Show #30 – Let trauma go with TRE and Sharon Mullan


In this show Alexx chats to counselor and TRE therapist Sharon Mullan. If you’ve not heard of TRE before, basically it’s a series of exercises that enable a tremor  to develop in your legs, then onto your upper body and arms. It is proving to be an incredible way for the body to release trauma and tension and in the chat they discuss how it came about, the science behind it as well as the science that continues to emerge, who it can be of help to, and how it can become a tool for the rest of our lives.

Sharon’s Irish. Her glorious sense of humour and loving heart will let you know you’re heard. She has crawled her way to happiness by continuously improving a process of managing her daily life. Self love, if not learned as a child, may be a painful journey as an adult. Sharon will help you find a process of your own, by teaching you how to truly feel and release any stress, trauma or tension that’s preventing you from finding happiness. It’s powerful stuff.

Sharon Mullan is a qualified counselor. She studied Tapping with Gary Craig, Dr David Lake and Steve Wells. Sharon also trained with David Berceli (the founder of TRE) and is a qualified practitioner of TRE® Tension, Stress & Trauma Releasing Exercises. Sharon’s website is HERE.

Here’s a little snapshot of the goodies in today’s episode…

  • TRE is Trauma and Tension Releasing Exercises. A simple set of exercises that set in motion the natural mechanism in our body to release tension.
  • Trauma is mostly physiological, we’re only 10% cognitive… so it’s not ‘in our head’… it’s in our body. The trauma creates an immobility.
  • All trauma has the capacity to be transformed into something more useful. So it’s not about ‘curing’ it, it’s about transforming it.
  • We can’t avoid anxiety, it’s a natural part of life, but we can equip ourselves with the tools for working through it!
  • It is possible to be free of your history!

THIS WEEK’S LIVE HAPPIER, HEALTHIER CHALLENGE: If you feel this is for you, then explore it, be curious and then maybe check out where your nearest practitioner is… 

Here are all the important links:

Sharon’s website


TRE Australia – you can find a therapist / practitioner here

Global website – Trauma Prevention


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  1. Hi Sharon my name is Sonia
    I’m interested in some therapy
    I have had a lot trauma and have had domestic violence and has made me with low self esteem issues and trusting males which has traumatised me dating again and have Anxiety ptsd and depression
    Do you think that is cause of past violence and could this help me move on from all this
    Could you do it over zoom or is there someone in Wollongong
    Also how many sessions would I need and is it covered under Medicare or do you pay full cost or do you think I could benefit from some reki healing and hypnotherapy

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