Podcast Show #50: Reflecting back on our 1st year of podcasting, with Alexx Stuart

This month’s show is brought to you by our very own Real Food Rockstars e-course!

Firstly, let me share with you my most exciting news – next year there will be a book! Yes, that’s right… I’m writing a book about the Low Tox Life, this will be the last 6 years worth of work, research and experiences, all included in a book covering Low Tox Mind, Body, Home and Food – there will be recipes and ideas as well as a gazillion tips and tricks. It will hopefully also provide a gorgeous gift to people who are starting out their Low Tox journey (or to those who don’t llisten to you and think you’re a hippy. There’s going to be LOTS of evidence!) I’m so enjoying this challenge and will be published next year in June (2018) in Australia, the UK, NZ and Ireland (and hopefully other parts of the year after that). I will be making some space in the diary to help me get a start on this, so we will be taking a break from the podcast for the month of August – we’ll be back in September with an amazing line up planned for the rest of the year!

For those of you who are completely up to date on the podcast and wondering what to do in August, you might consider doing our Real Food Rockstars e-course? The new platform is JUST ABOUT READY, although you can still take it on the existing one HERE.  This is a course I created for us all to dig deep into our food systems to start to feel more empowered about making your own food choices, really trusting yourself on what to eat, and what that looks like for you at different times of your life. I want my course participants to feel very empowered about how to shop for food, how to get around sneaky labelling arguments and feel like you can confidently know that you’re getting the best produce around, and for the things you do buy in a packet, how to avoid GM ingredients and which additives to steer away from (as well as those that aren’t actually harmful), as well as looking at food as a powerful preventative measure for the chronic illness epidemic we face today – inflammation, heart disease, gut problems, etc and we develop a really sound awareness of just how powerful food can be. It’s a really special little course – it’s $75 for 60 day access or 120 for life time access, and it’s self learning so you can start any day you fancy. You also get access to the alumni group, which is an amazing community with a great vibe who love to share and support others on their journeys along the way too. Everyone always learns so much from this course, I have really seen the effect it has on people’s lives feeling more comfortable and happy around food, rather than feeling scared or confused… this is why the course was created – food is one of the most basic ways we connect with ourselves / our loved ones / etc so I just cannot stand the thought of people feeling that it’s their enemy, or feeling guilt or shame around something we do so often. The new portal is ready next week Monday or you can jump into the existing one HERE today if you fancy.

Now onto the show…

In this show, I wanted to reflect on our first 50 shows. I literally go through each of the 49 shows so far and share my fave moments, highlights and the ‘why you should listen’ – even to the ones where you might think at a glance “Meh, That’s not my thing”.

This is going to be a great show for newer listeners to get an idea of which shows they might want to prioritise when back cataloguing, but its also a chance for us all to reflect on the incredible knowledge thats been imparted to us over this first year, and perhaps revisit some of the shows that are just so packed with information that – if youre anything like me – you want to make sure you didnt miss anything. Enjoy the show as I talk about my favourite aspects of each show and celebrate the collective knowledge shared so far. Thank you so much for joining me so far and see you in September after a months break in August! xx

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Low Tox. Happy us. Happy planet

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