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Hello! This week I dig up a wonderful start up already amassing incredible impact by saving spent coffee grounds from major locations such as airport terminals, and then using them to grow mushrooms. Phillip White founded Fungimental with tag line “Gourmet taste from coffee waste” and aims to break the cycle of wastefulness through sustainable processes that utilise every possible morsel of waste. Another central purpose of Fungimental is to reconnect people with the origins of the food they eat – showing everyone how easy it is to grow your own food! Learn about how you can buy a kit to pop spent coffee grounds from your local cafe to get a kilo of gorgeous mushrooms in just a few weeks! Enjoy the show and prepare to be inspired by Phillip. A simple idea already proceeding incredible results.



Fungimental recently won the RBS innovation gateway which has given them the opportunity to build a sustainable mushroom farm at Heathrow airport.

They will be collecting the coffee waste that Heathrow produces and will be using that waste to grow gourmet Oyster mushrooms which will be sold back to the airlines to serve their business class passengers.

They have successfully implemented this model in Sydney, Australia and will be splitting their time between Sydney and London to get the project launched at Heathrow.

They are also partnering with a charity, Green Corridor to employ and educate disabled people.

Here’s the Ted talk the Phil referenced by Gunter Pauli – Glimpses of a Blue Economy

Here’s Ivanka Milenkovic’s website – Ekofungischool – very cool!

Also referenced was Pocket City Farms, another absolutely awesome initiative.

Connect with their community online:




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