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In this weeks show (after the 3 part series on GMOs, pesticides and organics), we are travelling to the moon – well, almost. I thought it would be lovely to take a closer look at how the phases of the moon can impact us and Jordanna is the perfect beginners guide for us. We look at productivity, action, retreat and reflection, setting intentions vs, sitting back and analysing and when is the best time in the moons cycle to optimise various plans in our month and lives. Jordan also takes us through what setting up a moon practice might look like and shares loads of interesting facts with me in our chat from biodynamic agriculture, to womens cycles, to how astrology fits in and more – if you thought a white sphere some 380K kilometres away from the earth didnt impact us, think again and enjoy this weeks show.

Here’s a little snapshot of the goodies in today’s episode…

  • Inspired Lunar nights are held monthly on the new moon – which is the perfect time to form intentions. Intentions are different to goals, you should write intentions in the present tense, and they should have an emotion attached to them – a goal would just be the facts alone with no feelings or emotions tied into it. Example of a goal = have zero credit card debt. Example of an intention = feel free and relaxed around having zero credit card debt.
  • Astrology is the science of the stars and planets and it’s very mathematical and precise, but it’s also based on human interpretation and there’s a rhythm to it. Once we tap into the different phases of the moon and how they affect us, you can get a sense of how there’s a lot more to each phase in so many ways – just one of these ways the lunar cycle impacts life in general, is how the moon has a significant effect on plant energy, crop growth patterns, energy levels – which is essentially biodynamic farming.
  • During the Lunar Month – there are 8 moon phases;
    • 1st phase: Starts with the new moon (referred to as the dark moon) and is very hard to see – runs for 3 days. Energetically this is the perfect time to set new intentions, start new projects and plant seeds. Also the beginning of the Yang phase of the lunar cycle.
    • 2nd phase: Waxing crescent moon – which is the really slight crescent moon. This is the phase of strong yang energy, and encourages us to explore the intentions that we’ve set during phase 1.
    • 3rd phase: First quarter moon – looks like a half moon. It’s a half way point between the new moon and full moon.
    • 4th phase: Gibbous moon – or ‘integral moon phase’. This phase exhibits the last of the Yang energy, before we reach the peak of the waxing cycle… this is typically when people start to feel a little crazy, and a lot of energy starts building.
    • 5th phase: Full moon – it’s a funny time for people – it’s us switching from a Yang energy into a Yin energy phase.
    • 6th phase: Waning stage of the moon – this is when the moon starts ‘decaying’ or ‘dying’… (or at least that’s what our ancestors thought was happening). The Waning Gibbous – it’s the hangover feeling you get after the full moon!
    • 7th phase: 3/4 moon – this phase has a bit of a ‘limbo’ energy in the Yin phase, people typically report feeling a bit stuck during this phase. It’s a hibernation period – like winter before spring – and a good time to chill out and relax, to get prepared for the next new moon phase which is just around the corner.
    • 8th phase: Balsamic moon – it’s basically that final rest period before we’re back at the new moon. The word balsamic comes for the word ‘balsam’ which means soothing and healing. Time to slow down, meditate and check in with yourself and relax.
  • Yin / Yang phases: you can split the full lunar phase into two periods of ‘waning’ and ‘waxing’. That waxing period is thought to be a very Yang energy (when you need some really productive energy, use those first 14 days of the new moon cycle). The waning period is best used for more of a recovery and reflection time before launching into the next Yang energy phase.
  • There’s a constant ebb and flow to everything in life, when you tap into the rhythms of your life then you can really make the most of the various times in each cycle. For eg. if you look at the breath, we have the inhale which is about receiving breath / taking in information and life force. Then we have the exhale, which is about putting things back out there. There’s a moment in between of ‘limbo’ but inevitably we have to inhale again – the cycle always comes around again. Working in with these cycles and leaning into them, can reduce stress and panic and create more of an ease in life.
  • What is up with the full moon and all the craziness coming out? The world lunatic is derived from the word lunar, approximately 200 years ago there was a lunacy act in the UK which allowed people to plead ‘moon madness’ as a defence in court if their crime occurred during the first 2 phases of the moon! There is no scientific evidence to support this phenomenon, but there are various theories and many reports of things being a little ‘off’ during these phases.

THIS WEEK’S LIVE HAPPIER, HEALTHIER CHALLENGE: How might one start to develop a moon practice? the best thing you can do to start with, is to start to journal how you’re feeling during the different phases of each lunar cycle. You can download the lunar calendar from Jordanna HERE and HERE. Then sit down right after the new moon (today!) and write a list of intentions for the month ahead.

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The Inspired Table Website

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The book Jordanna mentions about Moon Mythology is HERE


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