Nutty Banana Blueberry Icecream

Nutty banana blueberry ice cream is what happens when I see too much literature in one day about all the weirdness in commercial ice cream and low fat yoghurt chains. It’s my way of giving them the finger by saying ‘bugger your weirdness, THIS is a real treat’. This takes 10 seconds to whiz together. Enjoy!

Need 2 more flavours to play around with? Go here for instant banana, coconut and lime or here for berries and wickedly dark chocolate biscuits. You’ve been warned 😉

Real Treats. Happy Bodies.

Nutty Banana Blueberry Ice Cream Recipe

Servings: 3 depending on ‘needs’


TOPPING - (all optional. Just the above is awesome all by itself)

  • blueberries scattered over the top (these are blueberries I defrosted in a pan quickly on the weekend and popped in a jar for use over the week)
  • a few extra hazelnuts
  • bee pollen (getting fancy now, I know. I had some in the pantry so I thought: why not!?)
  • toasted coconut flakes


  • Chop your bananas, chuck everything else in with them to the Thermomix and blitz on 8 for 3 seconds. Scrape sides down and blitz a further 5 seconds. Done.
  • Now, before you become devastated that you might not be able to do this – you can use any high quality blitzing appliance. I used to do this in the mini food processor that came with the Kenwood Triblade. They’re only $110 retail. Great result. Vitamix does this well too!
  • So serve with your favourite toppings and enjoy. Real instant ice cream. No weirdness. Still not sure why we need to ditch supermarket ice creams? read here for my wrap on those. Worse still, my wrap on low fat 'ness' here.

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  1. For some reasons, I was reluctant to make ice cream with frozen bananas; I thought it would just end up tasting like bananas…. Then I made this! I didn’t have blueberries so threw in some frozen sour cherries. OMG soooo yummy! Thanks Alexx. From now on, I will ensure I have frozen bananas in the freezer 😉

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