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How have you enjoyed launch week? Our 5th and final ‘launch week’ show, is with my guest and one of my new favourite people, Hannah Parris. She is an ethical fashion business owner as well as a passionate promoter of the fact that economically, ethical and sustainable fashion CAN work (She has a Phd in Economics, so she’s kind of smart about these things!)

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Here were my questions for Hannah

  1. Why fashion in terms of career and how was childhood? What drew you to it as opposed to other industries?
  2. What was it that fuelled your passion to build sustainability and ethics into your new business endeavour?
  3. Have you met victims of the injustices of fast, unethical fashion?
  4. What about some of the chemicals used in dyes and other parts of production and farming… What are some of the things you knew you didn’t want to be using in your work?
  5. What did you see as some of the major challenges starting out in ethical fashion? Was it a case of lifting the lid and realising “woah, so many layers…”
  6. Did you ever think, bugger it. Can’t do this? What gets you through the “This is such a massive problem in our world” day where you wonder if it’s helping (because we all have those days!)
  7. Talk to us about GOTS certification and the benefit of organic textiles.
  8. Talk to us about how you buy less / buy better when it comes to fashion
  9. Life is so fast paced these days and convenience has overtaken our ability to think critically… How do you go about getting more people to switch that little light of curiosity about traceability on in their minds?
  10. What changes would you like to see in the fashion industry – what do you consider the most important issue to campaign on?
  11. What’s next for you?
  12. What are your favourite ethical fashion documentaries and books?
  13. Your favourite brands for jeans and a basic tee?

And we got through all those questions would you believe. Another low tox hour of power!

Links and resources we mentioned through the chat

Remember how ethical fashion used to congure images of seriously UNfashionable scratchy and thick hemp clothes?

Well… Times they are a changin’ – Exhibit A from Mighty Good Undie, Boy trunks.


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The Nasty chemical dyes – the NPEs used in much fashion that we want to steer clear of. DOWNLOAD YOUR FACT SHEET HERE.

Books and Briefing Papers

  1. The Fairtade UK Cotton Commodity Briefing, March 2015:
  2. Lucy Siegle. (2012) To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out the World?
  3. Global Organic Textiles Standard “GOTS” standard: Compare Fact Sheet
  4. Behind the Barcode: Ethical Fashion Guide
  5. Cline, E. (2012) Overdressed: the Shockingly High Price of Cheap Fashion” — can be found on Amazon with a Huffpo review here:


  1. Impact of Fairtrade Cotton:

  2. The Shirt On your Back – The Guardian newspaper presentation on the Rana Plaza Disaster

  3. Traceable:

  4. True Cost Movie:

Campaigns and Campaign Groups

  1. Greenpeace Toxics Campaign:

  2. Labour Behind the Label:

  3. Clean Clothes Campaign:

  4. Fashion Revolution:

And there you have it. A great chat which I hope you enjoyed. Pop any questions here or on twitter or instagram for @mightygoodundie and Hannah will get back to you when she can. Don’t forget to hashtag #lowtoxlife so we find you easily!

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Low Tox. Happy People. Happy Planet

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  1. Such an inspiring podcast, thanks Alexx and Hannah! Are there any clothing brands available in Australia that you can recommend? I buy linen and baby clothes from Blessed Earth but not sure where to find healthy clothes for myself yet.

    1. Post

      So glad you enjoyed it Wattle – blessed earth is of course awesome, pure baby too… For you I’d shop mainly online. People Tree are great, Threads for Thought and Beaumont organic for a more special treat vibe. 11% of a product or produce is air miles and 89% is about the way it’s made, so organic, ethical from wherever you can get it is still better by a long shot, than non organic local (which feels crazy but it’s true!) x

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  3. Absolutely loved this podcast. Would love to know more about ethically made accessories- particularly handbags. Is there a company that you can recommend Alexx?

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