but often aren’t clear yet on the ‘why’….
    Producing minimum waste is a constant goal to do our bit and nourishing our bodies from the inside and outside!
    P.S I live in Adelaide

  321. (Adelaide, Australia). Doing both your Low Tox Living and Real Food Rockstars on-line courses have enabled me to pass on this information to my family and help educate them and encourage my children to make better decisions for themselves as they grow up; which they are now doing. I even hear my husband talking to others about ‘low tox’ and ‘food stuff’, so it’s working! Thank you Alexx, you are so inspirational.

  322. Hi Alexx,

    I am waiting for your next low tox course, and now that I have read all the comments I absolutely can’t wait. I have been on a journey of living low tox for a number of years now, but it has been a lot of work doing the research myself. I really appreciate that there is someone like yourself willing to make it simpler and more accessible to to the wider community. We owe it to the next generation! And what a blessing, for you to pass on the benefits to a charity! You are an inspiration Alexx, and I look forward to sharing in the gifts of your knowledge and passion for clean halt and a better world….Sydney

  323. HOBART! Tasmania! Slightly lower tox down here to start with thanks to the clean air and abundance of trees but reducing other toxins (with thanks to your ideas and inspiration) I feel healthier and I am satisfied that I am making my kids healthier. A Mum couldn’t wish for anything more x

  324. Low Tox – a topic that I have been interested in for a while but have found it so daunting and really didn’t know where to start as it is so hard reading labels and knowing what is good for you and what isn’t. I have gradually been replacing products that I used starting with cleaning products as that is what I had run out of. It is great having Alex’s knowledge as well as everyone else that shares info. I like that I can work at my own pace and if I feel overwhelmed then I can take a step back. It feels great knowing that I am having a positive impact on my families health. Mackay, QLD

  325. Low tox life has broadened my knowledge and made me more mindful of what my family consumes. I loved the gentle approach and guidance towards self-love and gratitude that underpinned the course. You gave such practical advice! I am loving the introduction of essential oils into family life too .
    I am from Brisbane, Australia.

  326. Living a low to life for me is like coming home. It’s comforting to know I have the knowledge to make the right choices for my body and family. While addressing an autoimmune disease, living clean and low tox is now a no brainer and I know my body is thanking me for the care I now give it. Alexx you are always an inspiration, thank you for all you do. Bless.
    I am in Brisbane, Australia

  327. First of all, Alexx, a huge thank you for your online course. I thought I knew a lot, but was I mistaken! Particularly with the products I believed are safe, but are, in fact, greenwashing. I am now not only proud of what I have achieved, but I also teared up when I overheard my 8 year old son telling his friend about how important it was to cover up in the sun with clothing, rather than with the “nasty creams”! This was definitely a proud mum moment;)
    So thank you again for taking the time to pass own your knowledge, which is continuing to get passed on, its totally helped me as well as everyone else that has posted comments.
    So from here in Inverloch, Victoria, thank you, you rock!!

  328. loving the Low Tox Life for much better health for my partner & I…, skin & body (composition & energy levels) have all improved since! never too late to change……health is wealth after all 😀

    many thanks for sharing your knowledge on achieving a healthier lifestyle Alexx…

    Gold Coast, Queensland

  329. The Low Tox Life has helped me get my health & vitality back…bless you & thank you beautiful Alexx 🙂 x
    (Tasmania, Australia)

  330. 2015 has been a transformative year for me thanks to Low Tox, RFR & Thrive. The info you have provided has taken me from hippy hippy woo woo to fully credible chic that knows her sh*t. This has made a huge difference in the impact I’ve been able to make on my (oft times sceptic) family and friends.
    I can’t tell you how much I value the effort you’ve put in to researching, synthesising and sharing your knowledge into something digestible, exciting and contagious.
    Sydney. NSW

