Podcast Show #21: Protect your health & empower yourself with psychologist Alison Hill

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Now on with the show!

Psychological health is a huge factor in our low tox life and this show, we talk to psychologist Alison Hill to look at how we end up drowning in overwhelm, burn out and things we actually aren’t aligned with in both our personal and professional lives. We explore her awesome new book “Stand Out” and delve into super simple strategies to defining what’s truly important to you in life, to see how easy it is for you to fill your calendar with things to nourish you and we set a brilliant “line down the middle of a paper” challenge to sort through your regular “I do’s” over a cup of tea and make 2017 more fulfilling, joyful and empowering. Who doesn’t want a whole lot more o’ that right?

Podcast show 21: Ali Hill

Ali is a Registered Psychologist and Executive at Pragmatic Thinking, a motivation and behaviour strategy company. Ali is a skilled trainer and facilitator and has a wealth of experience in working with both organisations and individuals. 

She is co-author of the top business book ‘Dealing with the Tough Stuff: How to achieve results from key conversations, and author of Stand Out: A real world guide to get clear, find purpose and become the boss of busy.  Ali is a regular on  Channel 9 ‘Mornings‘,  has regular articles published with Business Chicks, and is highly sought after to assist individuals and teams transition through the tough stuff. 

Her work has found its way inside a few big businesses you might have heard of… PepsiCo, Sydney Water, BHP Billiton, Bond University, Griffith University, and BlueCare just to name a few. Ali presents her unique and authentic message as a sought after international keynote speaker and MC (MC’ed the Business Chicks conference this year), where she engages her audience with humour, practicality and real-world thinking


Get curious in your week, have a list on your phone or at your desk / close by you, and draw a line down the middle of the page. On one side write down what activities drain you and leave you feeling exhausted and shattered, and on the other side the activities that energise you… with the secret to your own success being – do what matters to you / nourishes your soul. Schedule in the stuff that nourishes you!
Remember, big shifts require big support. This is often when we need to double down on the ‘self care’ – so if you’re needing to make some shifts or changes, ensure you have the support to do so. Try to be present wherever you are.
Some advice or some steps we can take to chill out more and to stop the overwhelm: FIRE the ‘busy’! Make conscious choices when you do things, and own these choices. Reflect on and recognise what matters to you, and don’t sweat the stuff that doesn’t matter.
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Low Tox. Happy us. Happy planet

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