Lemon cheesecake pannacotta

This lemon cheesecake pannacotta is something you can serve as a fancy dessert or feed to your baby for pudding! It’s dairy free, nourishing and makes delicious use of grass fed beef gelatine. This, my friends, means that while you’re savouring your dessert with pleasure filled abandon, you are simultaneously treating your hair, nails, joints, bones, wrinkles and cellulite – BRING. IT. ON. I cannot wait to hear what you guys think!

Where to get grass fed beef gelatine? I get mine from This dental lace  The canister will last you months. Fabulous stuff and if you love jelly, check my jelly post out later – the benefits are astounding and the supermarket stuff is SCARY!


If you love all the flavours, just make everything into one strawberry pannacotta  by blending all the jelly ingredients (except the gelatine and diced strawberries so you have those still to scatter through the jelly at the end before setting them, for texture) first before cooking and follow the rest of the instructions for the coconut milk pannacotta step.

Also, you can technically just enjoy straight out of the ramekins, without having to heat the outside and carefully turn out onto the plate. The main point is that this is a delicious, healthful dessert, so if you don’t want to go the whole hog on the presentation, keep it simple! It will still taste amazing.

As always, once you’ve made this once, it is so much easier the next time!

Real Food. Happy Bodies. Blissful Desserts. Yes please!

Hope you love them and please, as always, pop back and comment, post a pic to facebook wall or tag me on instagram with your pics @lowtoxlife


Lemon Cheesecake Pannacotta Recipe



  • 4-5 little pannacotta moulds or ramekins Stainless steel is best, so that when it comes time to turn them out you can heat the outside quickly and turn out.

Strawberry Jelly Part

Strawberry Basil Salad


For the Pannacotta

  • Blend the lemon zest, vanilla, coconut milk, lemon juice and rice malt syrup all together (In a thermomix, speed 7, 4 seconds)
  • Then, take half the mixture out and heat half the mixture on speed 1, 100C, 4 minutes / saucepan on medium until it comes to the boil. Open the lid to add the gelatine now, as you don’t want any of the measurement getting stuck on the blades or sides as it will clump and you won’t get the setting result. BLend speed 6, 3 seconds.
  • Add in the rest of the milk mix to the hot gelatine mixture and blend for a further 3 seconds.
  • Pour into pannacotta moulds evenly between 4-5 vessels, leaving a good centimetre off the top for the strawberry jelly. Pop in fridge

For the Strawberry Jelly

  • Blend the strawberries, basil leaves, water, rice malt syrup and vanilla until pureed. Don’t forget to keep back 4 strawberries, fine diced to put solid pieces into the jelly.
  • Then, heat in saucepan until just bubbling or in TM speed 1, 100C, 2 1/2 minutes.
  • Add gelatine, taking care to get the gelatine into the liquid, not on the side of pan / blades and if in saucepan whisk quickly by hand or if in TM, blend on speed 6, 3 seconds.
  • Pour this mixture into a little jug and leave on bench top to cool. In about 45mins, or once the fridge ones only wobble in the centre, take out the pannacottas from the fridge and layer carefully the berry puree on top.
  • Now pop in a few little strawberry cubes into each jelly top and pop all back in fridge 2 hours minimum to set.

For Strawberry Basil Salad

  • Once it comes to dessert time, cube the 12 strawberries and fine chop the basil leaves and combine with the vinegar and rice malt syrup until glossy and coated.

To Remove the Pannacottas

  • Boil water in the kettle and pour into a little bowl.
  • Dunk the pannacottas into the boiling water bowl for about 3 seconds. Try to turn it out onto serving plate. If it doesn’t turn out yet, then repeat this process. NOTE: If you have a thick china ramekin, it might take up to 3-4 goes, as it’s a thicker vessel for the heat to get through.
  • Once turned out, sprinkle a few teaspoons of strawberry basil salad around the plate and serve by candle light. Isn’t she beautiful!?

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  1. I don’t have the gelatine powder and I’m travelling the country at the moment. But I do have titanium strength gelatine sheets. These are probably nutritionally evil but just wondering if I could substitute for the powder and how much I would need to use. This dessert looks amazing and would love to try it. I will definitely get the gelatine powder you recommend when I finally stop in one place long enough. Thanks.

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      Hi Carmel, Happy Adventures! I’d say doing a rough conversion it’d be 1 1/2 sheets for this small recipe. You might have to just experiment and increase to 2 if needed. To prepare the sheets you simply soak in cold water and then squeeze out the excess water and plop into the hot coconut cream mixture and stir to fully dissolve once that’s hot. Let me know how you go! And yes, you’re right. All the leaf gelatine brands I’ve come across are from grain fed cattle and nutritionally not awesome, so no stress… whenever you’re out of those ones, move onto the brand I mentioned. Easy! 🙂


  2. My first pannacotta! I made it for Christmas day and it tastes wonderful!! I used 60ml maple, omitted basil and just made up the salad with a squeeze of lemon and a splash of maple on the strawberries. The cheesecake portion took about 3 hours to set in the fridge though! I thought it was ruined, put it back in thermo and added a bit more gelatin and then back into fridge where it finally set. My husband said it tasted like lemon cheesecake without knowing it’s name! Thank you Alexx!

  3. I tried this recipe previously and it wouldn’t set so I bought the recommended gelatine and have followed the recipe exactly but I’m having the same problem. Even after an hour in the fridge still not close to being able to add the strawberry jelly part. The gelatine container says you need 1 tablespoon to gel 600ml but the recipe seems to use much less than that based on the liquid in each part. Are the measurements accurate? Should I heat it again and add more?

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