Show #18: Jules Galloway – Is Pyrroles the key to you feeling better?


So could you have Pyrroles?

And is a Pyrroles diagnosis the key to you feeling better? This week, I chat to naturopath Jules Galloway. Pyrroles disorder is something it turns out, many of us have. The problem is, most who do have it, don’t know it and Jules and I connected earlier this year when we were both diagnosed with around the same levels of 40 – way above normal (1-10) but many are diagnosed way higher! It has been such a blessing. Also known as kryptopyrroles or pyrroles disorder, pyroluria is an inherited condition where the body makes too much of a substance known as pyrroles, during the everyday production of haemoglobin. These pyrroles bind to your vitamin B6 and zinc, causing these precious nutrients to become excreted rather than absorbed. Eventually the condition manifests as a long term zinc and B6 deficiency, which can have far-reaching consequences for both physical and mental health. Jules and I chat about treatment, identifying you’ve got it, symptoms and some of the things you can expect to improve if you do have it. It’s a great show and if you’ve ever experienced any mental health challenges or anxiety or symptoms due to these deficiencies, this is something absolutely worth tuning into.

Check out Jules’ website, and her 12 week program Shiny Healthy You

In today’s show:

Here are 2 blog posts on Pyroluria:

Here’e a link to Jules’ consultation page

And she has a great freebie available for fatigued women that I think you will love <3

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  1. Wow, Alexx. I could really relate to your story. I have recently been diagnosed with Pyroluria after suspecting it in my son. I developed extreme anxiety when driving on high speed freeways after many (many!) years of incident-free driving through cities and interstate. My anxiety came on after an extremely traumatic event. Could it be that our predisposition can lie dormant and then be triggered by extreme stress? Similarly, my son’s condition only became obvious around puberty (which could also be seen as a state of stress on the body). We certainly live in exciting times as far as information goes. Thank you for bringing this to light.

  2. Hi Alexx awesome and very informative show … I would definitely like to have my pyrrol levels checked… I thought you mentioned in the pot cast about a list of practitioners that may be able to help but been able to find any list … I live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland regarding pyrrol practitioners up this way it would be greatly appreciated cheers Iris

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  3. Hi Alexx. I am a long time lover of your Podcast. With one 14 month old boy and one on the way, I am slowly but surely turning our home Low Tox. And I love it !
    I’m actually in the process of going back and re-listening to all of your podcasts (just in case I missed anything the first time).
    This Pyrroles Ep has really resonated with me, and I was hoping you might be able to shed some light on some amazing practitioners, qualified in pyrroles testing ? I live in Sydney (actually Cronulla, but happy to travel into the City etc).
    Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.
    Kind regards

  4. Hi Alexx, thanks for discussing Pyrroles Disorder, I have a 12 year old daughter who recently got diagnosed with Pyrroles from an Integrated doctor. I felt very let down by the medical system over the years as I knew she had all kinds of health issues and severe mood swings and anger. Once she had the urine and blood tests I informed the GP’s and Psychologist’s who still questioned it’s authenticity regarding these results, all I got was very ignorant comments regarding their negative attitude towards Naturopathic testing even though I informed them of her condition, showed the blood tests and Pyrrole confirmation with no real support? This amazing Integrated doctor in Melbourne (Niim) in Hawthorn, has put her on NAC, zinc and so many more vitamins divided by an am/pm daily routine. She is also got a live blood test and she has a leaky gut. We are now on a gluten free diet (hard work but worth it), pre and pro biotics. Going to add fermented foods in our diet as well such as sour kraut and Kombucha. I truly hope more parents will get their children tested as GP’s have no idea this disorder exists.
    Thank you for letting us express our frustration with allopathic medicine and offer informative alternatives for our loved ones.

    Kind Regards

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      Hi Anastasia, so glad to hear that you have gotten to the source of the issue with your daughter. Sounds like you are well and truly on the right path. I know it can be frustrating, however, a naturopath/integrative doctor has so much more time to deep dive to find the underlying issue, whereas a lot of GPs have 15-minute increments, which would be so challenging for them. Thank you for sharing your progress x

  5. Hi Alex, thanks for your response really appreciate it. It’s so hard talking about Pyrrole disorder to family and friends especially GP’s as they dismiss it, and some have never heard of it? My daughter has been on the zinc, vitamin 6, selenium, vitamin D and more for almost a year, some health improvement’s have happened, still have a long way to go. I am still exploring other alternatives such as getting rid off gluten and some dairy and sugar. The Niim Clinic (National Institute Of Integrative Medicine) have so many great qualified practitioner’s who offer innovative therapists who go beyond allopathic medicine and introduce different alternative’s. I am a huge fan of Jules Galloway, always listen to her podcasts especially now with another lock down. She helps me understand this disorder and offers so much information of severe mood changes and mental health challenges. Need to pack up and move to Byron Bay.


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      Hi Anastasia, so glad to hear you enjoyed the podcast and have seen improvements in your daughter. I do know that Jules does online consults via Zoom if that is of any help to you x

  6. Thanks Alex, I am a huge fan of Jules Galloway. We are currently looking at getting out of Melbourne, guess so many of us are thinking the same since Covid. We have no support here, have had negative comments regarding our diet, gluten free, dairy, most people I know don’t believe in Integrative Doctors and the alternatives they offer. We might sell up and look at moving to Byron Bay/Hinterland, Queensland. We are planning a trip up to Byron to look at properties, will make an appointment with Jules Galloway, would love to meet her. Thanks again for responding really appreciate it.


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