Lifting the lid on… Electromagnetics and Wifi

We’re so enmeshed with our technology these days, aren’t we? Do you panic for that few seconds you think your phone might be lost sometimes? Thought so. Me too! I’ve pulled this epic topic from my GO LOW TOX  e course, to help the wider community on this issue and get some empowerment happening. You’ll enjoy a great interview I did with building biologist and naturopath Nicole Biljsma as well as much great further reading over on the building biology website. 

So let’s hook into this rather epic topic, with an initial look at the main things we’re dealing with. Please know, that given this is one of the newest fields of concern, it’s also one with the least amount of evidence behind it. This is not designed to alarm, but to inform and incite questions for you to ask yourself… ideas for you to explore. Just think about this however: How do you feel after a day out in nature vs a day at the computer? One makes us feel better than the other, no question, so while the evidence might be contested or still ‘weak’ in some scientist’s eyes, there’s no question that less technology and electricity around us = better feeling of wellbeing – that much we can agree on for certain. 

What are the most common exposures? (in NO order of magnitude)


Wireless Tech

Baby monitors

Electrical wiring of the home

Electric blankets (see my tip below but also watch this simple video right to the end as it shows magnetic AND electric changes!)

Phone towers

Power lines

Mobile phone towers 

Mobile and Cordless phones


Smart meters

I’ve hyperlinked the above exposure points directly to Nicole Bijlsma’s site, for any topic you want to read more on. She has such generous, free and evidence-based information on there, it’s truly worth spending some time looking into those which interest you to learn more about. 

Let’s just quickly equalize with some hippy gardening thoughts at this point before we go further. Ahhh. That’s better. Those of you living rurally are thinking: “Good decision” right about now, am I right?

So, according to the best experts in the field, we MUST start to reduce our exposure levels – especially Australia and the USA who’s ‘safe’ limits of wireless technology exposure are up to a million times higher than other countries (like Austria, for example). Over 25,000 articles and studies have been posted suggesting caution on this subject, calling EMFs carcinogenic and yet we recklessly – at every opportunity – introduce wifi at every turn. Now I’m not coming from a higher than thou place, here. I am slave to wifi like the next person as someone with an online business, but I am mindful, and really do try to fully ‘switch off’ more and more, at the very least for a couple of hour blocks of time per day – get out of the house, take a walk to pick up some groceries or to the park or beach, leaving the mobile behind as ‘insurance’ from temptation. 

There are other parts of our lives that demand presence.

Germany outwardly recommends its citizens to use ethernet cabling over wifi in offices and schools. France has banned wifi in schools. Large countries like this don’t do such things on a whim – they look at the evidence. If there’s doubt as to safety, don’t wait until that doubt is certain and has cost people’s health. We’ve already done that with our food ‘science’ and look at what is happening there? 

As Nicole Bijlsma can attest, after bravely turning her 10 miscarriages into a valuable contribution to the better health of 1000s of Australians, by driving awareness… the changes you make will benefit you with better health. Fact. Now, you might not be experiencing as severe an impact to your health as Nicole’s but any of these symptoms can be linked to EMF sensitivity or over exposure and so often are misdiagnosed as an autoimmune condition. Scary stuff!

  • Foggy brain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Restlessness
  • Poor concentration
  • Learning difficulties
  • Infertility / Trouble maintaining pregnancy
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle tremors
  • Flu feelings that never turn into an actual flu
  • Ringing ears (tinnitus)
  • Body aches and pains
  • Anxiety

So how do you find out if high exposures might be affecting your health?

You might want to engage a building biologist to come and measure your exposure levels at home. You might also want to just rent a kit to test them yourself. EMR Australia is a wonderful resource and allows you to hire the home testing kits.

The alternative is to do a few simple things to reduce your exposure, which would be wise anyway, and then see how you feel.

Remember this important fact:

“As you double the distance away from the source, you reduce your exposure by 75%”. Nicole Biljsma

So, to that end here are my top 8 super simple tips for reducing your exposure in your bedroom and house.

