Podcast Show #44: Constipation Poop Cast with Lynda Griparic


Onto the show…

I launched this podcast nearly a year ago, with a passion for bringing you all aspects of the low tox life – toxin reduction information, inspirational eco businesses doing right by people and planet, health topics for the body and mind to help us live our best lives… The very first show was the infamous “Poopcast” all about poop, and if you thought there was only one show in the topic, you’d be wrong 😉 This week we talk all about constipation with Lynda who is highly specialised in the area and what’s brilliant is, it’s a super practical, can-do show to help you and anyone you know, get moving. Our bowels aren’t our only detox point, but they’re an important one, and the ramifications of NOT going, can be many.

 Here’s a little snapshot of the goodies in today’s episode…

– Not enough people are talking about their poop issues
– Not enough people know their pooing habits aren’t healthy
– Lynda is a naturopath who’s now been dubbed The Poo Whisperer from making so many poor health connections from testing client poop
– People self-diagnose because they’re too ashamed to talk about their toilet problems
– Bowel movements 3 times a week is collectively seen as ‘normal’ but it’s really not, we should be going every day
– Parents wouldn’t leave a kid for a week without pooing but adults tend to ignore it in themselves
– Don’t make poo weird to talk about
– Most people wait until they have a physical symptom like weight gain or skin issues before seeing a doctor about their poor digestion
– Strategies for pooping regularly
– Ditching gluten and increasing water is a good place to start with constipation
– The importance of seeing a naturopath to get to the bottom of the problem rather than stabbing in the dark
– Getting stool samples done to see what you’re missing
– Your poop is the window to your soul

THIS WEEK’S LIVE HAPPIER, HEALTHIER CHALLENGE: Pay attention to your poop and if you’re super keen, keep a poo diary and see if anything weird is happening. I also highly recommend that you get your poo tested if you’re experiencing any issues. Also – talk about it! So many people are too shy to talk about it but it’s only by talking about your poo that you might find out something isn’t right.

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Low Tox. Happy us. Happy planet

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