Show #19: Dr Stephen Sinatra on near death & healing


America’s renowned integrative cardiologist is back on the show. Dr Stephen Sinatra and Alexx talk about Tommy and Stephen’s newly released book: Health Revelations from heaven and earth. This starts with Dr Sinatra’s chance meeting with Tommy Rosa, someone who had a profound near death experience and came back as a powerful healer. He was fascinated by Tommy’ s gift, and he’d had a few patients on his operating table who’d had near death experiences themselves – including one who was extremely upset to have been ‘rescued’. Together they decided to explore healing and what lessons we can learn from both heave and earth to produce the most powerful healing possible. Sinatra shares some incredible stories and principles of healing and how a sense of connectedness is often at the root of great health.



Check out Dr Sinatra’s website here: and the recently released book by Dr Sinatra and Tommy Rosa: ‘Revelations from heaven and earth’ 


And some of his other best selling titles:
‘Heart sense for women’ which covers the physiological differences between men and women when it comes to our hearts
‘Heartbreak and heart disease’ which talks about emotional stress
‘The Great cholesterol Myth’











Read about Tommy Rosa’s Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine HERE

If you’re keen to learn more about Raymond Moody’s near death experiences, have a look at this website honouring him and his work.

In the show Alexx and Stephen talk about ‘the divine interconnectedness of all things’ – and Dr Sinatra mentions a great movie around this theme Babel.

Connect with Dr Sinatra’s community online:



Check out Dr Sinatra’s blog here


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  1. I knew there was a reason I kept your “Matters of the Heart” email from October 2016. Finally made time to listen to this podcast tonight, and it’s especially interesting after my FIL had unexpected heart surgery in September last year. Loved this interview Alexx so much. Goosebumps. Here’s a question though…if our lives are “preordained”, do we still have the ability to create our future? Bit deep lol. Never been a podcast girl until you started yours xx

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