Show #61: Plant food inspiration with Maeve O’Meara’s SBS series EARTH


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Now onto the show…

There are some food series that touch your life profoundly – one such for me was a series of Food Safari where Maeve toured through France with Guillaume Brahimi. Being half French there was obvious cultural appeal but there was something in the way that show was put together – one of the great story telling, discovery focused food series around. The new series EARTH, succeeds last year’s FIRE series, this time focusing on the magic of plant based foods and how so many cultures in the world have treasure trove of inspiration when it comes to including more plant foods in your diet. It was such a pleasure to discuss the current series, available on SBS with presenter Maeve – hearing her share people’s stories and talk about flavours and certain vegetables – you just feel like heading to a produce market instantly to inspire yourself for tonight’s meal. Enjoy the show!

Here’s a little snapshot of the juicy bits in today’s episode…

  • The new series Food Safari EARTH is chasing history, culture and flavour by showcasing simple recipes with few ingredients, classic food that fills you and touches your heart. It is focused on vegetable based meals, and is the next instalment of an elemental series which started with FIRE last year.
  • The richness, the beauty of vegetables and the simplicity of the meals that can be prepared with them really shine through in the series, not taking into account the amazing health benefits that they provide.
  • Each episode showcases easy ways with vegetables, focusing on different cultures and traditions. The mediterranean approach is one that is highlighted throughout the series: preparing a number of different grazing plates, transforming simple foods into interesting and flavoursome adventures.  For example adding toasted nuts to simple blanched greens, making a beautiful dressing to a simple salad, using tempura batter, a favourite with kids, or adding shaved pecorino on simple braised vegetables.
  • Learning about the incredible nutrients that come from vegetables is also a motivation in itself to find out more about the different ways to cook vegetables and incorporate more into the diet. Most of the top restaurants today use vegetables to showcase their skills and grow their own vegetables to serve in their restaurants which is another great way to showcase how versatile and flavoursome plant based meals can be.


And here are a few extra important links:

Food Safari Earth airs 8pm, Thursdays on SBS Australia until January 4. More recipes and catch-up episodes of Food Safari Earth can be viewed HERE. 

The episode guide is HERE.



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