My Christmas Wish List

I’ve been made a part of a ‘Christmas wish list circle’ by the lovely Sonia who I have digitally befriended over the past couple of months, from Natural New Age Mum. You can read her wishlist here and I am fully on board with it all, especially point 5! To stop and think of what one wishes for, is something one doesn’t do enough. To take 5 minutes and think about the change and prosperity you want to see – for yourself, your friends, the world and more, is quite a heavy thing to do. If we focus on what we wish for, rather than what simply ‘is’, then our wishes come closer to manifesting.

So, on a very heavy day, where we’ve learnt of 2 tragic attacks in the world, both in the USA and in China, I write my wish list. Probably a little heavier than I might have chosen a day ago, but writing is a product of circumstance, so voila.

1. I wish for people who are sad, lonely, angry or confused by their circumstances or the world, to feel that they can turn to someone, before they turn to violence. How does someone end up so very alone that it becomes so dark in their mind to contemplate such acts as we’ve seen today, I will never fully understand. I do however think we all could reach out more, look for signs and support people who need us. Life is busy. Slow it down a little and look around. Who needs you? You as a person, not your gifts or money. Who needs a hug or an ear for some listening. Let’s make ‘R U OK day’ every day and today, I know we’re all millions and millions praying for the victims of the incomprehensible happenings. Hugs and thoughts to so many beautiful families that are hurting very much.


2. I wish for less intense and heaving consumerism this time of year. There’s something quite gross about how crowded shopping centres get. Queues, anger over car park spaces, buying way more pressies than our kids need, and loads of processed snacks to fill tables on celebration days. I wish for us all to stop and ask ourselves: What does giving a nasty look to this person is the car park lot achieve? Why do I really need to go to the shopping centre again today? What could I bake with my kids together for some family time, instead of buying a whole bunch of packet stuff? What one really special thing could I get for my children with a fun little stocking of nonsense on the side, instead of 5 different gifts. This isn’t a dig by the way. I’ve been guilty too and and trying to learn from misguided consumer enthusiasm myself. It’s pretty entrenched this stuff, if you’ve grown up western. It’s not our fault but we can re-learn a more mindful way and we can certainly buy from awesome independent online or local small business, to make our buying matter to the lil’ guy, sending a message to the big.

3. I wish for our governments to stop having such massive vested interests that stop them from leading for the best of the people. Gun control in the US for one and then globally with several examples, including here in Australia. Organic farming costs farmers while GM farming gets subsidised and this is the case in most western countries. Organic farming never hurt a fly and proves in several studies that the yield is comparable, yet leaves the earth in much better state, our animals happier, wildlife in tact and us much better nourished. I cannot understand ever nor at all, how organic farming initiatives are not being subsidised, and certifications are not cheaper for farmers to apply for. They’re the ones respecting our planet.


4. I wish for people to be more fearless and go for what they truly want to see manifest in their lives. I’ve been on quite a journey, switching from doing what I am ‘able’ to do, to doing more things that scare me a little and light me up, but things I can’t do with my eyes closed. Cruising and doing what one is good at is fine, but a life of purpose with a fire in the belly is oh so much more awesome. I sincerely wish for more people to find their fires and light’ em.

5. I wish for homeless people to have Christmas feasts as we’re all looking forward to. We have the most magnificently inspiring food rescue program, OzHarvest, in Australia, founded and run by one of my favourite people in the universe, Ronni Kahn. For homeless people to be able to look forward to a day of celebration and feast together, gives them a Christmas too. That makes me super happy. If you want to support OzHarvest, why not buy this gorgeous book as a Christmas present online, by many well known chefs, with fantastic leftovers & cooking ideas. All profits go to making them able to rescue more food and give to those in need.

6. Can I add a 6th? My wish is for abundant health for all in 2013. If you don’t feel fantastic, don’t quit exploring until you find out why. Don’t rely on pills to forget your symptoms. We all deserve to feel well and our magic, personal recipe for wellness, is unique to each of us, amidst a few universal truths. Real food, low tox living and mind body care are all so very important to us tackling each day with gusto. Being present in real, beautiful relationships contributes enormously of course, also. Re-learning better ways is not a life sentence of deprivation, it’s just newly defining stuff for ourselves, to give us a better chance of feeling fantastic.


Be well


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