It’s just a treat… or is it?

Firstly, I’ll say this is not an attack on Kidspot – it’s a ‘what the…’ regarding this recipe!

Heather a reader of mine shared in shock the other day. Here’s the abridged in pictures. .

coca cola cup cakes

What a most excellent example of what NOT to do. The ‘2 ingredients’ in this recipe, which consists of a can of coke and a packet of chocolate cake mix are actually many ingredients, none of which need to be in little bodies or big ones for that matter. The argument in the comments is that they’re a ‘treat’, not an every day food. Isn’t the very definition of treat in need of a massive overhaul? Why ‘treat’ ourselves to additives, preservatives, GM sugar, chemicals and fake salt? How are they treats?  It makes no sense any which way you try and look at it. This is the kind of recipe that makes me think about responsibilities and ethics in publishing. If something is all kinds of wrong then why is it being promoted? As a ‘best recipes’ recipe, no less.

Let’s get one thing straight right now. To treat yourself, you’re worth 100% natural, rich and luscious chocolate cupcakes when you ‘go there’.

Check out my thoughts on redefining treats if you’ve got a minute by clicking here. 

If you’ve not tried my chocolate cupcake adaptation from a Jude Blereau recipe, they are DEE licious and while they’re a few ingredients, they’re very easy, stir-only to make and our bodies see those ingredients coming and say ‘hey guys, thanks for coming. we could really use your awesomeness’, instead of going “Nooooooo. What are we going to do with all this weirdness. We’re not trained for this!”.

Here’s that cupcake recipe HERE. Now THAT is a treat and I bet you all have a few delicious go to recipes yourselves from talented wholefood bakers out there that you already love too.


People who’ve read my pieces for a while will know that I never intend to judge people’s ways of doing stuff. Once we’re presented with undeniable logic regarding a better, safer and even more delicious way of doing things?? Well, It’s what we DO when we know what we know, so let’s DO it right.

If you want to share a story or inspiration for making any transitions into healthy baking, you just might help someone who’s thinking about making some changes.

The difference in a child’s behaviour between these two different recipes or similar comparisons, is all the proof we need to know that whole and real food baking is the absolute best option.

Real Food. Happy Bodies and please share this if you fancy reaching out to anyone who might not be thinking about what’s in stuff yet. We shouldn’t be niche cooks. These ingredients shouldn’t be considered weird. We should be the norm.

Ready to get into loads more real treats? I wrote a whole book on the topic which you can grab here. 

Alexx xx

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  1. Coke and cake mix packet….Like you said , many more than 2 ingredients. I know what a HUGE difference it has made to my boys behaviour by taking most processed foods (as well as wheat and most dairy) from their diets. I bake more and cook more meals (can’t remember the last time we had take away) and I’m actually enjoying discovering new ways of making their old favourites healthier (like Coconut & Almond Crumbed Chicken Nuggets) . But I must say the absolute best thing was to be told by another mum at football on Saturday that she has noticed the improvement in my 10 y.o. son’s concentration and behaviour over the past 12 months, and to come home from a rare dinner date with hubby to find our two eldest happily watching a movie, our 2 youngest in bed and the babysitter (a good friend) asleep on the couch. Prior to our diet change we would have been lucky to get to eat our meals before being called home to deal with some sort of disaster.

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      Thank you so much for sharing your story Kath. There is an undeniable link between kid’s diet and behavior and testimonials like yours are so important to share x

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      Thank you Vanessa! I got your email btw. Crazy week. Yes to all and look forward to getting some stuff across xx

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  2. This is seriously sad.

    I feel like being sick. Oh what are we doing our future generations.

    You have been very calm Alexx and you know my normal position on making a -ve noise.

    Keep up your really fabulous real food work. x

  3. Absolutely disgusting. Thanks Alexx for this article. I have followed Kidspot for a while but it’s time for a rethink!! Our kids do not need treats like these and it’s disgraceful that Kidspot promotes this sort of thing. Very sad.

