How to Wash Synthetics and Protect the Environment

Now, you might have got your acrylic fibres down to a bare minimum in life. Just the 5% elastane that peskily hangs out in even the purest of pure socks and undies, or the swimmers! But, you’re still on the switch mission to more natural textiles, think about your clothing and textiles made of acrylic, nylon, and polyester. This includes those microfibre cloths used for cleaning, gym gear, fleece, trousers, blouses, socks, jumpers, stretchy dresses and more. Every time we pop those in the wash millions of microfibres are released into the water. Microfibres are too small to be filtered out by waste treatment plants, and instead end up in our waterways, oceans and even our food supply.

No doubt you’re reading this and thinking…. “What if it’s a swimsuit/activewear/mattress protector and I ‘have’ to buy an element of synthetic: What do I do?’

Well, aside from switching to more natural textiles / clothing and homewares where possible the option is to firstly, buy well. This means where budget permits, buy the higher quality, longer lasting product and use it to its full capacity. And secondly, consider using something listed below to reduce microfibre pollution with each wash.

  • Purchase a washing machine lint filter. These filters are an investment, but they will benefit the environment in the long run.
  • Use a Guppy Bag, like this one from the Sea Shepherd.
  • Fill up your washing machine to the brim with clothes/items. Washing a full load results in less water waste, less friction between the clothes and fewer fibres released.
  • Consider switching to an eco-friendly liquid laundry soap. Laundry powder “scrubs” and loosens more microfibres. A simple switch but makes a small difference.
  • Use a colder wash setting when you can. Higher temperatures can damage clothes and release more fibres in to the machine, and in turn, the water ways.

There you have it, a few little things you can do that will positively impact the environment.


Low Tox. Healthy People, Happy Planet.

Alexx x

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