Hazelnut Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Mayonnaise

Hazelnut Chocolate Brownie with chocolate mayonnaise – Yes, it’s happening. So super simple to make and yummy. A great little afternoon tea treat when guests are around or a luscious dessert square served with fresh berries as we did last night around at friends – Given I am gluten free and the little man is gluten / cassein free, I always volunteer to make dessert. It takes the pressure off the host and means everyone can partake in the joy of dessert when celebrating with friends.

This is very low sugar and no starch, so it’s a great one for GAPS, IQS being fructose free if desired or Paleo purists who avoid buckwheat / tapioca.

Why the egg yolk? Well, My grandmère used to make a delicious ‘mayonnaise au chocolat’ in her day. One of my favourite desserts. It was laden with sugar back in the day though, so this is a healthier version with healthy fats increased for satiety and deliciousness! The silkiness of the egg yolk creates an unparalleled result. It emulsifies all the ingredients beautifully. Taste it and you will see – Double this recipe to make little mayonnaise au chocolate bowls for an easy, small sweet something at the end of a meal too. By no means restrict this to icing!

Is raw egg safe? Well, the jury is out on that. My take is if you know the producer and it is pasture raised AND organic (I say that because pasture raised hens are much healthier, whereas organic certified eggs can still technically keep far too many hens cooped up which can breed disease, thus organic not being enough.) then I say yes, but if you don’t feel comfortable, you’re no1. so just leave it out.

I hope you enjoy the recipe. Are you a chocolate fan? Why not try my chocolate coconut cupcakes, chocolate pudding with gooey bits or “I can’t believe it’s not Milo drinking chocolate powder? They’re all gluten free and nut free with dairy free options and the cupcakes and milo are / can be egg free. Hopefully that means lots of peeps can tuck in at your next celebration!

Don’t forget to post a pic un on facebook or instagram tagging @lowtoxlife #lowtoxlife so I can see them and show them off to others!

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Hazelnut Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Mayonnaise Recipe


Chocolate Mayonnaise


  • Preheat oven on 180C / 350F (non fan forced)
  • Pop your chosen fat in your bowl – melted first in a pan if needs be (thermomix, stirring speed, 1:30 for butter, or 1 min for ghee, 100C).
  • Add everything else in the pudding list except chopped chocolate and nuts and mix well with handheld mixer or food processor for 20 secs OR thermomix speed 7, 15secs.)
  • Then add all chopped chunks and stir through with either a wooden spoon or speed 3, 4 seconds for TM users)
  • Grease your parchment paper lining your oven baking tin with a little ghee or oil of choice
  • Pour slab over the parchment
  • Bake for 20-25 minutes minutes (check at 20 minutes and 25 in case you have a strong oven or you’re using fan forced setting, as it may take less time.)

For the chocolate mayonnaise

  • Blend all the ingredients for the chocolate mayonnaise on high (speed 7 TM) for 30 seconds
  • Now you’re done. It’s ready to spread. You can ‘set’ it in the fridge for half an hour and it won’t drip or budge. It sets as a thick fudgy consistency.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 3.09.52 pm

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  1. I made this on Sunday night, put it in the fridge, when I got home from work on Monday night half of it was gone, I guess my husband Really liked it!

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  2. Hi Alexx, I just went to make this for tonight but unfortunately the mayonnaise ingredients are not listed. Are you able to please update the recipe with the ingredients as it sounds super delish!! Thanks!!

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      Oh no – yes it seems it got cut when we brought the recipe over to the new app. Just emailed you a screen shot of the mayo part and will update the recipe on the site Monday so thanks so much for cluing onto the fact that it was missing! x

  3. hi what are the mayo ingredients please?? I assume that the chocolat goes into the brownie.

  4. hi what are the mayo ingredients please?? I assume that the chocolate goes into the brownie.

  5. What are the cake ingredients and what are the mayo ingredients? It’s just coming up on one list here on my phone.

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