Show #1: The Poopcast with Helen Padarin


Thank you for joining me for the very first Low Tox Life podcast show. What a great show, right? My guest, of course, was naturopath and nutritionist Helen Padarin from

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In this episode I asked Helen

  • About what makes for a good poop
  • What are the different types of poops that tell us things are great, not so great, worth getting checked out
  • What do the different types of poop tell us about our overall health picture? Floaties, squishies, rabbit poop pellets – we go over them ALL!
  • Do we really need potty contractions to squat on for better poops?
  • How do we eat for great poop?
  • What can we do to have a healthy gut and subsequent elimination?

As well as a few poop tangents that stemmed from those questions…


If you have listened already, I know you were secretly thinking before hand “What on earth is she starting her podcast with POO for?” but hopefully after that hour of poop power, you realise it is actually a super interesting topic!


A few further references…

Bristol Stool Chart








Stool colour – Keep an eye. Call the doc / naturopath if very pale or very dark as well as obvious mucus or any bleeding.

poop colour







How to learn more about Helen Padarin’s work HERE or join her facebook page HERE or her instagram @Nourish-Ed. Grab her co authored book Bubba Yum Yum and watch out for the new one on gut health coming soon!

Interesting books on the GUT and poop HERE and an article and review on the author HERE

One of my favourite articles on POO 

Squatty Potty for your ‘full elimination goals’.

Remember: if you’ve had surgery or have had a bout of pain killer use, you may need to detox from anaesthetics and painkillers with the guidance of a doctor or naturopath, along with possible gut rehab work, to get your poop back to regular.

Don’t ignore dodgy or absent poops. Moral of the story! They’re symptoms trying to tell you something.

Questions? Ask them in the comments or on twitter @Alexx_Stuart @Nourish-Ed with #lowtoxlife hashtag and Helen will pop in, in the next week and reply!

Low Tox. Happy Poop. Happy you.

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  1. Loved this first episode! I have had real problems with my gut for way too long and have struggled with working out the best place to go next to get it sorted… Thank you for the information and the inspiration to finally get this sorted out! Any suggestions on how to choose a suitable health practitioner? What questions to ask? What quals you should be looking for? Who else is interested in poop like Helen is???? (I tried making an appointment to get in to see Helen herself but she’s booked out until mid Jan next year – not surprising because she sounds brilliant – but we’re moving overseas at the end of the year!)

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  2. Thank you SO much for this podcast. I’ve been working on my gut health for years but still have so many issues. They have intensified in recent months, I’ve been so unwell, and nothing my amazing naturopath had prescribed was helping. I recently stumbled across this show. I had never heard of microbiome mapping but she had, and I’ve just completed testing. The results were frightening but, thankfully, treatable. I start work on my gut tomorrow and I’m so excited to have a clearer understanding of what the issues actually are, as the treatment is now so targeted. I cannot wait to feel well again!!! Thanks Alexx for your amazing work in sharing, it has been life changing for me xx

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