My Fridge Exposed

My hippy fridge – despite being an inner city apartment dweller – is most often packed to the rafter with hippy, home made goodness so here it is… for anyone who’s curiosity is piqued by such things: I give you my fridge!



  1. You’ve most probably heard me go on about stock now before. I live what I teach I tell you, as you can see by my dated jar stash in the fridge with chicken and fish stocks on the go at the moment! Read about stock here.
  2. Coconut cream – Couldn’t get my AYAM coconut cream the other day so settled on the best tasting BPA free one that has the least amount of Guar gum and that’s the spiral brand.
  3. A chicken, veggie and cauli / potato pie that my hubby made – a little double up of a main meal so he could take it to work!
  4. A few toasted hazelnuts covered in raw chocolate in a little white dish
  5. A 4 My Earth covered bowl – you must check out her covers and ditch the glad wrap from your life! Nasty stuff for the environment indeed!
  6. My favourite cultured veg down there, Kitsa’s Kitchen. Yummy prima donna flavour!



  1. Apple compote freshly made – simple compote recipe in my book available on Amazon if you fancy downloading for just $6.99
  2. Berry chia pudding in a jar – recipe in my new book!
  3. A home batch of Kim chi
  4. A few random pickles and left over pan juices that I pop in jars to get the next onions browning in for a great base flavour for the next dish.
  5. Organic Ghee
  6. My coffee body scrub stash. Recipe for that one is here. 
  7. Pasture perfect Bacon
  8. Some lamb steaks for crumbing with dukkah
  9. An open tin of sardines in olive oil – love them on a buckwheat cracker with loads of fresh lemon juice for breakky every now and then.
  10. A couple of tubs of hippy cream (raw and yes it’s illegal to sell to eat raw, but I choose from my research to enjoy raw dairy from time to time if I eat it at all) for making my own butter.
  11. My herb tray – Always packed with at least 4 fresh herbs, and covered with a damp tea towel for crisy freshness to last the week.
  12. Beef delivery bag – Beef bones and a scotch fillet roast from Alma Beef. Amazing quality, grass fed and finished.
  13. Cheap juicing carrots that I ignore the juicing part and cook with or eat raw as sticks – 2kg $3.99 and organic. No brainer!
  14. Coconut and buckwheat flours
  15. Veggies – not too many as I buy these fresh from various local markets a couple of times a week.


What’s awesome about a “Real Food” fridge is the lack of brands and food like products packed with additives. My fridge 6 years ago would have had hundreds of additives and additional chemicals in there. Minimising plastic is still a work in progress but each month I get better at that.

My fridge shelves could do with a good scrub but all in all, I love our fridge and the real food that fills it up each week!

Real Food. Happy Bodies.

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  1. Hi Alexx, I saw you at the Mindd Foundation Seminar last Sat and thought you were fab. Has anyone ever told you, you look like Kate Hudson? Two questions I have: Where, where, where do you buy your organic raw cream please? I too wish to make my own butter and love that same brand but, can only ever find their milk not, the cream. Secondly, last Sat were you talking about the recent episodes on saturated fat on Catalyst? How amazing that we’re finally talking about it more, it’s out there. I think no joke, I have your exact same fridge. Thanks Gabriela.

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      Thanks so much and would you believe it but yes! They have. I don’t see it, but at least 5 people over the years have 🙂 Raw cream I get from GRUB in Vaucluse. Yes, I was talking about those episodes and yay: It’s all finally happening! You’re super welcome Gabriela. Nice to e meet you!

  2. I’m loving this sneak peek behind closed fridge doors 🙂 it would be fascinating to compare fridges with someone who is not on the real food path! Thanks for sharing.

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      I see them at friends’ all the time. All I can see is all the additives in the fridge they’re going to eat. Not upset with them, but with the whole mess that the food industry got us into in the first place!

  3. I’m loving checking out the fridges of my favourite healthy bloggers – thanks for a peek in yours Alexx. I’m reducing the number of numbers in our fridge (and trying to get hubby to stop buying/consuming them) and working on reducing plastic. Pyrex and food covers are on my Christmas list! I think I’ll use some of my Crio Bru grounds in your scrub recipe – a nice treat for me after “unmentionable milk additive” Cricket tonight 😉

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  4. Wow… what a fantastic ‘natural’ fridge! So inspiring to see all those homemade stocks and things on the go. You’ve got my brain ticking over with what I can do now… thanks! x

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  5. Oh dear your fridge puts me to shame. I will definitely be stopping by here more often for “fridspiration” and healthy tips.

  6. G’day and thank you for your fridge view!
    Very healthy! Very natural…Love Crio Bru too!
    Cheers! Joanne
    Viewed as part of Sonia’s What’s In The Fridge

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  7. Your fridge is inspiring!! Just wondering – I assume the fact you have coconut and buckwheat flour in the fridge means that’s where I should be keeping them?

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  8. Love all the stock jars – I really should get into that more! I can’t wait for my food covers to arrive that I ordered last week – less rubbish for me!

  9. Wow!! I’ve just started making my own stocks, but so far have been freezing them. How long will they keep in the fridge for if i put them in sealed glass jars?

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      Hi Jenny, sorry for delay. Been away. Firstly, big congrats on your stock making. It’ll change your health, food wastage and cooking prowess 🙂 I keep in the fridge up to 2 weeks. The layer of fat that settles on top prevents oxygen from getting into contact with the stock. If I still have some in the fridge nearing 2 wks I transfer to freezer for using later. That’s why I like to date mine, in case I have a couple of batches on the go. Makes it easier to remember where you’re at…

      1. Fantastic! I assume then you could also use this fat layer for other cooking too? I think I’ll start with one batch at a time for now. There’s only two of us so we don’t go through too much stock, having said that the homemade stock is much more flavoursome.

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