Podcast Show #45: Intermittent Fasting With Naomi Judge


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Now onto the show…

This week I’m chatting to Naomi Judge, one of the most well informed, well researched naturopaths I’ve ever worked with. We chat about all things intermittent fasting, including the 5:2 and the 18:6 diet and the benefits and “flags” of each depending on where you’re at with your health right now. We’re also talking about the pitfalls of using this type of diet unsupervised and how it’s important to make sure you’re doing under supervision.

Here’s a little snapshot of the goodies in today’s episode…

– Intermittent fasting is not just for weight loss or to feel better it can be used to manage chronic diseases such as thyroid issues, diabetes and mental health issues

– It’s a whole lifestyle movement, simply fasting without changing any of your other behaviors won’t help

– Fasting is great but only if you’re not doing a lot of stuff. Fasting on a yoga retreat is doable but it’s not doable if you actually have to do things like a busy work schedule and parenting combined.

– If it’s not working for you, stop doing it. If you’re not losing weight, and you’re feeling awful all the time it’s probably not the thing for you and you should investigate a more personalised approach with a naturopath.

– Books are great but don’t just read a best-selling diet book and start your diet the next day: always check with a medical professional


Book in to see a naturopath! It’s so worth the investment in your health. Think about what concerns you have and what you’d like to see change in your day to day life. Hook up with a naturopath that works for you and nut out a good eating and lifestyle plan to get you back on track. Also have a chat in the comments and tell us if you’ve tried the 5:2 or any kind of intermittent fasting and how it worked out for you.

Here are all the important links:

Naomi Judge


Facebook community – You don’t want to miss her amazing facebook lives that she does. PACKED with helpful information.


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  1. My husband loves 5:2 but it makes me a cranky person! I like Naomi’s idea of fasting from one thing like starchy carbs. If I did try the intermittent fasting suggested in the podcast, how often would I do it? E.g. Is it for a week, or a day every now and then?

    Thanks as always for the excellent podcast!

    1. Post

      Hi Sarah – case in point that it’s each to their own, hey? Makes me cranky too. I’m much better on intermittent fasting, eating from 11-7 my meals for the day… That I can do just fine in fact I feel great with that regime. If you’re starting out do just as Naomi said, delay breakky by an hour, see if it feels fine to do that and do that for a few days then another hour. Focus on your meals being nutrient varied and rich. It’s not a diet that you do for a certain amount of time, it’s a way of eating that gives your body a big break from digestion by concentrating your eating into a small window of hours. So 11-7 instead of 7-7 for your meals and snacks. It’s truly about how you feel as to how long you want to do it for. x

    2. Hi Sarah, thanks for your feedback.

      It’s true that fasting does tend to suit men better, wholly due to the hormone balance they have (higher testosterone levels) and as women, we have fluctuating hormones through the month which means we need to allow for that change. For example, during the later half of our cycle, we are more insulin resistance and require more starchy carbs in our diet.

      My advice is to track and just pay attention to how you feel, do about four days either delaying breakfast or having a fat + protein breakfast and see how you feel. Does it provide you with energy in a calm way (no hyperactive energy) That’s the key.

      So do the four days per week over the next few weeks just paying attention to your overall health. If you find it doesn’t work for you, either reduce the number of days you do it or change it up.

      God luck experimenting with it


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