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My inspiration this week comes from the seemingly unattainable. Do you see amazingly successful people, experts who seem to know everything, cooks who seem to be able to whip anything up, people who are a certain weight you always wanted to be, people who seem so organized and think ‘gee, if only that were me’.

I was teaching young hospitality teams all day today, 73 people in total, how to feel like what they do matters, how to rock as a team and give awesome service and truly engage with their guests. A guy at the end came up to me and asked:

“I see that guy, and this person and the positions they have and the amazing knowledge and skills and I want to be that, but it seems so unachievable. It seems like such a closed door and I have no idea how to get a job like that”.

My heart went out to him, because he really was so sad about it. He couldn’t connect the dots between his now and his dream. Essentially my advice was this:

No one is an overnight success. I remember all those guys he talked about, slogging away behind bars and in restaurants for years before getting the opportunities they now enjoy. No one knows everything overnight either – who knew!? You heard it here first, folks.

I got to thinking how similar his mindset and feeling of hopelessness is, to many of us, in relation to things like the PROP 37 food bill result last week, which meant GMOs won’t need to be labelled. I got to thinking about the amount of times we look at the Amazon forest depletion or the Polar Ice caps melting, thinking how hopeless it all is and how we can never make a difference. The thing is, nothing’s hopeless. The problem in all of these scenarios is that we’re so busy being depressed about things out of our reach or present control, that we miss the opportunity to see what little things we can do to slowly create the changes we want to see on the bigger scales of life – for us and the planet.

Plant a tree. Quit aerosol cans. Turn your lights off when unused. Don’t buy products with GM ingredients. Make your own home spray cleaner. There are tiny things we can do today, that as a collective if we start to do more and do bigger, eventually success is on our doorstep. For us in this community, it’s about the belief that every little choice means we can shape the world with our shopping basket. For you in your life, it could mean many things.

Think of the big hairy goal or things that you think are plain out of reach. Then, think of two tiny things you can do to take a lil’ step towards them. It could be a gym work out, signing petitions and sharing them, changing what’s in your shopping basket from a factory farmed meat to an ethical option.

Your littlest of little actions matter too, so make them ones that inch you towards what you want for yourself, and indeed the world.

I truly believe we will get there & little did that young guy know, but he gave me the inspiration to write this, and that makes him rather awesome to me!

Happy week & thx for joining me x

p.s one of my favourite, simple manifestos by Striking Truths that seems appropriate to this post… stop worrying. Time’s going to pass anyway, so start inching towards whatever it is you’re so worried about being unattainable, instead! Look at your progress this time next year. Guaranteed pats on the back with have been earned. I bet x

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      Funny, when you’re doing work that matters and when you really feel like it matters, it doesn’t feel like work. Loving it & thanks for your words x

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