Show #16 – Hormone School for healthier hormones with Michele Chevalley-Hedge

So this week we’re going to hormone school! In this show I chat to nutritionist Michele Chevalley Hedge about hormones. We go through many of the major hormones, including stress, thyroid and sex hormones, look at what the symptoms of out of whack-ness look like, and explore tips on how to keep our hormones in check. With the amount of hormone disruptions from food and environmental sources these days, there’s never been a more important time to feel confident identifying when something’s not quite right, and hormone balancing might be just the ticket!




Michele has recently been nominated as a finalist for Nutritional Medicine Practitioner of the Year by the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

Check out Michele’s website – A Healthy View

The 28 day Low Sugar Lifestyle program that Alexx and Michele spoke about during the show commences today – Mon 7th November 2016.

beating-sugar-addiction-for-dummiesMichele is an author and you can purchase her first book ‘Beating Sugar Addiction for Dummies’, and her second book ‘Hormone Help – reset your weight, mood, libido & energy in 4 weeks’ will be out at the end of this year.

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