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  4. First thing I thought when I saw this was that its not two ingredients – so that’s just making hype over nothing. Lets be honest making a packet cake is not that hard!!! Making a cake in a mug takes 5 minutes and is healthier – sad but true. Sad because instead of making something healthy people opt for unhealthy, here is a 2 ingredient desert – take a can of coconut cream, skim off the top layer of coconut add raw cocao powder and mix – instant dark chocolate mouse, add honey for sweetness.
    What is really sad is that I have to explain over and over again that no I don’t let my 12 month old eat chocolate, cream, cake, artificial colours and flavours, sugar (honey is ok), dairy or lots of wheat because her taste buds are developing and I don’t want her to eat unnecessary foods that will not promote brain development!!! or food that breaks down into sugar – thus we never started on rice cereal. Why must a 12 month old eat sugary iced cake because of some tradition that we like??? Why must we let our 13 month olds eat chocolate as a treat because we like the taste of chocolate??? Yes its mean to eat that in front of them – but I would much rather do that then expose them to bad eating habits at such a young age!!! Not to mention the children in high chairs eating McDonalds – why must I explain that healthy eating is important to children when children in the usa will not outlive their parents because of the eating habits being passed on???

    1. I’m hearing you EmmaJane! There are some crazy people out there, and yet I get called a food nazi! I just want my kids to eat real food, what is wrong with that! I’m in Switzerland at the moment and when we go to the local store for the 10 months we’ve been here they have been trying to give my 5yr old and then under 2yr old lollies at the store. One time my husband said no and the lady said she understood that he might choke! I can’t even explain how they don’t even get it. When he said no to another shopkeeper she said, aww daddy, and made a big deal about it so that my 2yr old finally caught on he was missing out on something. The same shopkeeper tried it the other day with me and I was so furious but if I had of said anything she would not have heard the end of it. I wanted to tell her that she was doing herself and her 3 year old son (who usually has a lollipop in his mouth) a disservice by letting them eat the most cheaply made ‘treats’. I wanted to say that I make my kids ice-creams so they don’t miss out when the local kids get one every day in summer, and that if I want to give them something sweet we eat the best quality dark chocolate, not the stuff that usually doesn’t have chocolate in it. (I know this is long but I obviously need to get it out!! ha ha) Yesterday I went to buy krill oil and checked the ingredients (oil, gelatine). The lady asked if it was for kids so showed me the kid version. I asked to see the ingredients and it has aspartame and another fake sugar in it, along with who knows what else (my german isn’t too good). 20 ingredients for the kids, 3 for adults!! What is the world coming to!! You are not alone. Keep going.

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        I experience this too all the time too. Best you can say is, it’s not about deprivation, it’s about not wanting to eat chemical laden products. We eat plenty of cakes, muffins and ice creams, just ones made with real ingredients! If they’re offended that’s their problem, not yours. You should be proud to bravely do what’s right, not just what’s “done”. x

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    It was so shocking I agree Bridgette. I had to revolt with some real treats – It’s the most powerful thing any of us can do! 🙂

  6. Alexx,
    thanks so much for your blog. I have loved every one since I found it through quirky cooking 2 days ago. I loved your blog about mindless eating and really need to concentrate on that with my older son, as well as adding in your 14 foods to make meals more filling. And love how you explained that we shouldn’t be calling processed food treats. I don’t give my son lollies, but he gets them so I have found that banning doesn’t work for him, I say they are an ‘every so often food’ or something for parties because I know he can’t say no. I have seen him say no a couple of times because he knew I was watching so I have to be careful to avoid him sneaking them or being made to feel too guilty about it. It is his personality to not be happy with what he’s got, he needs to have whatever everyone else has, whether it’s food, someone’s bike when he has a scooter, or toys. One of my friends keeps reminding me about her relatives that are now addicted to junk because the parents didn’t allow it so I have this in the back of my mind too! Thanks

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