Low Tox Shopping Helper Offers for the Festive Season

Need some gift ideas in the low tox space? Here are some helpful shopping codes + scroll down the bottom for some of my favourites from each of the stores. 


Low Tox Life

Only $95 + postage for 5 x copies, personalised and signed of my Low Tox Life FOOD book +
Free large Organic Cotton Shopping tote – $215 value total!
Valid until 15th December 2023 (and a willing teen to take them all to the post office for money! hehe) 


$150 off on 35L Dehumidifier ($379 down from $529)
until 11th December 2023

and of course the usual 10% off with code LOWTOXLIFE until the end of 2023 – ausclimate.com.au



15% off on KillaPilla pillows
until 31st December 2023.



Dr Bronner’s

15% off on products (excluding book/bulks)
until 15th December 2023



15% off on ALL products
until 15th December 2023

Republica Organic Coffee (their Instant decaf and Timor blend are always in our house at the ready!)

25% off SITEWIDE
until 15th Decemberber 2023

Waters Co Filters

12% off SITEWIDE
until 14th December 2023


20% off SITEWIDE
until 15th December 2023

(exclusions apply to gift sets, already discounted items, minis)

Koala Eco

25% off on any individual products (not packs)
until 15th December 2023


10% off on the GoodnessMe Pantry+Personal Care
All year round! Great for little foodie gifts! 

Play to Learn

10% off low toys + craft
until 11th December 2023



SolidTeknics has just released four new sizes in their AUS-ION range,
which are now available to pre-order on their website:

AUS-ION™ 20cm Frypan – ETA Feb ’24
AUS-ION™ 24cm Frypan
AUS-ION™ 28cm Frypan
AUS-ION™ 26cm Crepe Pan

Available for PRE-ORDER only, at special promotional pricing 
until 19th December 2023


And some favourites of mine from a few of the stores…


My Play To Learn Faves

1. The Eco Paint Set – I’ve given this to two of my nephews over the past couple of Christmases and it’s always gone down well as an activity and the colours are so calm and soothing for the parent to counter act the mess of a painting activity


2. There are a lot of cheap wooden puzzles out there these days – who knows where the paint is from and if it’s lead free; who knows what forests the wood comes from. The lack of traceability in the ‘natural toys’ greenwashing is rife. One gorgeous puzzle we’ve given before that gets loads of use from the 2-4 year olds depending on the child and where they’re at, is this mozaic puzzle, as they can mix and match colour schemes and learn more about matching related tones together. I just love it.


3. A playdough replacement that doesn’t involve you making it from scratch. Regular playdough contains petroleum based ingredients such as mineral oil, colours, other additives and fragrance. This bag mix of ‘just add water’ and various suggestions for colouring (you can use the paint powders from my first suggestion) is great! You can get your little maker to make the dough and have fun kneading it tot he right consistency as a part of the play time!


There are many more things on Lisa’s site for all budgets with some breathtaking sky-s the limit options with doll houses and trucks all hand made…


My Must-Haves From AusClimate


1. For a dehumidifier that you use to keep bathrooms, laundries and small bedrooms dry with climate/human-habit humidity impacts, the 16L compact has a powerful motor and the tank can fill 2-3 times in 24 hours to suck 16L out of the air.


2. For larger rooms, having a 35L or a 50L unit are game changers in humid conditions and for if you ever experience water damage and need to keep your possessions dry. Anyone who lives where there’s a rainy season or regular storms or with a shady ‘south side’ of the house needs a large unit to manage humidity.

3. Be sure to get a humidity/temperature gauge (fancy name: hygrometer) – Having a couple of these around the house will start to tune you into how regularly you’re going over 60% humidity in your home. You want to be thoroughly drying out your rooms by rotating the unit through at least every couple of days in humid times or prolonged rain.


4. The compact 4 stage air purifier is a little magic unit for bedrooms – if anyone has allergies or if you can’t move and you know you have mould issues or live in a polluted area, it’s essential health insurance.



Organic Nights Summer Pyjamas

I have adored decking the nephews out in Organic Nights PJs over the years – so soft and divine designs…

Tenderleaf Toys

The company is intentional about only using paper wrapping, no plastic packaging, and minimal plastic parts, if at all. The General Stores Till and the Pizza Oven have not plastic at all.



Want to only buy ecologically thoughtful decorations from now on? All of BIOME’s Christmas decorations
 are made by women in Australia, Nepal, Colombia and Kenya. How great is that!
And of course, all from natural materials such as felt, cotton, wood, straw and ceramic.


