Show #42: The Many Personalities of Bacteria with Kirsty Wirth


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I absolutely adore meeting a fellow nerd – someone who passionately digs and digs into all the wonderful areas we can go on various aspects of health and well being. Like me, she came to start her journey of digging due to health challenges – her gut woes and her son’s autism diagnosis. What that diagnosis did was propel her to become an expert on all things related to gut health, including an encyclopedic knowledge of the role of individual probiotic strains. In today’s chat we discuss the benefits of certain probiotic strains as well as the hindrance of other certain bacteria strains to feeling your best. We talk dysbiosis, leaky gut, histamine, autism, pathogens, parasite cleansing and SO MUCH MORE. I couldn’t WAIT to publish this episode from the minute I hung up the interview chat call last month.


 Here’s a little snapshot of the goodies in today’s episode…

– Industry leader in gut health and nutrition
– Kirsty created Kultured Wellness  – an amazing wellness hub for people to seize the day on gut health and unlock new levels of health.
– Suffered through terrible gut problems until her nurse husband mentioned her health issues weren’t normal and she needed to do something about it
– Also experienced problems with her son’s health and a difficult pregnancy due to her then diagnosed gut issues.
– Kirsty’s son was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3
– Curiosity and research led to looking into gut health as a potential issue with her son’s development
– Getting tested is key = knowledge gives you power
– The beauty in making your mess your message
– Kirsty and her son have both had excellent results from fecal microbial transplants
– Noah went from being in constant pain and being non-verbal to now attending mainstream school since making the changes to his gut bacteria
– The gut is very connected to the brain so when you heal your gut you heal your brain. Lots of mental health can be improved with gut repair
– The dangers of overuse of Panadol, it kills off good e-coli, which destroys gut health
– Chlorine is also a big issue for gut bacteria
– What type of water filter to get – here’s some info on cutting down on your chlorine exposure
– The effects of stress on the gut
– Not everyone can live in a temple in Tibet but you can make good life choices whenever you can
– It’s all about balance, you don’t want to overload yourself with good bacteria either
– Getting the right blend is incredibly important and Kirsty has discovered a more gentle strain of probiotics to help with balance
– There are different strains that work for different people, for example, kefir grains are great for most people but don’t work well for people prone to mental health issues
– You can’t just grab a tub of yogurt and think you’re getting the probiotics you need, everyone is different
– Pay attention to the way you feel when you’re eating different things

THIS WEEK’S LIVE HAPPIER, HEALTHIER CHALLENGE: If you’re experiencing digestive issues, get yourself tested and start exploring the word of gut bacteria and fermentation. Make sure you do your research and consult a professional but from the results Kirsty and her son Noah had with their dietary changes, it could be the missing piece of the health puzzle you’ve been looking for.

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Kultured Wellness





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  1. Thanks for another great episode.

    Is there a website or any information about where to get these sorts of tests? Would you recommend naturopaths or GPs or nurtitionists?

    Where I live GPs are hard to get into, and the one I have looked at me strangely when I said I chaned my diet gave up sugar and asked ‘I hope you’re still eating plenty of fruit?!’.

    I’ve seen a naturopath before but there was never any talk of gut tests or any kind of tests, just looking at my eyes.

    I find it so hard to find anyone who will listen and do any sorts of diagnostic tests!

    1. Post

      You’re very welcome Sarah. Practitioners in my opinion should be auditioned, just like anyone we choose to engage their services on. So with the practitioners got gut I’d either contact Kirsty directly through Kultured wellness or some other naturopaths that are amazing in this area are Kate Johnston Kore Wellbeing and Jules Galloway both available through skype and both completely aufait with these sorts of tests you can explore with to work on your healing x

      1. Thanks Alexx, I saw the Kate Johnston interview in the Low Tox course and she is great. If I can’t find one in my area I might make a Skype appt with her. I just need to learn to ask them questions and audition them, as you say! Thanks again!

        1. Post
  2. What an exciting episode to listen to.
    I had so many light bulb “ah-ha” moments while listening. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Kristy for sharing your amazing story and for being tenacious and determined enough to not have given up, and to Alexx for again introducing us to more enlightenment.

    1. Post

      I’m so glad you loved the show Linda. Kirsty is a bonafied legend it’s true. You’re super welcome. I love bringing you people like this x

  3. Loved this episode!!!!
    So interesting that I’m listening to it again!
    I had never even thought of the Panadol impact. With a bad back when I was a teen I was dropping tramadols like they were lollies – that’s around the time my depression and gut issues peaked!
    My babies have food intolerances and I shudder knowing that they have had Panadol and Losec and also antibiotics at birth

    I’m in the same position as Sarah above ^
    Where do I start to get all of this managed??

    1. Post

      Phoebe – SO good wasn’t it!? I’m with you on the pain killers front… it’s right around when all my issues started too. The best place to start is with a good naturopath who understands gut health repair. Where are you based Phoebe? I can recommend from my trusted circle of contacts if you fancy x

  4. Hi Alexx – great episode. I never realized how different each probiotic’s contents could be and the effect that they can have – pro and con – on one’s current health situation – fascinating and so much to learn.!

    1. Post
  5. Hi Alexx,
    I’m a newish listener and I’m loving your podcasts. I’m also slowly going back through your older posts and have been slowly making changes in our home and daily life to reduce our toxic overload. If it wasn’t for your podcast on mycologists for children I would not have started investigating my mouth breathing or that of my daughter. Thankfully now that I’m onto it with her we can hopefully prevent any jaw malformation as she gets older.

    I have just come back to this show before I listen to your second one with Kirsty. Are you able to recommend a suitable parasite cleanse that would be suitable for the whole family. Would be interested in doing this. Also would you recommend diatomaceous earth on a daily basis for gut health and keeping parasites away?

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