Low Tox Practitioner Recommendations

Need an Aussie practitioner? My inbox is always filled with questions about which integrative doctor, naturopath, dentist, building biologist… I would recommend and I truly feel humbled by the esteem with which you hold my opinion on such things. It is critical to find great support if you’re navigating something complex with your health, or simply want a big-picture thinking partner in helping you navigate a low tox life.

So, I decided it was time to put together a list of practitioners that I have worked with or who have come recommended within the Go Low Tox Alumni group and Low Tox Club Facebook group with resounding ‘yes, that person is awesome’ verifications from the community in an effort to make your life easier and help you find high quality, trustworthy people to turn to. Remember, it’s super important to feel like you’ve found a ‘partner’ in your efforts to lead a low tox life. You never want to feel railroaded, belittled or overwhelmed. You also don’t want to feel like you’re backed into a corner and unable to get a second opinion. My last piece of advice here for seeing the red flags is when you’ve worked with someone for more than 3-4 sessions and absolutely nothing is improving. Sure, sometimes that is because we’re not doing the work so we have to be honest with ourselves, too, but if the protocols, supplements, detoxification etc is showing zero signs of improvement, then doing the same thing over and over again expecting or hoping for a different result, is a big red flag. Switch it up! Interview/audition someone else. Ask if they’d be open to a 15-minute discovery call and then move forward in a different way. 

I am a big fan of an annual check-up whether medical or dental. It’s all too easy to put everyone before ourselves and skip that annual visit to your integrative health professional. Hopefully, this resource is a prompt for you to put your health and wellbeing at the top of the list.

Why we need annual checkups

While instinctively many of us know when we’re not feeling 100%, it’s always helpful to have a full blood count done to identify any underlying illnesses or deficiencies that may lead to something more sinister or long-term down the track. I’m definitely not about putting fear into your minds, but rather empower you to ask the right questions and get tests that you’re entitled to.

This list is designed to be a starting point for you. There are many practitioners out there and it is important that you work with someone that you trust, can build rapport with, and who makes you feel heard. These are the types of medical professionals you want in your corner. 

Oh wait – always remember to incorporate relaxation techniques, nervous system support into your healing. If you haven’t explored Ashok Gupta’s work, it’s honestly I believe one of the most important healing protocols you can do if you’re trying to come out of chronic illness or past traumas resulting in symptoms ongoing. I’ve had him on the show a couple of times and we have a community discount of $50USD off his program which you have access to for 12 months.



Dr Kate Norris – NSW

Integrative doctor 


Interests include gut disorders (SIBO/ parasites/ IBS etc.), women’s health and fertility, autoimmune disorders, endocrine problems (mainly thyroid and adrenal), and methylation.

Janet Kim – NSW



Dr Sandeep Gupta – QLD /  Telehealth


Mould/CIRS/Inflammation/Nervous System 

Dr Christabelle Yeoh – NSW


Gut health, Brain health, Fatigue 

Dr Mark Donohue


Specialising in ME/CFS and complex environmental illness

Doctor Gull Herzberg – Northern Rivers NSW 


Chronic pain, fatigue, cognitive dysfunction, mood disturbance, mould illness/CIRS

Remede Wellness Medicine – multidisciplinary clinic

Doctor, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Psychology


Dr Mark Westaway



Doctor Gull Herzberg

Chronic pain, fatigue, cognitive dysfunction, mood disturbance


Dr Anjana Arunachalam – VIC

Dr Anjana cross refers to qualified and experienced naturopaths, nutritionists, Chinese medical doctors, acupuncturists, herbalists, psychologists and encourages the incorporation of meditation, yoga and exercise into one’s lifestyle.


Dr Anne Small – VIC

Very experienced in diagnosing physical and emotional illnesses.


Dr Min Yeo – VIC (not seeing new patients but you can follow on Instagram)

Integrative doctor 


Interests include Gastrointestinal disorders, Mental Health, Thyroid disorders and General Wellbeing.

Dr Penny Caldicott  – Wyoming NSW

Integrative doctor


President of the Australasian Integrative Medicine Association (AIMA)




Anthia Kallourous NSW / Phone



Generalist – 20+ years experience

Amie Skilton – Northern NSW / Online

Naturopath / Building biologist


Mould illness

Carmelle Pietsch – WA / Online



Dan Sipple – South Coast NSW / Online


Microbiome Hacker, Gut + Immune Health, Adrenal Fatigue, Hormone Health

Jules Galloway – Northern NSW / Online


Special interest in adrenal fatigue (aka “HPA Axis dysfunction”), chronic fatigue, pyrrole disorder, anxiety, autoimmune conditions, and gut issues.

Kate Holm – Newcastle / Online 


Women’s Health, Fertility, Pregnancy. Babies & Children’s Health

Lisa Costa Bir – NSW / Online



Lisa’s passion lies within all things thyroid, auto-immune and PMDD.

Naomi Judge – NSW / Online



Naomi supports women with endocrine system/hormonal balance, PMS & PMDD

Hannah Boyd  – NSW / Online

https://www. new-leaf.com.au/

Kate Powe – NSW /Online

PMS, endometriosis, PCOS, hormone imbalance and the mental and emotional adjuncts of anxiety and depression.


Natalie K. Douglas – NSW / Online


Thyroid, Gut, & Hormone problems.

Louise Sheelings – VIC / Online 


Lynda Griparic – Northern NSW / Online

Constipation, SIBO and gut problems are her speciality.




Sydney Holistic Dental Centre


Anokhi Dental


Steven Lin – Central Coast NSW


Dr John Sotis, Dr Tony Simeone, Dr Shehab – Gold Coast QLD


Dr Ben Olstein – Melbourne VIC


Dr Mark Westaway


Wholistic Dentistry – NSW


Dr Louis Chan – NSW


Lotus Dental – NSW


Vitality Dental Tuggerah – Central Coast NSW


Dentistry For Your Health – NSW



Building Biologists

Jo Lia – NSW


Bryan Jepsen – QLD


Nicole Berringer – VIC


Deanne Hislop – WA


ASBB – Australiasian Society of Building Biologists (Directory of certified building biologists)



Do you have a practitioner that you recommend? Let us know at [email protected]

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  1. These integrative doctors are insanely expensive. Mark Donohue is $800+ for the initial appointment, thats before any testing.
    Very hard to get treatment unless you are rich.

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      Hey Ali – I hear you which is why we must also campaign for greater awareness of chronic environmental toxin illnesses that fly under the radar. Mark’s initial is a half day, so if you consider a ‘long’ GP visit for an hour is 270 at a regular surgery it’s actually about the same price it’s just that it takes so long to investigate root causes – and that’s not even the tests, right? Anyhoo, they are great doctors nevertheless. An experienced naturopath might be the go – that’s what I mostly use for cost reasons too. All the best x

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