Low Tox Legend: Meet Tabitha McIntosh

I’m so proud to present my “Low Tox Legends” series, introducing and sharing the secrets of fabulous people around the world, who rock Low Tox living, despite the challenges when living in big cities. This part of the site will be an inspiration to all of us wanting to choose the life less toxic and learn from the best with their tips and insights.

I’m starting with a local hero. She has a successful Natural Health clinic in Sydney, Australia & appears often on morning television, giving people ideas to embrace better wholefood diets & low tox options. She is an author, about to be published for the first time, with an incredible body of work.  She’s a Mum of two gorgeous little people. Enjoy her wisdom!

Meet the fabulous Tabitha McIntosh…

Quals: Bachelor of Medical Science (UNSW): Adv Dip Naturopathy: Dip Clinical Nutrition; Post-Grad Cert Nutritional & Environmental Medicine.

Profession: Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist in private practice. Also a Nutrition Lecturer and Co-Author of upcoming Chemicals and Children’s Health Book.

Business: Awaken Your Health

1. What inspired you to move into your now incredible career?

I felt such a pull towards helping people understand their body and how to work with it, so they could live to their fullest potential. After working several years as a receptionist in a busy GP’s surgery, I saw first-hand the ‘dis-empowerment’ that so many people feel around their health: and i subsequently made it my mission (however big or small) to help turn that around.

2. The most common issue people have with going ‘low tox’ is where to start. What’s your  no 1 tip for adopting a lower tox lifestyle? 

I suggest thinking of chemicals as a “load’ issue. If you are prepared to adapt something that you do regularly (eg. morning make-up routine, the cup that your morning coffee is served in, ditching the plastic containers etc) to reduce your frequent exposures, you will have a significant impact on your body’s chemical ‘load’ over time. Other than that, start with the kids – Their developing bodies tend to be the most vulnerable to the negative effects of chemicals. Scary but true.

3. You have two little kiddies who I’m sure love cakes: Do you have a favourite brand for natural icing colours or bake ware you’d like to share?

Sure – my middle name is Pyrex  – I bake regularly in Pyrex glass dishes (think vegetable fritattas, apple crumbles, spinach pies…) and find it such a synch to then lid-up ad store any left-overs in the fridge.

Hopper’s Natural Food Colourings have featured at my kids Celebrations these past several years:  they are made from 100% natural fruit and vegetable extracts, and free from gluten,artificial ingredients & nasties. My son’s dinosaur Cake last year was iced green with Hopper’s Safflower & Spirulina mix, and was completely devoured by hungry little people – with no-one the wiser! (but everyone much, much calmer for it…)

4. In your practise, what are some of the most common signs in a person, of a life exposed to too many toxins?

Sluggishness in the mornings, with fatigue & lethargy throughout the day is frequent. Some people actually describe having a ‘toxic feeling’. Headaches, rashes and poor immune resilience are other red-flags. I also see loads of hormonal imbalances, thyroid disturbances, and low sperm counts related to high chemical load, as many of these day-to-day chemical exposures have endocrine-disrupting effects.

5. What’s something you cringe at having used, eaten or worn once upon a time, now that you’re a low tox queen?

My major cringe-flash-back – I am mortified to say – is sitting in a standard ‘USA Nails’ parlour having a pedicure, whilst 30-something weeks pregnant with my first born, wondering why i had a headache from the strong smells. To think now about the untimely phthalate exposures sends a shiver down my spine. I share this as it’s not such an unlikely a scenario – I know many a pregnant-woman who wants to look her best at ‘crunch’-time. If you must, go for a DIY pedi, in a well-ventilated space, with the low-chemical Butter brand (free form Dibutyl phthalate, toluene and formaldehyde.

6. Your favourite beauty tip for those wanting to ditch the chemical cosmetic fest?

Keep it simple! Nothing looks more beautiful than healthy skin, and we can achieve that from the inside out. Sleep, regular exercise, and good hydration go a long way. Having said that, of course we all need the occasional spruce-up: I am a Miessence fan for beauty and skin products, plus i find the Jane Iredale Mineral powder make-up indispensable for achieving even-skin tone (free from oil, talc, parabens, preservatives, synthetic fragrance), as it’s got such a nude and natural look, and is long wearing with low SPF.

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So much wisdom there & a big thanks to Tabitha for sharing her views, secrets and passion for the life less toxic! A small note – Tabitha has not been endorsed to suggest any brands mentioned here – it’s her genuine passion for these recommendations and nothing more.

Real Food. Low Tox. Happy bodies

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  1. Hi I would like to discuss some of my knowledge as a retired midwife ,nurse & fertility awareness educator.8 yrs ago I saw 17 Drs including 7 specialists to receive a accurate diagnosis of a severe vitamin B12 deficiency..Unfortunately there is very little knowledge & importance placed on a healthy & nutritious diet for any age group with exceptions of heart disease & diabetes .With increasing prescribed medications for symptoms resulting in the body being depleted of essential vitamins & minerals. Whilst practising for 50 yrs I could not help to notice the prevalence lately of mental illness,anxiety, depression, iron & vit B12 deficiencies ,diabetes ,heart disease ,infertility & autism in our communities. Fast & processed food ,takeaways ,lifestyles ,carbonated & sugar laden drinks,pesticides,vaccines ,environmental pollution & contaminated water are predisposing us to illness & disease.

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