Show #24: Sustainable brand close up: Ecostore pioneer Malcolm Rands


I love featuring the odd brand owner on the show, that is pioneering in some way in the low tox movement. Malcolm Rands practically wrote the book when he started eco brand Ecostore with his wife, shipping out of their garage some small batch products for home cleaning. Cut to today and it’s a huge business that Malcolm Rands the creator sees as only the beginning to the big picture difference he wants to make, facilitating more socially and ecologically conscious businesses and developing healthy and happy connected communities. It’s a super interesting chat with a very smart man, on a life long journey of doing good for people and planet.
Malcolm is known as the ‘Ecoman’ where he resides in Auckland New Zealand. His journey really began as a child when he fostered a tiny garden in his backyard in the middle of a city. This led to him setting up the first permaculture eco-village in New Zealand in 1986 – the likes of which had only been seen in Australia before. His journey with Ecostore began when he and his wife had been using sustainable and organic gardening practices for many years, but realised they were still being exposed to way too many toxic chemicals through the cleaning and body-care products they were using.

Ecostore prides itself on their ethical creation of their products and Malcolm will only ever put a natural product to market if he’s sure it’s as effective as the chemical ridden alternatives. This is one of the reasons why Ecostore don’t do deodorants because it’s impossible to mimic anti-antiperspirants naturally. He refuses to add fuel to the ‘eco products don’t work’ flames by thoroughly testing and vetting each of his natural products so even the biggest of low-tox skeptics can’t argue that his green products are the best.


Ditch one thing you’ve been struggling to ditch. That toxic hairspray you’ve been holding on to, those steamer bags of vegetables you keep in the freezer for emergencies or that hardcore toilet bleach you just can’t let go of. Give it a go this year! You know at Low Tox Life we’re all about slow and manageable changes but sometimes you’ve just got to shake it up a bit. This week really challenge yourself to break that hard-to-beat habit.

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Low Tox. Happy us. Happy planet


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