Londji toys from Spain
Made in Spain and they have a great story about their ethics and sustainability and contain no plastic!
Some great choices for primary age children, through to all ages.

And for the big kids aka adults: A stunning Earth Greetings Tea Towel – there’s a range and they’re all just lovely

Or for the gardener in your life, the Plant Runner Garden Care Kit


 Or I’ve never seen someone upset with me when I’ve given them something from the gorgeous Queen B range like a Pillar Candle (but they have of course wraps and occasion-based candles too on there).

Tracey, the BIOME founder has also put together a list of eco gifts for the year that is full of good ideas and budget points. Click here to view her list: 20 Best Eco Friendly Christmas Gifts in 2023



Bio First (extending also to the 11th just confirmed) The Manuka Skin Saver is a brilliant product if you have a friend who loves the sun but wants to care for their skin as it’s a great post-sun healer.


If you have a friend or bub/kid in your life with eczema or extremely dry or sensitive skin, the fragrance-free Ultra Sensitive Skin Rescue Lotion is a lifesaver for many – you just have to peruse the internet for reviews to see how many people are grateful for its existence since its launch last year.



Where do I start with my faves from this range of pioneering products since they began as a company a century ago! Well, I always say the No 1 way to nudging people towards low tox living is through gifts – Whether it’s their gorgeous Calendula Baby range I’ve given new parents forever now, and used on my own little man when he was a bud (and now with bigger feet than me!!!)

I also think one of the easiest ways to reduce plastic in your life is by switching from bath gels in the shower to bar soaps and the Weleda Shower Bars are so delicious and creamy it’s been an easy way to get my family across the line who loved a good bath gel as much as the next guy…


Lastly, the Skin Food Face Care range – I often cringe at how much crap was in the super expensive skincare I used to proudly sell in my cosmetics days 25 years ago as a regional manager flying around training teams and launching products – imagine spending $400 on a face cream that contained endocrine disruptive ingredients and preservatives that can easily irritate the skin. Madness. The Skin Food range expansion to include face care is stunning, affordable, and high-performance. It’s well worth a try for anyone with normal/normal combination-dry or dry skin.


Koala Eco


Our family uses 2 things religiously from Koala Eco – The Laundry Liquid with Eucalyptus and Rosemary and the Glass Cleaner Spray – how my teen gets toothpaste all over the bathroom mirror is beyond me but at least he’s brushing, right? The glass cleaner makes mirrors/window cleaning effortless. Our cleaner absolutely loves the floor cleaner too. Those are our 3 staples but they’ve also brought out a natural oxygen bleach for the laundry that I’m sure we’ll be using regularly too for stains!


Dr Bronner’s

The original makers of liquid castile soap, able to be used in infinite DIY preparations and for cleaning just about anything from your dishes to your armpits to your car to your dog! Dr Bronner’s also makes a great bar soap for by the sink to replace plastic pumps if that’s a focus for you right now, and one of my favourite products of theirs is the Sal Suds, a tough cleaning gel that we use to rub into stains as a pre-wash, as well as for cleaning the toilet and shower! I have visited their HQ in Vista California and can hand-on-heart say, they are a company that loves their values through and through, caring not just for the profits but for all the good things that can be done with them for their staff and community as well as the causes they care about. 


Waters Co

I have used Waters Co filters for over a decade. We have the Mini Waterman which is a fantastic budget option but also a brilliant travel buddy to ensure your water is clean, fluoride & chlorine free, and remineralised wherever you go in the world! We also have the jug that my husband uses for camping, and their 10L large benchtop – I love the glass reservoir and the multi-stage filtration and remineralisation. The water tastes delicious. An all time fave low tox brand.


Goodness Me

 “GoodnessMe is a great option for pantry staples, some basics for personal care, plant-based supplements and kitchen/laundry needs and special ‘snacks’ to pepper your kid’s wholefood lunchbox knowing it’s at least not full of strange additives and preservatives – sometimes just having something in a packet in there that feels like they get to be like the other kids, is enough to get all the wholesome things you want in there across the line…

Low Tox Life: Food

And my book – We’ve made a super special book bundle on my second book for friends and colleagues you want to get a pressie for that love food, whole food and cooking. It’s a book that focuses on what all types of eaters can do to do impactful work from our homes regarding food and climate – away from corporate recommendations and fighting on social media. Real talk. Real cooking literacy skills and real impact while you enjoy 70+ delicious, gluten free recipes.



Low Tox Gifts. Happy us. Happy planet!

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