Podcast Show #46: Genes, GMOS and Glyphosate with Professor Michael Antoniou

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Now onto the show…

We hear about genetically modified foods now and then in the media but do we REALLY hear unbiased information, whether it be farmers that use them or manufacturers that tout their ability to ‘feed the world’ or whether it be on blogs and natural health click bait sites warning that they are the root of all evil, bringing the world closer to impending doom? I met Professor Antoniou at his King’s College London lab at Guy’s hospital (yes that’s the kind of visit I like to make on holidays overseas!) to see first hand the test he was carrying out on what the effects of low level everyday residue of pesticide, specifically glyphosate used heavily in GMO agriculture, might do to the body. We talk about that study and much more in this not to be missed show, for anyone seeking clarity and a deeper understanding of the GM concerns and effects of glyphosate-based herbicides on us and the planet.

Here’s a little snapshot of what we cover in today’s episode…

– Professor Antoniou, medical research scientist specialising in genetics
– Researched the doctored genes of plants and food crops and the negative impact it has on the people who eat it
– We all have to eat to live, so it’s very important to be vigilant about the safety of our food chain
– The problems with genetic modification is that you can take pretty much anything and add it to a crop which isn’t the natural way of things
– Just because you can mix a strawberry with a potato doesn’t mean you should and it also doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous
– The dangers of extreme gene transfers which sound amazing but can actually be quite harmful
– This process can be seen in the consumption of grains, it’s not necessarily the grains that are the issue it’s the genetic modification of crops that are causing problems
– Kidney dysfunction, behavioral problems, fatty liver issues have all been linked to GMO farming and glyphosate exposure at very low levels.
– Toxic levels of glyphosate being ingested in most places through out the world
– A lot of these processes like spraying with glyphosate straight before harvest are done out of pure convenience and it needs to be stopped
– The importance of bringing these issues up on a grander scale and the positive impacts it’s bound to have on our health care systems
– Chemical based agriculture is infecting the world with a slow poison
– We need to go back to a pure food chain cycle and make it the norm rather than a sub-culture of people who eat ‘weird’ food
– The positive side is that people are taking matters into their own hands and seeking out pure foods and pesticide free vegetables

NOTE: The practice of defoliating the grain crops isn’t common practice in Australia, however a request to be able to do so was put forward November 2016 in the wetter parts of the country. If you fancy reading that GO HERE. The main exposure we have to the “just before harvest” round up application here in Australia, is from eating multinational product’s grain based snacks where the crops can have been sprayed right before harvest there and grains imported for animal feed or processed foods. Not easy to trace obviously, but good to be aware.

Here are all the important links:

Link to the study on Bisphenol A and other plastics: https://academic.oup.com/toxsci/article/3849675/Transcriptome-profiling-reveals-bisphenol-A

Link to the Glyphosate study: Glyphosate study overview

A great GMO awareness and basics website to empower you to know what you’re talking about and feel confident making better choices.

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  1. Hi Alexx, Thank you so much for your podcasts I enjoy listening to them. Just wanted to quieten some of these fears… Aussie farmers don’t defoliate their wheat and barley crops with glyphosate (roundup) as they don’t need to. I do realise, being a farmers wife, that wheat etc are defoliated in other countries (as an observation generally wetter countries), but defoliation of these crops doesn’t happen in Australia.
    Thanks again,

  2. Hi Alexx, Thank you so much for your podcasts I enjoy listening to them. Just wanted to quieten some of these fears… Aussie farmers don’t defoliate their wheat and barley crops with glyphosate (roundup) as they don’t need to. I do realise, being a farmers wife, that wheat etc are defoliated in other countries (as an observation generally wetter countries), but defoliation of these crops doesn’t happen in Australia.
    Thanks again,

    1. Post

      So glad you love the show Fiona – and thank you for sharing that in Australia this isn’t standard practice. I will add this into the show notes. Unfortunately, it seems that in some cases it is in wetter parts of the country (thank goodness we’re mostly a dry country in that regard then) and that applications have been made this past year to increase usage up into the lead up of harvest. This article in the ABC shows one such application that’s been made http://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/2016-11-01/glyphosate-herbicide-crops-grain-weeds-livestock-sheep-cattle/7982524 and the other issue is that we eat so many wheat based cereal products in Australia, not always from Aussie wheat but from countries that do employ this practice so the higher residue concern is valid from the imported grain fed meat and grain based product concern too… Thanks so much for sharing x

  3. Hi Alex, thanks for your comments. I agree with you on the other wheat base products that we consume which are imported, absolutely a concern. Little figure for your reference , we produce approx 25mmt of wheat a year and consume 5mmt for feed (animal consumption)and human consumption, export the surplus.

    I can see why you were concerned when I read the article. I still don’t personally agree that defoliation occurred last year but it’s in the article! Thanks again, Cheers Fiona

  4. Alexx (and Chey) thank you for the discount on Black Chicken Remedies! My husband and I have been using the deodrant paste for a couple of years now (from the Nourished Life online shop) and love it, so I have been wanting to try some other products. The discount motivated me to have a closer look at their products. I couldn’t decide what to try first so I went with your glowing recommendations and purchased the face Renewal Pack (cleanser and complexion polish), Love Your Body Oil and and Love Your Body Polish. I was also really interested in their essential oil perfume, but my budget was already exceeded (whoops 😉 ), so imagine my delight when I saw the trial sachet included in my shopping basket for free!! Cant wait for it to arrive!!
    Thanks again, Tamara

    1. Post

      Tamara thanks SO much for sharing. I forwarded your comment to CHey and she was so chuffed that you took the time. I cannot wait to see YOUR impending glowing review of some of my favourite products. World class stuff x

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