Show #8: Sleep: Be a sleep ninja with Alex Fergus!


In today’s show…

Today is Show #8 and I chat to Alex Fergus all about setting ourselves up for an awesome night’s sleep.

Alex Fergus coaches some of Australia’s top executives; helping them look and feel amazing through natural lifestyle choices.
He also is the founder of selling products that help people improve sleep by living in sync with their natural light cycles. Alex is personally driven towards optimising his own health & performance by combining ancestral protocols and modern day science. He shares his knowledge in his blog at

We talk sleep hacks, blue lights, bedroom conditions, tech free experiments, establishing routines and – believe it or not – many more things that Alex has studied to produce great sleep for his super busy clients. With a great night’s sleep we can achieve anything, so listen to the show, see what you can do to tweak what you’re doing and start experimenting. Better sleep = happier peeps so cheers to that and enjoy the show!



I hope you enjoyed the show!

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  1. Hi Alexx,
    I’ve just started listening to your podcast and finding it so insightful! thank you! Ep 8 especially as that’s something I am trying to be really mindful about, screen free bedrooms and shutting down a certain amount of time before bed. Something that I’m not sure about though, is the affect of using a Kindle. I’ve recently bought a Kindle so I don’t use the Kindle app on my phone to read at night. Do you know if Kindle’s have the same affect as using your phone??
    Thanks, Emily

    1. Post

      Hi Emily

      Kindle doesn’t emit blue light so it doesn’t negatively impact seratonin. Enjoy and I’m so glad you’re enjoying the show x

  2. Hi Alexx,

    Everything Alex said in this podcast made complete sense and made me want to go camping straight away! I thought I could start with using more candles at night time instead of having all the lights on (to help us and also the kids to sleep better). Is there a range of candles you recommend that are low tox?

    We also have Phillips Hue light globes that you can set to certain colours ( – I am wondering if it would be best to set these to perhaps red at night time?


    1. Post

      Hi Gemma – So glad you enjoyed the show and yes – definitely a great idea to set that Philips light to red and invest in some candles – Queen B are my favourite ones x

  3. Hi Alex, love your podcasts! Can you provide the link to the blue blockers website with the 10% off as there isn’t a link to it up above.
    Many thanks x

    1. Actually think I found them but sadly they are sold out 🙁 Would you recommend anywhere else? Many thanks 🙂

  4. Thank you for the tips! I had no idea that sleeping on the side may be better for a good night’s sleep compared to on your back or belly. I love sleeping on my belly but will try to change that.

    Also, I’ve used some apps that wake you up with an alarm at a certain time during your sleep (avoiding the deep sleep phase, for example), to ensure that you are woken up when sleeping the lightest – apparently this helps you wake up in the morning and feel good for the rest of the day! Still debating if it’s effective in my case….

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  6. Hey Alexx I was wondering what would be best to have as a reading light? trying to find something that doesn’t omit blue light perhaps something that’s charged by solar energy?

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