Podcast #52: Electromagnetic frequencies with Building Biologist Nicole Bijlsma


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Now onto the show…

There are so many stories behind why people pivot on their careers. Nicole’s is one of the most poignant I’ve ever heard. From being a clinical naturopath she moved into researching all that she could on Building Biology – how our homes can help or hinder our health, becoming a pioneer for education in this space with globally recognised Advanced diploma certified courses allowing many to be trained in identifying homes for systemic dampness, mould, EMR levels, dirty electricity and more. In today’s chat we focus on a topic that causes people great confusion: electromagnetic radiation /electromagnetic fields. By the end of today’s show, you’ll feel more empowered than confused; more able to put great and simple things in place, than continuing to wonder how you can do anything in our built, tech-driven world.

Here’s a little snapshot of the juicy bits in today’s episode…

  • Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) are created when an appliance is induced such as boiling the kettle. Generally it won’t be an issue however problems may arise when you’re sleeping in environments with high EMFs or exposed to high levels constantly. EMFs can interfere with melatonin, hormonal cycles and sleep cycles. You don’t want your bed next to devices that emits high EMF. Examples: digital clock radio, smart meter, fridge, inverters.
  • It is important to locate smart meter panels away from the home such as in a garage or shed. With solar panels, the conversion of solar energy to electricity creates a lot of “dirty power” in a building wiring which can disturb people with high sensitivity to EMFs. It is important to make sure the inverter is away from the home to reduce sensitivity if solar energy is used.
  • Adverse health effects associated with wireless technology have been studied across different countries in Europe. These studies revealed higher incidences of brain tumours amongst people who used their mobile phones consistently on one side of the head for 30min or more per day over 10 years.
  • Cordless phones are worse than mobile phones as they’re emitting radio frequencies 24 hours a day. It’s  better to remove these from the home. Hardwired connections and hardwired corded phones are a much better option. When using a mobile phone, use the loud speaker function or an ear piece for a safer alternative.
  • The best option for internet at home is to have a hardwired cable connection – no wireless in the home is best. The other option is to power the router down: go on the internet, find the manufacturer, put in the model number and power it down to 95% less than the current mode, ensuring that it’s only beaming where you need connectivity in the home. Only put it on when you need it, turn it off at night. It should be away from where people sleep or spend a lot of time.
  • Ethernet cables make a difference if you have a WI-FI modem. Dual function modems can still be beaming high levels of radio frequencies even if you turn the wireless component off. You have to turn it off at the wall so it stops emitting all together. A cable modem that doesn’t have a wireless component is the best option.
  • If children are using devices, once they’ve downloaded an app, turn the device on flight mode so they don’t get constantly exposed to radio frequencies.
  • Other devices to watch out for: wireless printers emit high levels of radio frequencies and they’re often close to you when you work in an office. Baby wireless monitors emit radio frequency levels that are often similar to what we pick up from a mobile phone tower, so no wonder some babies can’t sleep. A hard wired cable monitor is a better option.


And here are all the important links:

All the resources Nicole mentions and her courses can be found on her website buildingbiology.com.au.

You can get her book “Healthy home healthy family” HERE

CERTIFIED US -based building biologists can be found HERE



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  1. Such an interesting and concerning episode! It was so fantastic and I had to listen to it twice and may even go back for a third! Quick question: what is Nicole’s opinion or your understanding on the safety of the new watches with the HR monitor, step counters, etc in them. They run off WiFI to your device, so I am assuming not great. I would love to learn about this.
    Thanks Alexx – love, love, love the show and can’t get enough of it! Have been going through a personal detox over the last year or so and all of your info is so relevant and important. Thank you!

  2. Hi Alexx, this episode was so full of great information, I am keen to order a few things from earthingoz. Am I still able to use the discount code, I couldn’t see it in these notes.
    Love your podcasts, thank you!
    Best wishes,

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