  331. I am so glad I did the low tox course. I really was living in ignorance… I love the way you break it down in to easy to understand, logical, manageable chunks of information. I am a procrastinating perfectionist… which means I often don’t start things unless I think I can master it all in one go… you’ve shown me how making small steps in the right direction is better than no steps and I surprisingly feel good about whatever small changes I can make and accept I am on a journey and it takes time. I love that Ive gone from really not giving two hoots, to caring about the world around me and ditching many of my ‘convenience’ ways. Thank you for making it simple and approachable. For the first time in a long time, I feel like my passion is back and I want to share the learnings and be a part of the change. thank you for opening our eyes without layering the guilt. 🙂

  332. I am so glad I did the low tox course. I really was living in ignorance… I love the way you break it down in to easy to understand, logical, manageable chunks of information. I am a procrastinating perfectionist… which means I often don’t start things unless I think I can master it all in one go… you’ve shown me how making small steps in the right direction is better than no steps and I surprisingly feel good about whatever small changes I can make and accept I am on a journey and it takes time. I love that I’ve gone from really not giving two hoots, to caring about the world around me and ditching many of my ‘convenience’ ways. Thank you for making it simple and approachable. For the first time in a long time, I feel like my passion is back and I want to share the learnings and be a part of the change. thank you for opening our eyes without layering the guilt. 🙂
    Nina – Sydney, NSW, Australia

  333. What is it about the low tox life that has helped me feel more awesome along the way? Many things, but one is definitely sharing recipes with other parents who think that making healthy snacks and treats for their children is going to be just too hard. I love seeing them realise how simple, easy and tasty it is.

    Brisbane, Australia

  334. Dear Alexx,

    Thank you for showing how we can all live a low tox life. Your blog has shown me how to take baby steps towards the low tox life, and in helping me create delicious yet wholesome food that everyone at home can enjoy. Being low tox does not mean eating bland, boring food, or using expensive, overpriced products. You have shown me how going back to basics is the way to go.

    Charlene, Singapore

  335. Low tox life has allowed me to need less and make more mindful decisions when purchasing and simplify life and be ok with all that. Thanks Alexx. Bec Darwin

  336. Thank you Alexx for your inspiration! After completing your Low Tox course I am implementing lots of changes for myself and my young family. We have swiched out plastics, completely changed our cleaning products and personal care items and have shifted to a mindset of buy less but buy well. I am working hard to try to address/improve my son’s eczema through increasing gut health and minimising his exposure to environmental toxins. I am so grateful for the generous and encouraging way that you share this important information!
    I reside in Brisbane, Australia.

  337. Hi Alexx. I came across your work through Stef Lowe. I love your style of delivering info and tranparability in your work. I am Mauritian and hope you love your time there with your son if you haven’t been. My mum and lotsvof my relatives are holidaying there at the moment and I wish I was there. Hopefully you can instill some low tox way of living into someone’s life there too..

  338. Hi Alex,
    A low tox life is for me to do as much as I can to prevent disease. Seeing people you love die of cancer makes you see things in a different light. My Mum would have loved your blog! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great water filter!

    Currumbin, QLD

  339. Firstly, wow, what a beautiful thing you’ve done! What an insperation.

    Since having a baby (she’s almost one now), I’ve completely changed the way we live and the products we use in our every day lives. Before I guess I didn’t really care, but once you have a baby, you just want the best for your little human. So I began to detox all the products in our home to try and lead the cleanest life possible. I’m taking on so much new information and the most recent info that has really scared me is in regards to our drinking water. How scary! I’d love nothing more then to get a water filtration system, they are just so expensive and this time of year is the most expensive with my bubs first birthday just around the corner + Christmas – budget is tight. Now knowing what I do about our tap water – I slightly freak out every time I give my baby a bottle. We only boil the water before we give it to her and finding out it brings out all the heavy metals in the water, I feel like I’m poisoning my baby every time we feed her. I know we desperately need a filter for the health of our family, especially our little girl. I can’t thank you enough for putting these amazing prizes up for grabs and can only pray the universe looks after us

