Show #12: How toilet paper is saving the world – with Simon Griffiths

Hello! I’m excited to be chatting to Simon Griffiths this week, the founder of social enterprise “Who Gives a Crap” about how he came to realise social entrepreneurship was going to be his business model style. We also chat about his desire to help out in the clean water space in developing countries and the many things he’s learned along the way. This chat is awesome because so often we see these wonder brands online and everything looks perfect and fun and fabulous, but behind them are hard working, honest people with big dreams to change the world in some way and to make a positive contribution. Spending time with such people reminds us so powerfully, that where our dollars are spent is how our world evolves, as well as the fact that every day people with enough determination, can indeed make a big difference. Hope you enjoy the show this week.


Check out their amazing impact so far!





Here’s their awesome website Who Gives a Crap

Connect with their community online:




And here is the website for Simon’s (sadly now closed) bar Shebeen in case you were interested in checking out the pics and concept


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  1. Thank you for your article — it’s a really comprehensive view of the how toilet paper is saving the world. It would have been great to dig a bit deeper into universal basic info, but that’s hopefully a topic for a follow-up post.

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