Intimate nourishing cooking workshop announced – Sydney

NOTE: This workshop sold out in a night! Can’t wait to meet everyone. I will be publishing a list of winter workshops via newsletter across Australia in the next fortnight, with an exclusive 24 hour booking time for subscribers. Hop over to the right to sign up and join me at an upcoming workshop – Look forward to it very much x

I’ve been asked a lot about cooking workshops recently, and so, I’m starting to put together a bit of a plan! It won’t be just Sydney either!

The first one in Sydney, is around the corner – June 2nd to be precise. Nothing like a deadline to kick us all into action for better cooking this winter, right? The workshop is for an intimate 12 people size, allowing loads of time for questions and details. Get in quick if you fancy a spot. Half the tickets are already sold as of Thursday night.

Date: Monday evening, 2nd June, 7.30pm to 9.30, although I will stay available for questions until 10pm for enthusiasts 🙂

Where: The Side Door, around the corner from GRUB butcher: 103a New South Head Road, Vaucluse, Sydney. 

Investment: $95 per person. I guarantee you that you will save that back within 3 weeks of feeding your family.

To book: Book via this link.   SORRY. SOLD OUT! Sign up for next dates being released across Australia. 

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Workshop overview

Family Meals: Make the most of your time, your dollar & your nutrients

  1. Learn my top 5 ingredients & tips for turning you from an average home cook to a super star of deliciousness!
  2. Learn the art of time saving & budget maximisation
  3. Learn the healing properties and gastronomic benefits of preparing and cooking with home made stock.
  4. Learn easy, delicious dishes that take each less than 10 minutes to prepare, including simple variations that will have your cooking repertoire look a whole lot more exciting, with no extra effort or expense.
  5. Learn how to wean your family off excessive starchy carbs, and be happy about it – great tips for concentration at school, staying fuller, longer!

What else is included? 

  1. You will be tasting treats and sampling throughout the workshop, finishing with one of Alexx’s legendary treats from book, Real Treats. 
  2. Enjoy a glass of organic red wine or kombucha
  3. You will leave with a stock ingredient kit and a ready to go home made stock from the GRUB kitchen valued at $20, to ensure you don’t have to wait to start having a play with your new found ideas.
  4. Receive a pdf class notebook with ingredient resources, nutritional articles and recipes to help integrate the workshop content immediately.
  5. Receive sample goodies from like minded companies.

What you can be sure of

Zero judgement, dictating or nutrition / organic ‘snobbery’. When I do a workshop it is 100% about empowering whatever changes you want to make for you and your family, not about presenting unrealistic ideals and hard to understand information to make people feel silly. Definitely NOT a vibe of progress!

Everyone welcome no matter what knowledge base, age, stage.

I do have to say that the content of this particular workshop involves meat and won’t be as fun for vegetarians and vegan readers. See you guys for desserts some time soon!

We’ll have fun and leave happy with treats in tow! Want to come?

Book your ticket quickly, as it’s limited strictly to 12 people.



Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 11.00.45 am

I can’t wait to meet you and get cooking together for health and deliciousness!

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  1. Hi Alexx
    I would love to come but live just outside the Shire (top of Wollongong) so a bit too far to travel 🙁 Is there any chance of you running a class down this way?

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  2. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE BRISBANE! You simply MUST come here (pretty please with a cherry on top). Can I please pre-book? I would DIE (live) to hear you speak and listen to what you have to say in person.

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      Hi Jess, rest assured I will be doing a Brissy workshop most probably mid / late August and if you’re a subscriber to my newsletter, you’ll get first dibs on a ticket 🙂

  3. Any chance you will pass central coast any time soon..great lifestyle for families with special needs kids (ASD etc)..plenty of nrrd up here.too far to come to Sydney for most families…

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      Hi Denise,

      It’s not *out* of the question, but it’s also not certain, as I just don’t know how many people would be able to attend and out of town means I’d need to sell at least 18 $95 tickets to make it viable and hire a space. If you have ideas don’t hesitate to share them with me, in terms of spaces for commercial cooking kitchen for workshops… Happy to then research and work towards making it happen! 🙂

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