Podcast Show #50: Reflecting back on our 1st year of podcasting, with Alexx Stuart


Now onto the show…

In this show, I wanted to reflect on our first 50 shows. I literally go through each of the 49 shows so far and share my fave moments, highlights and the ‘why you should listen’ – even to the ones where you might think at a glance “Meh, That’s not my thing”.

This is going to be a great show for newer listeners to get an idea of which shows they might want to prioritise when back cataloguing, but its also a chance for us all to reflect on the incredible knowledge thats been imparted to us over this first year, and perhaps revisit some of the shows that are just so packed with information that – if youre anything like me – you want to make sure you didnt miss anything. Enjoy the show as I talk about my favourite aspects of each show and celebrate the collective knowledge shared so far. Thank you so much for joining me so far and see you in September after a months break in August! xx


Enjoy the show and thanks again for taking the time to rate and review the show – it’s like tipping the bartender and it means the world. (To do this from your phone, you can’t be ‘in the show list’ – go to the podcast search function and type low tox life, and then click on the show and click ‘review’. Annoyingly tricky but hey. I figured I may as well help you out if you’re going to take the time to leave a review!)

Low Tox. Happy us. Happy planet

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