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In this show I chat to Sustainable Salons Australia co-founder Paul Frasca about his incredible, community building business, recycling as much as 95% of the hair salon’s waste and turning it into some seriously useful things. We talk about just how much wastage there currently is in the hair industry, how the various waste items can actually be recycled and used for, how he’s structured the business and where to next. It’s an inspiring chat with a guy who, instead of leaving his industry to ‘do something more sustainable’, decided to stay right where he was and make HIS industry more sustainable.

Here’s a little snapshot of the goodies in today’s episode…

  • Early in Paul’s discoveries, he focussed on the Aluminium Foil wastage – Paul discovered Aluminium made up 50% of the waste bin contents across Australia, equating to just over 1 million kg of foil going to landfill yearly just from hair salons in Australia (and another 45 million kg in the US, and 78 million kg in Europe… wow!!!!) …and that’s where it all began for Paul!
  • Hair makes up 11% of the wastage in salons in Australia
  • Paul is somewhat responsible for the production of the first biodegradable gloves – the non degradable version takes around 200 years to degrade – ouch – as opposed to around 60 days (in the soil) for the bio degradable ones. They’re made from a synthetic latex – and the great news is these can be purchased for home use too – check it out HERE.
  • Sustainable Salons collect all the aluminium from salons throughout Australia, they cash this in and donate the funds to OzHarvest – feeding over 2000 homeless people every month.
  • How big should your aluminium foil balls be to be used for recycling? Ideally the size of a tennis ball – so crush it / save it and when it’s that size, toss it in the recycling bin!
  • What can be done with the hair waste? Hair clippings are put into a ‘hair bin’ which is then used for hair booms (pic below) – read about them HERE.


THIS WEEK’S LIVE HAPPIER, HEALTHIER CHALLENGE: Tell your salon about Sustainable Hair Salons. Tell them you love how sustainable salons dramatically reduces waste recycling 95% of a salon’s waste, and I’d so love to say that you guys were doing that and send people here because of it! 

Here are all the important links: – if you own or work for a salon – you can register your interest on their website

Those gloves Paul mentioned can be found HERE

Sustainable Salons FB page

Check out the ‘How big are your balls?’ campaign HERE

Sustainable Salons Instagram – @sustainablesalonsanz

Sustainable Salons BLOG

Read their story HERE


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