I can’t believe it’s not slaw dressing!

Slaw dressing and creamy supermarket dressings are bad news. They’re usually made with refined ingredients like hydrogenated vegetable oils, soyabean oil, artificial sweeteners, gels, additives and sugar beet syrup, often GM sourced. Oh but the creaminess and the sweetness, I hear you cry? Try this instead. It’s so delicious with avocado to create the creaminess instead. Taking minutes to prepare, you won’t need to reach for a store bought creamy dressing again!

Slaw Dressing Recipe



  • Put all ingredients into your blitzer of choice. Blitz until creamy smooth. You’re done.

Mix through  any number of salad styles, shredded veggies like cabbage, beetroot, fennel and carrot work really well as does a rocket (arugula) salad, for a contrasting creamy sauce with a sweet kick or a waldorf or potato salad.

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