He came. I saw. I was very inspired.

He being Simon Sinek, who I am a big fan of, and he who was brought out to Australia by Business Chicks last week for a series of workshops. Nice to admit with a few esteemed tweeps post event, that we felt he was a bit of a cutie too. While I’ve watched many talks of his online, I have to say that being there in person was no comparison. There were lots of ‘not seen before’ moments and he spoke very generously for over an hour and left a good 40 minutes for Q&A. Fantastic workshop indeed.

My top 4 “Aha’s” were:

  1. The people wearing the red hats will find each other – that is to say, it’s ok if your current circle and network aren’t crazy about your belief. If you really believe it, and shout out loud about it, the other people who share that belief or want to adopt it once seeing your passion, will find YOU!
  2. If you are crystal clear on the WHY, the destination, then it doesn’t throw you if you can’t get there exactly in a straight line – staying clear on your WHY means you’re going to find it easy to be flexible and overcome unexpected hurdles, no matter what they are.
  3. 1+A – A visionary leads the people and an operator runs the company. You can’t replace a leader with an operator.
  4. The best coaches are the ones who work with their people – staff / kids – and make themselves redundant. You want to be able to empower your staff and / or kids to thrive independently of you, but with the goals you instilled in them.

What I’ve been thinking since?

Well, about a lot actually! About the possibility of getting even more niche in my business, for one. Every time I do a client cocktail interpretation / brand event with my drinks, or a cocktail workshop I truly enjoy the entire experience, including all the admin (i know, weird, right?). I just love dissecting a brand and amplifying aspects of it and it’s people through gastronomy. It’s awesome. The WHY? for the event and for me is crystal clear: To help that business really shine on their launch night or at their party, and give attendees great reasons to get talking post-event. Love it. Own it. Thrive on it. Doesn’t feel like work. I feel a genuine sense of contribution, specialization and help to people. Tick tick tick according to Simon.

About what’s not working so well when I thought I had a ‘WHY?’ such as if I hear one more person say ‘So another of the partners had an issue with the boutique beer component and we just wondered whether we might get you to change the story board again (for the 4th time) to include an Aussie Red element… or ‘we just haven’t had a great attendance rate come back so we’re going to have to let this go’ (after 3-5 hours of emails, quoting, acceptance and agreement drafting.) The WHY? is to inspire team and client get togethers with superior food and drinks experiences… I am asking myself two questions: Do they really want it? Is the WHY? strong enough for me to enjoy the road to the purpose when it is packed with endless to and fro communication and justification. I was realising that last time I asked myself why on my business, that perhaps I backed into the why – a big no no now I have learnt, ie, you start the biz you feel your way through, you go in a few directions, and then force yourself to define a WHY?.

All very interesting stuff and am thinking: Would it be so wrong to totally hone the cocktail and party angle & CRUSH IT!? Surely it’s ok to change your mind when it’s out of a realisation and AHA moment?

Lastly, I’ve realised two more beliefs / WHY’s: I imagine a world where everyone appreciates real, whole food. Where the consumer truly understands and connects with food and joyfully seeks out food without  ‘numbers’ that’s GMO free and in the case of meat, where we eat it a little less and the animals live a happy life, free from cruelty and crowding. I believe it’s possible and I intend to make an impact on effecting change in this domain in the coming years, 100%.

I also imagine a world where everyone is inspired. Where people bounce out of bed and hop to acting out of a positive mind set, doing meaningful work and living awesome lives while caring for each other – No idea what I’m going to come up with to reach this belief, so I’ll just love and be inspired by all the people that are already helping so much in this space, such as a few of my faves Simon Sinek, Bernadette Jiwa, Seth Godin, Oprah and Sir Ken Robinson.

Bon weekend and feel free to share your inspirations and discoveries as to your ‘WHY’s’! I just love this topic! 🙂

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  1. You won’t believe this…. but five minutes ago, (literally) I was making a soup with semi-retired vegetables and thinking of you. The post you wrote on waste and your new waste list system really made an impact on me. Makes me think every time I’ve got something to throw out.
    I’ve known for a while you were meant for something big and I’m just waiting in the wings to see what it is.

    1. Post

      *Smiles* Thanks so much for lovely words and feedback! So excited re veggies – it’s not hard once you tune into a few creative ways to reduce waste is it? I’ve had a good week of it too!

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