  340. You are truely an inspiration!
    After living a life of autoimmune issues, depression, feeling lost, gut issues, it was important to me to get on track and heal myself. But the big thing for me was making a better life and future for my 2 beautiful children, seeing them happy and thriving really makes me the happiest mum! They are so full of life, so well behaved at such a young age, so alive and so switched on! I am truely blessed to have discovered low tox living! It is a life changer!
    Adelaide South Australia

  341. Simplicity, of mind and body.
    It has changed my life and the way I think about myself and the world in general.
    It has taught me to lead by example and have the courage of my convictions.
    Be brave, not to worry about what other people think and look inward for my inspiration.
    It has cleared my ‘gunk’ and shown me how to trust in the universe and believe in myself.
    Thank you
    Heather from Sydney xx

  342. just knowing I am giving a great low tox start to my childrens lives, and hopefully embedding in them the knowledge of why food is good or not so good for you. also what impact our everyday choices make on the environment and to think much bigger then just our home but the entire world around us.
    mid north coast NSW

  343. Low-tox living has ensured I am at my healthiest- body, mind and soul. I am able to provide a healthy life for my children, full of goodness. Your courses Alexx, (I’ve done them all!) have given me the tools to feel empowered and excited to raise my kids in the healthiest, low tox way possible. And this is powerful stuff as it’s not only great for me and my children, but their children and their children, and so on and so on. Life is wonderful.
    South Coast, NSW.

  344. What a wonderful result for all!

    I’m based in Ballarat, Victoria and have four littlies that we’re trying to raise to have their eyes open to what is ‘real’ in this world – real food, real health, a real connection with our environment and the people we encounter and a real contribution to the betterment of the community around us…

    Your amazing work is helping us, step-by-step, to move away from my teen and young adult years of low-fat, processed foods and cheap, throw-away consumerism to embracing producers of real, natural food at our region’s farmers’ markets and wholefood collectives, seeking out ethical products, focusing on sustainability and living with awareness. Each blog of yours is an education and for that, I, and my gorgeous little family, thank you whole-heartedly.

  345. I have in the past tried to move towards low tox but I haven’t had the knowledge to do so properly. I have a new found awareness not only regarding low tox options, but also regarding the ethics and sustainability of the products we consume. I feel like this is a journey, not a destination and I am so grateful for all the wonderful knowledge and resources I have gained and will continue to gain through your course and the supportive community. Thank you!

    (Sydney, Australia)

  346. For me, your blog has always been about steering me in the right direction to make small, incremental changes to redirect me, inform me and encourage me to always seek the low tox options for myself and my family. I love my low tox journey! (Melbourne, AUST)

  347. Simply, I know better so now I do better for me, for my family, for our planet. This is incredibly empowering, and I love that along with educating myself, I am educating my daughters. Together we can all make a difference. And that is awesome!

    Kayscha – Sydney, Australia

  348. I’ve gained so much more awareness of hidden nasties in food, products and the environment and have become a much more aware and conscious consumer. (Penguin TAS)

  349. Alexx – I love how open and exciting and giving this post is!
    For me I had already been well in to the cooking and eating clean and healthy. And then finding you took my life to the next level and inspired myself and my partner to even further our own studies in this field.
    Learning all about the different toxins in not only the start around us, but in cleaning, beauty, and everyday things has been a huge game changer for us – my skin is finally clear, my hormones are well balanced, and I finally feel like I’ve got things under control and am minimising external toxins as much as possible.

    So much love from all the way in Glasgow, United Kingdom (originally from Newcastle Australia) xx

  350. What about the low tox life that has helped me feel more awesome along my way? – knowing its okay to challenge ‘the norm’ for what feels right for me, seeing that challenging ‘the norm’ can be done in a way that is so beautifully gracious and well articulated and discovering that I love myself enough to be discerning about what I put in and on my body. <3

  351. OMG, Alexx what superb prizes – thankyou! Fantastic effort with the e-book bundle (loving mine by the way!) and pledges – gorgeous concept. There are so many fabulous benefits of the low-tox life, but I have to say that joining Young Living Essential Oils has been one of my highlights. It happened at the right time for me – just when I was getting my mojo back after my fourth bout of Depression/Anxiety. I’m determined it will be my last bout by the way. I ‘ve been into essential oils for nearly 30 years and have tried soooooo MANY brands. I’m very impressed by the variety and quality of Young Living!

