Show #3: The Brain with Dr Fiona Kerr


In show #3 of the Low Tox Life Podcast…

I chat with Dr Fiona Kerr, a super special and ridiculously smart woman. Dr Kerr works with Adelaide University as their Systems and Neural Complexity Specialist, and is the co-founder of social enterprise human-e, together with Dr Jordan Nguyen (If you’re terrified from that description that you’re not going to understand the interview, don’t panic. She presents everything in lay people terms!)

Dr fiona kerr

Together we demystify the complexities of sleep in relation to our brain, covering topics such as;

  • fostering a really healthy body and brain, and the capacity of our amazing body
  • what’s hindering our sleep today?
  • how to focus on what we can achieve (rather than what we can’t!)
  • the importance of smell to the brain
  • how to get through the newborn / small children sleep haze
  • stressful periods at work
  • the benefit of naps!
  • our capacity to constantly build new brain cells – via sleep.

There are ways for every single one of us to improve our quality of sleep and as someone who sometimes puts sleep a little lower on the pecking order than it should go – although improving in this regard I must say, I’m proud – I was comforted by the positivity and “there’s something for all of us” message in our chat.

Mentioned in This Episode

Dr Fiona Kerr’s website

Another wonderful opportunity to see Dr Fiona Kerr speak – this interview with her thoughts on how great leaders change minds.

My favourite two take aways on the napping front?

If you’ve under slept and you need a boost of energy in your day to get through another few hours? Just 25 minutes will refresh you.

If you’ve got a difficult problem to solve and you keep getting stuck? A 90 minute nap will recharge your problem solving skills and relieve the blocks in your thinking.

Fiona promises there are books in the works – She suffers as I do from ‘book paralysis’ – so much that she could write. We’ve both promised to ‘just pick one thing and start’.

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Low Tox. Happy You. Happy Planet

And don’t forget, get some sleep!

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  1. Dr Fiona Kerr mentioned there are 3 types of meditations that help get your brain start on the sleep cycle. But she didn’t mention which. What are they?

    PS Great podcast btw!

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