Losing my foodie 5

I adore food and while I eat a very clean, 90% organic and close to 100% ethical, I do enjoy it, perhaps sometimes a little too much. We cook at home a lot and revel in delicious things. I have to say since swapping to a wholefoods eating style (ie, no ‘diet’ just real, clean and unprocessed food), I have been healthier, happier and haven’t put on weight. If I have a week of functions and cocktail parties though, eating refined breads and sweets makes me balloon as much as 4kg. I’ve had a couple of those weeks lately, and am therefore feeling the jiggle, the sleepiness and the roll. You know that feeling when a little fat roll forms as you sit down that had not been there before? Terror and horror set in as you realise the roll is here to stay until you of course do something about it – damn! Why is it always our problem? So back to my way of eating I go and for good measure, I’ve decided to enlist some additional artillery to help me make time for myself on this mission – exercise. It’s been a couple of years since I consistently exercised. I definitely believe that my lack of exercise is the only thing standing between me and my pre pregnancy weight and given that pre pregnancy was 3.25 years ago, it’s time to step things up!

Enter Michele Connolly a new friend who is fabulous and the author of 52 weightloss missions. When having lunch recently, she told the table of her upcoming ’30 day weightloss-athon’ that she was running to build awareness of her 52 weightloss missions product. Keen to lose a little jiggle and feel a sense of empowerment as only one can when comfy in their own skin, I have signed up and started today. 10 minutes a day with a little challenge per day allocated to the weightloss-athon. I won’t be boring you with daily updates, but am affirming my commitment to the 30 days, in letting you know i’m doing it.

Here’s to the 5kg lighter I shall be next month and if you’re feeling the giggle, the 30 day weightloss athon that Michele’s doing through her biz is fab. It’s about taking the time to think about why the jiggle’s there in the first place and what beliefs, habits and oversights keep tipping the scales. Fabulous!

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