Podcast #54: Mystical wellness exploration with Guy Lawrence


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My guest this week is Guy Lawrence, who I met when we were both speaking at a conference interstate. Guy, who’s been in fitness and health for many years, having founded 180 Nutrition, is not just about the high quality protein…Turns out he has explored some seriously challenging ideas when it comes to optimising the body and mind, including ayahuasca (which I want to leave a warning here: This comes with a risk and you should only consider doing this with guidance from a practitioner or reknowned tour group – not some random special on the internet where none speaks English), the WIM HOF method where you explore the power of thermogenesis (freezing cold) on the body and mind, and a retreat with Dr Joe Dispenza, famous for his work in helping us rewire our brains. If way out retreats are your thing, you’ll get an insight into what goes on and if they’re not – it’s so interesting to hear about people’s experiences of such things, regardless.


Here’s a little snapshot of the juicy bits in today’s episode…

  • Guy’s first foray into mystical wellness experiences started with Ayahuasca: a ritual that has been practised in the Amazon jungle for thousands of years. Ayahuasca is known as one of the most powerful psychedelics on the planet, commonly called the “vine of the soul”. Two specific vines are combined and consumed as part of a sacred ceremony, and believed to make people face their own truth, their deepest fears. Surrender is a pre-requisite to fully experience the benefits of ayahuasca. It works at the brain level to help take filters off and allow more information in, supporting people to resolve issues and bring out their authentic selves. And like every experience that helps whatever is buried come to the surface, it can be uncomfortable to go through.
  • Guy then went on to attend a 5-day retreat with Dr Joe Dispenza, who is all about the science of change: encouraging people to focus on who they want to become instead of living from a record of the past. The first step to manifest change is to become aware of our usual pattern of thoughts through tapping into the subconscious mind. After creating awareness, we then need to learn how to break down the patterns. Meditation and breath work are a big part of allowing that to happen and so is energy work, raising the body’s energy to shift the way we think.
  • Guy also spent a week with WIM HOF, well known for his ability to withstand extreme cold, promoting thermogenesis as a way to change how DNA is expressed. Guy has done over 200 ice baths already. The benefits include: awakening cognitive functions, balancing hormones, reducing inflammation to name a few. Guy recommends a step by step approach: start with finishing a hot shower with 10sec of cold water, then building it up from there. Slowly your body will recondition itself to handle the cold.
  • From discomfort comes discovery: sometimes persisting through a challenge that may seem small at first provides a huge sense of achievement. By taking action, letting go of our limiting beliefs and exploring different techniques, in the tiniest moments, we can feel empowered and do more of the things that make us feel good.

And here are all the important links:

To find out more about Guy’s experiences with ayahuasca and Dr. Joe Dispenza, visit his website here: www.guylawrence.com.au

Listen to his tips for the perfect morning ritual HERE

Guy’s podcast is called The Health Sessions.

To discover the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza and his book “You are the placebo” visit his website drjoedispenza.com.

More information about the WIM HOF method can be found here wimhofmethod.com. Having since done a training with Wim HOF myself and experienced the Ice Bath and the unbelievable euphoria and ‘clear headedness’ since, I highly recommend exploring his work. I’ve added a cold shower at the end of my hot shower, to my daily routine and it’s fantastic. This is me below in the black swimmers with the white neck trim!



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