Podcast #57: Low Tox Stories – 3 listeners share their stories


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Now onto the show…

Every day people decide one day to explore what it might mean to ditch the nasty stuff and lower their toxic load across day to day life. I started 12 years ago and it was hard to find all the information and much of what was to be swapped didn’t perform well and felt like a poor cousin to my high performance ‘convenient’ cleaners and personal care products. Over time, environmental consciousness has exploded and so many beautiful businesses are producing low tox everything from mattresses to moisturiser, coffee cups to sunscreen and it’s getting what seems to be easier – until you realise that labelling loopholes allow for a lot of grey area and high tox ingredients, to be inside tubes and pots that say “natural” and “organic” on the front. I created GO LOW TOX to be a global resource to learn the low tox vocabulary, get across the latest research and feel that you know exactly what to swap to and where to get it and in today’s show, I wanted to invite a few past students to chat about how their journey has been in going low tox – the stress and confusion turned empowerment when like minded people get together and learn and grow together. I hope you enjoy their stories. Every day people are going to change the world and these are three short stories to prove it.

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Here’s a little snapshot of the juicy bits in today’s episode…

  • Before doing the course, Claire was concerned about the amount of chemicals she was exposed to without knowing what to do or where to look.
  • She found the programme to be very comprehensive, she felt supported throughout the course and liked the fact that she was empowered to look things up for herself. She started by changing her skincare and makeup and was surprised how much choice she found for natural cosmetics. She uses much fewer products now but feels fantastic about using them. She adopted the “phase out don’t freak out” motto throughout the course to implement changes slowly but steadily.
  • Claire also decided to focus on what she could do instead of being panicked with what she couldn’t do. She now tries to buy from ethical companies mainly, deciding to use her buying power to make a difference. She feels a lot more discerning in what she buys and saves money as a result of more careful choices.
  • Jess classified herself as a greenie before doing the course and realised while she did the course that there were a lot of products she thought to be “natural” that weren’t at all. She found the course to be a game-changer. She liked the fact that the course was simple and easy to understand, not using jargon and providing information in stages. She appreciated the various action steps that were suggested and the brand recommendations to make swaps easy. She loved getting in-depth information from experts through the various interviews.
  • Jess was surprised how much better she felt once she started ditching products containing phthalates around the house. She hadn’t realised how much of these products she had lying around. She was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to access beautiful, natural products and how much choice there is. Jess is also becoming more and more confident having conversations with people and asking questions or investigating the content of products before buying them.
  • Jess stays positive by focusing on the small changes she can make. She overall feels less toxic and a lot healthier since she started this journey. She found it easy to fit the course in her schedule and liked the fact that she could access it at her own pace.
  • Susan is another Go Low Tox alumni who believes in the course so passionately that she ended up gifting it to a lot of people around her. Before doing the course, she was trying to make more informed choices about her purchases but was finding it hard to know which product claims to believe. At first she felt a little overwhelmed to realise how much toxicity she had surrounded herself with over the years. She liked the suggestions to wait until things ran out before making changes as she felt it got a lot of pressure off the implementation of changes.
  • She still has a long list of things to change, but she approaches it as a journey and celebrates the little swaps she makes every time. Although she started the course thinking it was just going to be about swapping a few products here and there, she realised pretty quickly that her mindset was shifting quite radically. She pretty much changed the way she looked at consumption realising she didn’t have to buy a lot of the things she used to buy. It made her crave a simpler lifestyle.
  • She found that there was a bit of trial and error at first when she decided to change her beauty and household products in order to find the alternatives that she liked best. She loved the Facebook group and the product suggestions and reviews she found there, she thought it was a very valuable tool to navigate through the choice of natural alternatives.


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  1. Really enjoyed this podcast, thank you! Well to put it simply water is the thing of life isn’t it? There is nothing more cleansing to me than clean natural water, drinking in it, batheing, swimming in it. Never do I take for granted a glass of clean water on a hot day thinking of those who are less fortunate in 3rd world countries. Watching my sweaty 3 year old gulp a big glass of it after playing outside and sighing with pleasere as he puts his cup down! A filter like this would be greatly loved in our home! Currently we have a Britta Filter Jug in the fridge which I rarely can afford to buy filters for as they are so expensive every month and I greatly regret the plastic purchase since starting my low tox lifestyle a few years ago! It’s been one small change after another and I’m almost virtually there apart from a few things I haven’t wanted to part with.

    Thank you for all the amazing practicle and REAL, discussions and education! Love it xx Emmy

  2. Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink…
    Fingers crossed I’m the winner to provide some beautiful water to drink for my beautiful little family.
    Water is life xx

  3. We live in a remote town in the NT where the water is laden with Calcium and who knows what else! I would love to know my family are not ingesting all those nasties everyday by winning this! Thanks for the opportunity x

  4. Hi Alexx. I’ve been a listener of your podcast since the very first episode. Each topic you cover is fascinating and has prompted lots of positive change in my family’s life. Loved this episode! The alumni stories were really great. I’m seriously considering signing up to the course – maybe 2018 is my year! Also I would love to be in the running for the water filter as clean water is the life force of our planet. Thanks!

  5. Loved the show. I’ve slowly been implementing low tox living and researching on my own. This course sounds fantastic and would love to share the experience with others. There’s few people in my circle that are interested in this topic so love the idea or going on this journey with others and learning new information.
    The water filter looks amazing. This is one area where I have tried researching on my own but have found all the information overwhelming. Would love to win this product so I knew my family were drinking clean water without all the nasties.

  6. Thank you Alexx for all your wisdom in the low tox field (and sometimes not so much low tox but interesting wellbeing podcasts). I love your curiosity and gentleness.
    I’d love to win the Waters Co water fileter. 70% of our body is made up of water. So it makes sense that we ought to replenish our bodies with clean water rather than water with all the nasties – for our health and wellbeing.

  7. Been listening to the podcast and is always great to learn a little more each time.
    Would love to win the water filter for our home so then I am removing nasties and adding some goodies back in as well.

  8. Alexx you have such a lovely kind way as an interviewer. I would love to turn on the tap and not be absolutely overpowered by the smell of chlorine in our water supply. It’s definitely gotten worse over the years. Would love to win the water filter. Thanks for another awesome podcast

  9. Love love love the show and have just enrolled in Go Low Tox. So important for me to make better, more informed choices for my family. The amount of water we should be drinking, only makes sense to have the best quality. Would love to win this for my family. Thanks for sharing Alexx

  10. I would love to win the Waters Co filter for my family. I believe in clean water because it is essential for great health. What a wonderful gift it would be to know that my family is drinking water just as it should be.

  11. Hi Alex, (this is a question not a prize entry!) I’ve been thinking about buying a Bekley water filter for my home for Christmas, which is a stainless steel filter. You mention you recommend ceramic & glass filters, would you recommend avoiding stainless steel as well?
    Also, love the podcasts & what you do! Plan to do Lox Tox Life next time around!

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