Show #25 – Living Simply With Brooke McAlary


In this weeks show I’m chatting to Brooke McAlary about how we can incorporate simple ideas and habits into our lives to live more SIMPLY. We discuss her new book “Destination Simple”, practical tips on dealing with overwhelm, making more space in the day to go slow and find a sense of peace as a greater constant for preventative feel good factor as opposed to waiting until you feel overwhelm and then needing SOS time out. It’s a beautiful chat full of empowering information to inspire a touch of simple in your day!

Now, on with the show!

Brooke McAlary is the brains behind the Slow Home movement. When Brooke had her second child she was diagnosed with post natal depression and started seeing a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist asked (over achieving, high stress) Brooke if she had thought about slowing down. After a lot of initial resistance, Brooke found her slow path now has a podcast called The Slow Home and a book that’s just been released called Destination Simple.

Here’s a little snapshot of the goodies in today’s episode…

– Society values doing, not being. The slow movement is all about being present in each moment and focusing on your current life.
– The brilliance of Zen Habits. Leo was overweight, a workaholic, in debt, a heavy smoker and has completely shifted the way he lives and has been a huge inspiration to Brooke on her journey.
– How the process of going slow, is not surprisingly, slow.
– The importance of finding joy in little things and being impressed by little things.
– Struggling with people who call it the ‘whole mindfulness’ thing.
– Mindfullness doesn’t need to be prescriptive. It’s not all about colouring in books and meditation apps.
– We all have 24 hours in the day.
– Resistance is a default way of protecting ourselves. If you think you’re too busy to slow down, you need to do it more than anyone.
– Getting comfortable with the discomfort of change.
– The difference between rhythm and routine.
– Single tasking.
– Brain dumping.
– Being pro-active vs reactive.


This week focus on your breath! Again? True story! I can talk about breath until I’m blue in the face (not literally – that’s the opposite of what happens if you breathe!) but it honestly makes such a big difference. Take Brooke’s advice and concentrate on your breathe whenever you get the chance. When you’re making a cup of tea, hanging out the washing. Just chill out and take a moment to breathe. That’s your one thing you need to think about this week.

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Low Tox. Happy us. Happy planet

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  1. Hi Alexx, love the podcast! Just on the supermarket thing. I guess it’s important to remember that the reason many country towns and regional areas have such few choices for ethical food shopping is because the supermarkets deliberately drive out small businesses and have caused untold destruction of local living economies. There’s a whole economic field of study behind this phenomenon.

    While it’s important that supermarkets start sourcing ethically, the more we can support small, independent businesses in small towns, the more resilient our communities will be.

    Would love to hear of other independent outlets that stock Republica Organics too. 🙂

    1. Post

      Absolutely Emma-Kate. There are loads of little organic / whole foods shops that stock republica. I’d ask their offices for a stockist list x

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