Show #33 – Dr Ron Ehrlich, a dentist passionate about SLEEP


Now onto the show…

What do the mouth and sleep have to do with each other? Well it turns out one heck of a lot. Dr Ron Ehrlich, an holistic dentist talks us through the many ways that our oral health can affect our sleep. As Ron says, to treat just the mouth is crazy, when it’s attached to a whole body. Grab a paper and pen to make notes for this amazing show lifting the lid sleep through the lens of the holistic dental profession.

Here’s a little snapshot of the goodies in today’s episode…

  • The three important questions that Ron asks his patients – Is it easy for you to fall asleep at night? Do you wake up at night? and do you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed? These provide a huge insight into his patients oral health.
  • The secret to living a long life, is to keep breathing (ha!) BUT, the secret to living life WELL, is to keep breathing WELL!
  • A non-holistic dentist focuses on the teeth and gums, a holistic dentist focuses primarily on the person attached to the teeth and gums, ie, the respiratory tract, your jaw, your sleep habits, any back pain or neck pain, etc – these can all be connected.
  • 90% of the population needs between 7 – 9 hours of sleep per night BUT it’s not just about quantity, it’s about quality. We’ve evolved to have 32 teeth in our mouth, leading to the shape of the jaw and palate being conducive to an open and unrestricted airway for good breathing, and in turn a good quality sleep.


THIS WEEK’S LIVE HAPPIER, HEALTHIER CHALLENGE: Make a commitment to sleep, and speak to a holistic dentist to find out how you could improve yours.

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Dr Ron Ehrlich’s website






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  1. Hi Alex, love listening to your podcasts! I’ve learned such a lot and they are good fun too.
    With Dr Ron Ehrlich’s podcast, I couldn’t catch the name of the tape that is used. It’s not in the show notes and I can’t see it referenced when I go to his website etc. would you know it please? Many thanks.

    1. Post
  2. After listening to this podcast I made an appointment at Sydney Holistic Dental with Dr Yin Yin Teoh and had that appointment today.
    It was the best dentist appointment I’ve had in my life – I was beyond impressed and am super excited for my journey into wellness through fixing my mouth/teeth problems with their holistic approach.
    I’ve no doubt the fixes are going to life changing – so glad I found them – thank you Alex for all your work on these podcasts I’ve been binge listening ever since I discovered you earlier this year – Love what you do – keep it up PLEASE !

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