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In this week’s show, I chat to Cole Clayton, who after career searching for much of his 20s, he tuned into his sadness for the state of health of so many kids today and became a health coach, specialising in kids. His passion for helping kids Thrive matches my own but his approach is different and it was wonderful to chat to him about his passion for Oral Myology and helping mouth breathing kids correct the reasons they’re mouth breathing (not having mouth closed as default position) and the impact that sleeping with your mouth closed can have on energy, brain function, behaviour, sinus health and more. If you’re a parent or simply interested in out of the box therapies and their impact, this is definitely a show you’ll enjoy – not to mention getting to know this easy going, passionate man on a quest for better children’s health.

 Here’s a little snapshot of the goodies in today’s episode…

– What is oral myology?
– Benefits of oral myology and fixing dark bags under kids eyes, mouth breathing and clearing nasal passages
– Helps kids transition through their growing periods efficiently
– Tips for kids who aren’t great at sleeping and have issues with concentration
– Testimonials from the kids themselves rather than adults
– The importance of jaw alignment with breathing
– The connection between breathe, sleep and consequence energy
– Focus on fixing the problems early to get kids in good habits before their breathing problems start effecting them as adults
– The importance of breathing through your nose
– Warning signs of issues like thumb, finger sucking, snoring and teeth issues due to saliva drying on the teeth in mouth breathers
– Other warning signs can be kids having difficulty going to sleep and fighting a lot
– Tips to get kids to commit to good practices rather than just nagging them all the time
– In some practices you can actually see physical differences in the jaw of the child as they do the therapy
– Thumb and dummy sucking is a bigger issue than most parents realise as it trains the tongue to sit in an incorrect position
– Signs in infants can include being a fussy or slow eater
– Ability to concentrate is one of the most valuable rewards from oral myology work
– Can get kids that have been branded as ‘lazy’ back on track

THIS WEEK’S LIVE HAPPIER, HEALTHIER CHALLENGE: Do an audit on the breathing habits of your family. Any mouth breathers? Any snorers? Anyone who is inexplicably distracted all the time? If there are any problem areas, get them sorted.

Here are all the important links:

Happy Kids Clinic Website


Face gym program – check out these before and after pics that show what is possible with 8 weeks of Face gym:


The paper Cole refers to in his chat with Alexx is “Zelano et al, Nasal Respiration Entrains Human Limbic Oscilations and Modulates Cognitive Function, The Journal of Neuroscience Dec 2016”


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  1. Thanks for this podcast. Listening to the Dr Ron Erhlich got me thinking a lot about breathing – I’m a mouth breather and so are my kids. One of my kids is a thumb sucker.

    We are all tired and sleep deprived and I’ve tried a few other things with no luck. One included taking my 2 year old’s adenoids out, which I really regret – it was very scary putting him under anaesthetic and I am not sure it was warranted – it has made no difference to his sleep and breathing.

    I’ve booked in with Cole after listening to this, maybe we are now on the right track!?

    Thanks for exploring these kinds of things on your show.

    1. Post

      Sarah I am so thrilled that this might be an unfolding of the pieces of the puzzle for you guys as a family. Thanks so much for sharing xx

  2. Kia Ora Alex,
    I absolutely love your show and after listening to this episode I booked a consultation with Cole. My two younger children are mouth breathers as well as my husband ( who snores and keeps everyone awake!). We have been working with Cole via Face time ( we are in NZ) for almost a month now. It’s been amazing and we are so grateful to you for the show and Cole for his awesomeness. We are about half way through the program and have seen and noticed major improvements already. He’s such a great guy and working through face time has been really great. Can’t wait to update you all in another month!

    1. Oh Kara thank you SO MUCH for writing this and letting me in on the profound effect Cole’s work is having with you guys as a family and for your little peeps. So good. So happy for you and super thrilled the show was an AHA for you guys x

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