  1. Your phone won’t emit anything other than extremely mild battery energy in airplane mode, so if you want to have it in your room, have it on flight mode and use the alarm that way. Get rid of clock radios. Or get an old-fashioned clock – ETSY is a treasure trove for such things!
  2. If you must use an electric blanket, then switch it on 15 minutes before bed, and when you get into bed, switch it off – not on standby, but OFF and unplugged from the wall.
  3. If you iron in your bedroom, unplug from the wall after a session.
  4. Switch your wifi router off at night for the whole house
  5. Consider getting an ethernet cable for your computer.
  6. If you *MUST* have a baby monitor, move it to the other side of the nursery so it’s at least more than a metre from your baby’s head and have it to a voice activated setting, so that it isn’t constantly emitting a frequency. I will say though, trust your parental instinct. I tossed my baby monitor once I realised that I could hear that child roll over in the night down the hall in his room, I was so tuned into him. It’s one of those rare last glimpses at our animal instinct I find – have you found that? So if you feel comfortable and sleep a few meters away, then consider not using one. If you don’t feel comfortable, then that’s fine too – just keep across from them on a chair instead of right next to the cot. Make the best decision you can for you and your child’s safety. These are options, not definite ‘you should do this’. 
  7. When it comes to kids and ipads… let them use a computer that’s connected with ethernet cable instead for things like researching for homework or reading / maths apps (APPLE sell converter plugs for their laptops to accept ethernet). Allow children only to watch movies/shows that have been downloaded already, so that you can have them on airplane mode and if they really want to watch something with the ipad, put it on a thick book or pillow so it’s off their body.
  8. Make sure your bed isn’t lined up to a wall whereby there are electrical objects on the other side. If it is, just do a bedroom shuffle, and get the bed to the other side.
  9. DO NOT PLAY ON YOUR PHONE with wifi enabled, next to your baby’s head whilst breast feeding or walking with a carrier – A quick check is fine, but it is advised to not use for long periods and often. Go back to the days of either quiet meditation with the bub OR trashy TV and sitting a good 3 metres from the screen when breastfeeding.  

Do any of those ‘blocking’ metals work? Tourmaline? The stones? The plug-into-the-walls? The stick-on-the-phone? Some say yes and others say no. Feel free to experiment and see how you feel. While everyone argues about whether the ‘reduction’ technology works or not, I believe it’s important to actively reduce our home levels, regardless and not pin our hopes to inconclusive “blockers”.

Activity Trackers

  • Alumni have been keen to know what I recommend for an “activity tracker”… it’s not ideal to have something on you that is emitting wi-fi signals all the time, so don’t get an auto-updating wifi / blue tooth one if it’s something you want to have.

Last little tip? After work, if you’re in an office all day, the best thing you can do is head into a patch of nature for some earthing afterward to re-calibrate and balance yourself out from all the tech exposure. I’d like to recalibrate like this, please. Anyone? Read more here about Earthing and a few other oldie goodie low tox tips.


So there you have it. It’s important not to panic but I believe we should be cautious – especially as large countries are acting with caution such as Austria and France to remove wifi from schools. If we can take a few simple steps to reduce radiation exposure, then why wouldn’t we do that just in case, right? No need to stress or panic or cry out to the world to be terrified and that we’re all doomed. Just remember your airplane mode and to switch off and unplug the electric blanket before hopping into bed. Done! Simple small things make an impact, which is all the reason to take those small steps and keep incorporating more as and when you can. 

Enjoy my interview with Nicole Bijlsma, as I get her back to help us demystify wifi and tech.

Low Tox. Happy Bodies. Happy Planet.

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  1. Thanks, Alexx and Nicole.
    A frustrating topic with the unknown, yes, however not going to ignore what’s presented to us. Just yesterday, I sent my husband a link so he could choose for himself an iPhone case and ear phones to implement this change into our personal and business lives. I like the look of this one 😉

    1. Post
  2. Thanks for sharing- my son loves watching shows on his iPad so this is great info confirming my thoughts! As a born Austrian I applaud my home country for being a leader in the field! 😉

    1. Post

      Yes – you have to pay attention when significantly sized countries are placing precautionary bans on WIFI for children… I applaud them too! xx

  3. Thanks Alexx. Would love a pong case. Had one for phone and loved it but just upgraded and haven’t had chance to organize so would be amazing. They are awesome!!!

  4. I would love a pong for my daughter. I make her use speaker when she’s on her phone but sometimes it’s not possible. I’ts a real worry these days!

  5. I’d love a Pong. Living in rural NSW I am always relying on my mobile because of the outdated copper landline network. Let’s just say I have reported a fault on my home phone 4 times in 6 weeks. It was last fixed on Friday and off again by Sunday!! It’s then diverted to my mobile which I have to use for all outgoing calls too. Please help reduce my exposure to radiation.

  6. Hello,

    Thank you so much for sharing.
    I would love to win that case, didn’t know one existed.
    I breastfeed my baby through the night always on my phone to keep myself awake but just about to turn it into airplane mode and unplug the monitor by cot ( don’t even need at night especially with him being in my room) .
    Eeek, feel so bad but glad I know now than never, thank you so much!!

