Happy International No Diet Day

Diets as a teenager are what stuffed my metabolism up. Diet pills, sweet liquid breakfasts… It’s all wrong.

Thinking we can eat ‘whatever we want’ is also wrong. Eating junk because ‘dieting is boring or too hard’ is also not a solution.

There’s nothing wrong with finding a ‘food mix’ that makes you feel awesome. I’m not talking about that kind of ‘diet’ here. I’m talking about deprivation and restriction to the point where the stress makes us feel far worse than eating a big hearty meal ever could.

Here is a little idea to think about that I’ve been sharing on a recent string of talks I’ve given.

Let’s stop thinking “Health and Unhealthy” as the discussion.

Healthy in western culture often has a subtext…

  • Diet
  • Restriction
  • Set rules
  • This way or the highway
  • Boring
  • Have to
  • Should do
  • No I shouldn’t
  • I’ll just have a salad (with a forlorn undertone)
  • Only a little
  • I’m not healthy enough
  • I fail constantly

Unhealthy also has a subtext…

  • Exciting
  • Forbidden
  • Just a treat
  • Oh I shouldn’t but I’m so tempted
  • Guilt
  • Shame
  • Remorse
  • Extra gym time as ‘punishment’
  • Party
  • Special Occasions only
  • Relaxed
  • Fun
  • Indulgence


Let’s change the conversation and talk in these parameters instead


Real food says

  • Authentic
  • True
  • Traceable to source
  • Recognisable
  • Home made
  • Made with Love
  • Hand made
  • Hand picked
  • Farm grown or raised
  • Nourishing
  • Homely
  • Feasts
  • Fresh from the oven
  • Ingredients mixed together
  • Fair
  • Without weirdness
  • Without harmful chemicals
  • Rainbows of colour from nature’s design

Fake food says

  • Fraud
  • Ugly
  • Wrong
  • Untraceable
  • Unrecognisable
  • Undecipherable
  • Secret numbers
  • Packaging and plastic
  • A lie
  • Man made
  • Factory created
  • Rainbows of colour from petroleum origin
  • Gimmicky
  • Product not produce
  • Foreign to our bodies

When we stop thinking of the ‘unhealthy stuff’ as special treats (I’ve written about it many times before, HERE originally) and start thinking REAL, from there we can begin the delicious journey of designing our perfect food mix.

Real vs Fake helps us teach our kids more easily too – We can ask them to become ‘Fake food detectives’ and empower them to feel clever about spotting the fake foods.

How do you feel after which foods? How much of your trolley or basket is products vs produce?

Diets end where real food begins. Have you started phasing out the fake just recently or are you old hat with a word or 2 of encouragement you can lend a beginner? You won’t ever know how much you can encourage someone just starting out until you try with your words. Feel free to leave a comment here on the blog.

Lift the lid on the packets and promises, ditch the diets and go REAL. A practitioner will be able to help you explore what works best in that realm for you if you find it hard to do for yourself. We’ve listened to others for so long, we’ve forgotten to tune into our best healing and health answers – the ones that lie within us.

You could join Lisa Corduff’s gorgeous beginner’s Small Steps to Wholefoods E Course starting soon. She is a great encourager and I’m a proud expert and affiliate of her course.

There is so much wonderful inspiration to go real these days, and with the state of our global health picture and our planet, there’s never been a more important time for us to take the time to do this delicious work to free ourselves from sugar free this, and diet that and zero carb bars and liquid shakes full of crap that cost a fortune.

Once we see the ‘fake’ stuff for what it is – just plain UGLY, then you’ll never feel deprived, nor diet again in your life.

Here’s to that idea, hey?


And I’ll add… ditch ‘dieting’. Finding a ‘food mix’ that works best from you isn’t a diet. It’s a lifestyle change. When I say dieting I’m talking about that mentality of deprivation and foregoing and always feeling like you’re missing out. That has to go for us to be our best selves, so bye bye diets. Bye bye.

Real Food. Happy Bodies. Happy Planet.

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  1. I wish, I wish, I wish I had had this mindset in my teens and twenties. I mean, we at healthily at home, but after I went to uni, I was definitely consuming heaps of things that at the time were considered ‘healthy’ but were actually full of preservatives and other junk up the wazoo. My dad always used the phrase, ‘go back to basics’ when you were trying to achieve a goal or solve a problem, and I think that is so true here. I feel so much better eating and creating with real food and ingredients!!

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