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Welcome to the 2013 Park Hill Garlic season. If you know this stuff of the gods then hop straight over to the order form. Or read on to learn the little story.

Last year, my mother in law decided to make use of her beautiful bit of land in the Southern Highlands in New South Wales. It was time to add to the dogs, cat and chooks and grow a bit of produce for sale – my inner hippy got very excited at the prospect of this and pitched in to help make it happen as did the rest of the family and close friends, with planting days, picking days, setting up accounts, selling online etc.

Margie is an amazing gardener and chook expert. She wins produce awards, jams and jellies shows (using half the sugar might I add!), garden club medals and accolades for her roses. It’s safe to say there’s a green thumb in this picture. The soil and climate is fantastic too for garlic in the Southern Highlands, and her inaugural 800 bulb crop last year, got Margie thinking bigger. So this year in May we planted 2,400 cloves, to return 2,400 bulbs in December, and that they did! To plant a little clove and get a big bulb is a natural return on effort that I marvel at the magic of! We were very selective with the quality of clove that was planted this year again. Anything puny or damaged was not replanted, and the family used for our cooking. This means, we’ve selectively bred some serious beauties for you this year – Lots of plump, flavour packed cloves in the mix.

To attempt to explain how good a quality this garlic is, the people who ordered last year, are already pestering us for this year’s crop. You could just go buy garlic at the shops of course, but no… Not once you’ve tried this stuff.

The waft of it sizzling away in some butter on the stove… the pungent aroma through a curry or stir fry. I can’t wait to hear about your cooking adventures with Margie’s garlic. It’s beautiful stuff.

Lastly, the part I love is you’re buying this from my mum in law. You’re getting it from people you trust and people truly passionate about a better, healthier way of farming and producing food. This doesn’t help a shareholder buy a 4th holiday home, this supports a fantastic hard working woman live her dream to start a commercial crop, small though it may be, of some of the finest garlic in the world. There’s just something awesome about that, don’t you think?

How does it arrive? In a well protected box, with a mix of sizes, purples and whites totalling 1kg in weight.

Where in Australia can I order it for? NSW, Melbourne and QLD. I’m afraid SA / WA / NT say no.

Why organic garlic? Cheap and nasty imported garlic is treated with some seriously weird nasties that are no good to anyone and harmful to us and our planet. No thanks. Moving on!

How long will it last? Leave in in a dry, airy place and you’ll have it until April, no trouble. Last year we had cloves hanging in the little Park Hill Garlic bag and there were a few left even in June!

How long does it take to get here? 5-7 working days

park hill garlic close uppark hill garlicparkhillgarlic

And I think that’s it. Here’s the order form again. Enjoy it. Share your instagram pics at @lowtoxlife or pop a note on my FB page with a pic. Would love it see how people are enjoying it!

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  1. Yumbo – I have been waiting with bated breath for this post (so that I can then have the best quality garlic breath!!!!!!). Is Margie selling from her garden as well Alexx? If so I’ll swing by during the week as I am down here for a few days. If not I’ll order online!!! Happy Xmas to you all – enjoy your well deserved break!!!!

    1. Post
      1. No need! Met Marvellous Margie at the Xmas Markets yesterday and had a lovely chat with her – and purchased a gorgeous plait of garlic. She is such a darling – and the packaging etc is divine – congrats all round. xxx

  2. Hi there
    Is your mother in law still selling the garlic bulbs?? So keen to buy Australian garlic and stumbled across this post…

  3. I bought some seed garlic from Park Hill last year and would love to buy some more to plant a lot more this year. What is the best way to get in contact, I may have missed her at the markets. Thanks!

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