  7. These cases sound amazing. I’d really love to win one as I’d love to protect my 2 sons as much as possible from radiation. They’re quite pricey – especially the iPad ones so to win one would be so great! 🙂

  8. We have no WiFi connection in the house. All electronics that require internet are connected via cable. Being a busy mum and business owner, I do feel the need to be checking my phone quite often. I only use mobile data as the need arises. I would love to win the PONG cover to ensure that my family and I have further protection from electromagnetic radiation emitted from phones. Thanks 🙂

  9. WOW! Another great article Alexx with practical examples of how small changes can have a big impact. I would love to win a case, thankyou so much for bringing to these everyday nasties.

  10. Another great information session from you Alexx. Loved all the e course this year.Totally changed my approach to food. Love learning about the emission from technology..I now understand why my ear hurts and my jaw is sore after lengthy phone calls…pong cover may just be the answer. Great work Alexx keep it up.

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  11. I’d love one of these. Have been thinking about getting one for a while as I don’t like using my phone while I’m carrying my baby in the carrier as I’m worried about him being inadvertently exposed to the electromagnetic rays from my phone. I try to text only but not sure if that is better at all. I put electro bush flower essence in the four corners of my home as I have heard that that can absorb some of the damaging rays from WiFi. I do what I can, but I’d like to do more.

  12. I’d love one of these. I have been guilty of looking at social media next to my baby while feeding here. But now we have a no tech in the room policy. I’m trying not to freak out by it but as you say, take precaution.

  13. Wow, thank you so much for posting this, I will be starting some of your suggestions tonight (hello aeroplane mode!). I had no idea these cases even existed but I know I need to get them! Perfect timing while I write my Christmas list… I’ll be buying loads of these as presents now!
    Thank you for all of your posts, every one I read leaves me better informed and more armed to continue making these small but important changes towards a low tox life for myself and my children xx

  14. Thanks, Alex. Great article and very timely reminder for me with the first bub on the way. Would love a Pong case to protect the belly bump and beyond.

  15. Hi Alexx, I did the first Low tox course last year and this was a great little refresher read, especially as I prepare for the arrival of my first little bub. Wifi is big on my list of ‘must work out ways to try reduce this!’ This case looks great and would love to go in the comp. Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hi Alexx, If the cover is aimed at directing the radiation away from you, do you therefore have to be careful how the phone is positioned in your bag? As otherwise it could be directed the radiation at you…? x

  16. would love one. My kids sometimes grab the phone when I don’t look. If I ever let them play with it I put it on flymode. But the case would come handy for those moments, when I don’t look and my 2 yr old runs around, ‘making phone calls’ 🙂

  17. I would love one of these cases & will definitely look in to getting one for our iPad. I worry about the effects on my precious daughter’s developing body

  18. Great article and a good reminder for those of us who spend too much time on the computer! Will start implementing these tips ASAP and lowering my computer use. I’m already unwell, so it’s even more important. But being stuck at home and wanting to distract yourself from sickness, the computer can be a major time pull as there’s always a million things to check. Making this something I’ll work on in 2016! Oh, and I’d love this for my mum. We recently did the low tox course earlier in the year and she recently bought an iPhone for business, so she’d love this! Cheers

  19. Thanks for sharing this information, it’s so important people become aware of the effects of EMR. I will definitely be making some changes around the house & educating my kids. The phone case would make a great Xmas gift for my husband who is constantly on the phone for his work.

  20. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these Alexx – this is a topic I’m keenly researching. My 5.5 year old son starts school next year and I worry about the wifi setup they have in each classroom – 5 hours a day, 5 days a week!

  21. Thank you so much for the information and tips. Some I already do but others I hadn’t thought of. I think I will be mentioning this to my son’s school. I would love to try the Pong case.

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  23. Thanks Alexx for this. I think when I first read about this inside your 30 day course, I was in denial. However, it’s slowly been seeping in 😉 and scaring the beejeezus out of me … which then means ACTION! My question is – what about Netflix? It’s the only TV we really watch these days, and it’s streaming whilst we watch it … from the router beside our lounge where we sit (where the phone point is) … to the TV opposite us. Do you or Nicola have any recommendations for this?
    Thank you! x

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  24. I didn’t realise baby monitors were bad for this.. I’d be interested in how they emit radiation. I’ll be moving mine further from my bubba today!

    1. Post

      They do yes, just as cordless phones do. A couple of meters away and you’ve had a huge impact, and another good one is to not turn it on until YOU go to bed instead of when baby goes to bed and as soon as they’re older and you feel comfortable, ditch it altogether x

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