  352. Sydney, Australia

    For me it’s being a part of the low tax e-course. The amount of research that you have put into this course and the people interviewed has been phenomenal. It came along when I was feeling a bit lost and disheartened with trying to move to lower tox products life style and finding it hard to decipher the language and also weighing up opposing opinions. Thank you Alexx.

  353. Melbourne, Vic.
    A low tox life has taught me that we have control over how we feel. We make ourselves feel better by reducing our chemical intake. Less is More!

  354. Sydney, Australia
    The low tox life has meant that I now use a stainless steel pan and wok for my cooking. I know that no chemicals are going to leach into my food.

  355. Hi Alexx,

    Thank you for this great opportunity!

    Living low tox has really helped and assisted my physical health and also has controlled my dermatitis and eczema. This is huge for me as I’ve suffered pretty badly with the skin disorders since I was born. For a long time I was very self conscious. Now, not so much! My skin has never been better!

  356. Your info is always so up to date and I like how you’re one of us Alexx.
    I know I will always find something good for me and my family
    and it will be really relevant to wholesome “Aussie” living….and anywhere else for that matter 😉
    Cheers girl….
    ALBANY, Western Australia.

  357. There are so many things we’re exposed to that we have little or no control over yet there’s no excuses when it comes to what we put in or on our bodies and products we use around the house. Low tox living means lots of little steps towards giving my family the healthiest life possible.

  358. I love knowing that I am giving my children the best start to life by living a low-tox life. I love that knowledge is power and that we are empowering the next generation to live well. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us 🙂

  359. I have to be honest and admit that our household isnt as low tox as I would like it to be. It can be hard and frustrating when your partner isnt on board. I make changes where I can and choose which battles to fight and take comfort and satisfaction in that any reduction is a positive thing. I rejoice when there are signs of the family embracing the changes and making good choices for themselves.

    North Perth, Western Australia

  360. Firstly, thank you for your transparency in this post. You and your efforts are amazing!
    As every day on this low tox journey comes and goes I feel more and more comfortable that I have participated in and embraced the many swaps and changes in my life. My now informative decisions have led to a feeling of empowerment which no one can ever take away. I was pulled toward your blog, have completed the Low Tox Life course and you and the other experts that I’ve been introduced to, have not disappointed. I am so grateful and proud to be a part of the positive ripple effect that is gently flowing on to my children.

  361. Before I forget, I’m in beautiful Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. Learning about low tox living has been so inspiring and I am relieved to find out it is easier than you think. Small changes have a big impact. I love sharing, gently, what I’ learning with family and friends. I feel hopeful that this chain reaction and the work that people like Alexx do will make the world my children grow up in a better place, not a worse one.

  362. Low Tox Life you have saved me with your kidlet approved Coconut Cupcakes and Whipped Caramel Icing. So easy to get the kids involved with only 2 bowls and a spatula needed for the cupcakes. My friends and family lucky enough to have tried this treat are pleasantly surprised that it eats as well as it looks!! I have baked for friends and family too many times previously and been reprimanded for deception, presenting something that looks sweet and delicious but that tastes terrible. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Nicole (Brisbane, Australia)

  363. My general health and well being continue to improve with the more toxins I remove from my life. My energy levels have increased, my complexion is clearer and my eyes are brighter, just for starters. I live in Canberra, Australia and I LOVE filtered water!

  364. I think it’s that low tox is back to basics that makes it so attractive and so easy…it helps me slow down and I love that my kids now want to make their own fresh OJ, or dip for lunch – and that they know how because they have watched me do it (Newport, Australia)

  365. Alexx, you have such integrity. It’s a pleasure and, it restores my hope, to see how you operate. You are an inspiration in a world that is so dominated by monetary profit. Thank you for coming into our lives.

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