No where to run to, baby!

And no where to hide. Such is the age of the ‘2 way conversation’ and connection economy. Until recently, we were ‘talked at’ by big brands and corporations. We were hypnotised by sheer volume and frequency of message. If we get told we ‘need’ something enough, we begin to believe it right?

People that didn’t agree, or challenged ideas and products with curiosity and questions, were dealt with behind closed doors with customer service, PR departments or at the extreme, threats and harm, never knowing how to help find support to bring about justice.

Now, something exciting is happening. If you want to ask Oral B if their dental floss is coated with petroleum derived teflon technology, you can – Right there on their face book page. If you find out a butcher has been selling factory farmed meat under the guise of free range or pasture raised, you can tell them and all of your friends, on twitter. If you want to challenge a brand on their ‘healthy, natural or ethical waste policy” claims, go on and do it and let everybody else watch! You can even start a revolution for your oppressed people with a facebook campaign. Just amazing!

We get to talk to the big guys in the full view of others and the brands that have been telling porky pies are going to have to start answering! What’s also fabulous about this new power, is the awesome brands that are doing the right thing, can show that off too!

Sure you’ll always get the uber corporations like Monsanto, wiping a negative comment the second it appears but largely, we are in a time of power and voice and realising that in joining forces, we can make a difference and have a say.

These open channels of communication allow ‘the good fights’ to gain momentum and build communities that tackle concerns on a bigger scale by forming organisations – Look at the Story of Stuff , Get Up, Animals Australia and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. They are all amazing examples of communities built online to build awareness and effect change. I challenge you to watch even just one video on any of those sites, and not get thinking about how you can make a change in your life, even just a tiny one like never buying cage eggs ever again.

Change for the greater good is infectious, from the minute you start to let it in. I get goosebumps just thinking about it!

I cannot wait to see where this new found collective voice takes us, but it already feels like we’re going places.

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