Landing or flying?

This week’s inspiration comes from a lovely catch up with a fellow biz owner in the field of publishing. We were talking about our careers, businesses, personal passions, interests and the like and a little nugget of inspiration came to me. I’ve been realising lately that I’ve landed a lot more than I’ve flown. I’m an adaptable, confident and curious person by nature, so it has meant that I’ve always been happy jumping about, landing in new places, trying new things out and doing as well as I put my mind to it and, almost, always landing on my feet. My friend had experienced the same feelings lately about her own career, so it got me to thinking…

Very rarely have I made deliberate and bold choices to FLY in directions I had identified I wanted to go. One can do lots of things but what does one really want to do?  I’m looking ahead and thinking it might be best to FLY a little more in life to self defined and audacious destinations – stop doing things just because I can. It’s starting to feel like ‘can’ isn’t enough. Have you ever felt this way?

Take a little time to head back to that Cindy Gallop idea from a fortnight ago, of pinpointing the exact circumstances you’d like to be in and where you would like to be in them… There lies the place for you to start planning your next flight towards a brave new destination, landing because you chose to, not just because you’re able.

Have a fantastic weekend,


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