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Here we are with the Show #2 notes on Alexx’s chat with Dr Bronner’s grand daughter and global public relations today for the family run Dr Bronner brand, Lisa Bronner. I’ve always loved this brand and catching up for lunch with Lisa when she was in Sydney last year, I just knew I wanted to bring a chat to you guys about the Bronner story and their commitment to sustainability and ingenuity.

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This is NOT sponsored. I envisage I may have the odd ad or show sponsor down the track, but you will NEVER have to worry about me being paid to interview someone on this show by a brand or person. I choose my podcast interviewees and no one pays me to interview them. When it comes to Dr Bronner’s, I genuinely believe it’s both interesting and super helpful and I genuinely often find myself thinking: Gee I wish I’d known Dr Bronner, the man compelled to create a soap packed with peaceful and sustainable messages. I mean, wouldn’t it be awesome to meet the man that made this the company’s mission and urged people everywhere to make it theirs in their own lives?

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Dr Bronner USA

Dr Bronner UK

Dr Bronner Australia – available at my favourite online beauty and personal care site Nourished Life and the Sal Suds bathroom / tough dirt cleaning product, bulk buy direct from their site

Lisa Bronner’s Blog – Packed with Dr Bronner uses, tips and tricks.

GO LOW TOX – the Low Tox Life E course that helps you transition towards non toxic awesomeness in every corner of your home and personal care as well as kids, pets, pests, renovation, bedroom, mould, metals, dust, plastics and more! Pop your email down for the next round opening up for enrolment in September.

Plastics ‘cheat sheet’ – steer clear of those 3, 6 & 7 plastics above all with 2, 4 & 5 being the most inert for personal care and cleaning products.

plastic differences


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  1. Loved this podcast and listening to the passion and beautiful way they go about sourcing the palm oil and their ethics and has made me want to buy their brand and pay that bit more over a cheaper brand that I know nothing about. Thanks Alexx

    1. Post

      So glad you enjoyed it Louise. That’s what it’s all about. I recommend to stay cost neutral, simply raising awareness of how much you use. Squirting 25% less out at a time, will mean you’ve not spent any more money either so it’s a WIN all round x

  2. I listen to a few healthy living podcasts and this Ep was one of the best I have heard. Well done Alexx. Keep up the great work. I will be listening.

    1. Post

      Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback Toni. I adored my chat with Lisa. Here’s to the many more interesting people I have waiting in the wings. Can’t wait x

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