Healthy Bounty Bars

I asked everyone yesterday, what their favourite way to enjoy coconut was. A couple of people confessed to having loved Bounty bars once upon a time. I was never much of a fan of Bounty – more a Cherry Ripe girl myself, if we’re all laying our truth purging cards on the table. Either way, given I do adore chocolate and coconut – news flash – together in most forms, I thought I’d give a re worked bounty bar a go. Here’s the result and it’s rather more delicious than I ever remember the bounty bar to be.


What you”ll need


20g coconut oil

20g maple or rice syrup

1/2 teaspoon vanilla bean powder or 1/2 a fresh vanilla pod scraped out into the mix

40g desiccated coconut (be sure to check that it’s a preservative 220 free brand)

Choc topping

40g coconut oil

4 teaspoons of cacao powder

2 teaspoons of maple or rice syrup


What to do

Measure out your desiccated coconut and vanilla and pop them into your blender to have it ready. (If you have a thermomix of course, just weigh into there)

Then, pop your coconut oil and syrup (from the filling section) into a saucepan and heat to a bubble. Let bubble only 10-15 seconds. No more, or it will caramelise.

Pour this mixture over the desiccated coconut and whiz on medium in your blender of choice for 8 seconds (speed 5 TM)

Then, pour out onto a piece of parchment (my favourite parchment can be found here) and press together working it into a long bar shape about an inch wide. One you have a bar shape, cut into two bar shaped pieces. You’ll have 2 of 1 inch across, 1/2 inch high and 3 inches each long. Please don’t stress about these measurements though. Whatever small bar-like shapes you end up with is fine!

Pop in freezer to set for 10 minutes.

Now onto the coating. Melt everything in a saucepan and stir well to combine. Take off heat straight away once melted and combined.

Now, grab the bars out of the freezer and gently turn them / dunk them, into the chocolate saucepan mix, making sure they’re all coated on all sides. Pop back in freezer for 3-4 minutes. Do again twice – three times to create a thick coating. You can keep repeating until you’re all out of chocolate OR just pour the rest of that mixture onto parchment with a few crushed nuts in it, for a quick set raw chocolate bite or two. Why not?

Alternative for the chocolate coating? Melt quality dark chocolate and coat with that. It will be thicker and require only one repeat coating. Whatever your preference / fructose tolerance or needs.


These will be deliciously chewy and definitely satisfy a bounty itch that you thought you may never have scratched again.

Enjoy and send me pics so I can see!

Real Food. Happy Bodies

Alexx xx

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      Thanks Iwa – had the chance to look over at your bounty balls. Yummy! Basically, chocolate and coconut together are heaven. Tis the truth! 🙂

  1. yum! bountys are one of my faves but I always liked peppermint crisp. I think it would be I think you would only need to make a few adjustments on the bounty to make it a cherry ripe 🙂

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      Yes Hayley, for sure. Just pop 2-3 drops of peppermint oil into the filling step and you’d be sorted for peppermint patties. Peppermint crisp (memories! loved that one) a little tougher but you’ve given me an idea!!!! Thank you 🙂

  2. We make a peppermint version of these at home and the kids love them! I was lucky enough to taste yours yesterday at your workshop and they were tres delish!

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  3. I made these last night!
    I added sesame seeds and made it one big slab (too lazy to make bars) then I topped the whole slab with melted chocolate and left it in the fridge overnight… couldnt resist a few chunks this morning – really good, the sesame adds an extra crunch that works pretty well!

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      yummy! I guess I just wanted to do the bounty bar shape justice in this recipe, but by all means – slab is the quick way forward! x

  4. Oh & i also added some celtic sea salt (fine ground) and it adds a nice saltiness to cut the sweetness – everyone in work is really enjoying them! – thanks for a great recipe Alexx!

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      Simona – 223 is sodium metabisulphate and bad news. Best is to get the Chemical Maze app for your phone and then you can punch in numbers and see what they do / are / where they come from.

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