Fancy taking some low Tox inspo pics this week and every week in July to be in the change to win 2K worth of prizes? Step 1, join me on Instagram.

Then have a little read ♥️ VERY excited to celebrate a whole year of my first book, Low Tox Life, being in the world. It went so fast and thank you for helping it fly further than I ever could have alone 🙏🏽 The whole “Low Tox” idea started because I couldn’t find a book like this 15 years ago, and I found it very hard to find information that was rooted in science, and that didn’t scare me into paralysis (You know that way when you read something and feel a fear come over you like a wave and then you feel like yelling, Holly-wood-style, “We’re all gonna diiiiiieeeee!”). ⁠⠀
A blog, recipes, online community, 1,000,000+ downloads podcast of 150+ shows and 9 e-courses later, it was already plenty special to run this lil’ low tox world. But then, getting to write an affirmation-fuelled, can-do blueprint of a book, across the areas of food, body, home and mind, to leave us and our planet all the better for our changes, feels like reaching back to my 28 year old and confused me, and saying “Here, read this: I got you!” because that ‘me’ might just be you. ⁠⠀
Anyhoo, I wanted to celebrate somehow with an interactive ‘something’, so I hope you join us in this month of Instagram pic sharing and a chance to win!
Week 1: BODY. And I’ll be sharing tips and ideas over the 4 weeks, of course. Each week there are beautiful prizes up for grabs if you post one or more pics over the week (chosen from all insta-pic posters who use the hashtags).⁠⠀In the BODY week you can win a BIOME DIY Beauty pack, a Weleda body pack or a Black Chicken Remedies Travel set. Delicious treats!

Good luck. Can’t wait to see your pics!

Alexx x


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